Sunday, August 24, 2014

Personalized Pencil Cases For Kids

Personalized Pencil Cases
Personalized Pencil Cases

The kids are already back in school (or headed there soon), so why not squeeze one last AWESOME  treat into their backpack?  We've got a huge selection of personalized pencil cases that are ready to hold all the "write stuff"!  You know the teacher will make you write your kiddo's name on EVERYTHING they bring in anyways, why not skip the sharpie and get them something with their name already on there!

See? Never trust em with Sharpies...
We've got tons of cool, crazy colors and designs to choose from!  Dinosaurs, cupcakes, baseballs, footballs, lightning bolts, guitars, skulls, and the list keeps going. Make your pencil case as unique as your little one!
Already covered with in the pencil case department?  How about a personalized coin purse to help them keep their lunch money stashed in a safe place? That way they don't have to bring their whole piggy bank to school everyday...seriously mom, it's heavy!


Now, if you're like me, the second you saw the phrase 'The Write Stuff' you got this song stuck in your head:

Oh oh oh oh oh is for Ozzzyy! So, even if you can't buy any NKOTB school supplies or troll pencil toppers anymore, at least you can get an awesome pencil case covered in hearts saying D is for Donnie.  You're welcome.
Nostalgia ACTIVATE!

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