Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fun at our Brick and Mortar-Valentine's Day Reading

Hello, today, what do you say? Well, we say these are some fun photos from our Valentine's Day bookreading! We promise that the following photos are of only the utterly cute- kids decorating their valentines, destroying their valentines that have been decorated, listening to a story, or watching Nili just act all kinds of silly! If you would like to come and visit our bookreading and chime in that "Nili rhymes with Really!," it is every Wednesday at 10:30 at our store front!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Find our bear to enter our raffle!

Check out the home page of our website to find our as-yet-unnamed (we'll call him "Mowhawk" for now!) bear to enter our raffle for a $250 gift card!!! Super fun when you are up for that midnight feeding and perchance profitable as well!

For a chance to find Mowhawk and enter our raffle, go to our home page!

Backpocket Wisdom

Impress your little one with fun factoids that are sure to make them laugh and learn! In honor of President's Day and good for use at the dog park and beyond, we bring you Presidential Pet Names, courtesy of the compilation skills of the Storybook Mom. Here's a sampling of our favorites:

  • President George Washington: Polly the parrot
  • President Abraham Lincoln: Jack the turkey
  • President Jimmy Carter: Grits the dog
  • President Ronald Reagan: Rex the King Charles Spaniel
  • President Bill Clinton: Socks the Cat
Comment on this blog to answer our Backpocket Wisdom Question, "What is the name of George W. Bush's pet Scottish Terrier?"

Answer will appear in March's blog entry!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cool Clothes - Say Ahoy like Gaultier!

Ahoy, matey! Gaultier brought pirates to the runway this spring according to, and we love nothing more than bringing a little piratitude to little ones' wardrobes! Our new fashion finds are from Hi Ho Batik, and whether you like your skulls girly and striped, or boyish and Warhol-like, we've got the swashbuckling style your little pirate's been looking for, and it's yar like Fashion Week!

To shop more Pirate Gifts or to see other fun themes, bookmark our Great Gifts Section on

Friday, February 1, 2008

Yummy Recipes!

The Kids' Table Recipe for Healthy Hearts!
We'd love to introduce you to our local friends, the Kids' Table, and if you are Chicagoans, probably already know that the Kids Table offers classes for ages 2 through adult to get the whole family cooking up a storm of healthy dinners and snacks! We're so happy that they have shared their Heart-Shaped Whole Wheat Biscuits with Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam recipe that they teach in their classes with us, and we hope you find these delightful snacks as tasty as we did!

Date Nights

We'll see you at Target haha! We have to admit it- there has been a rash of date nights talked about by our staff that involve... grocery shopping! We'll admit it- we've gone to a seemingly inocous, unromantic place for date night because our schedules have been crunched, and hey- we know we're not "cool" anymore. We've all decided to try and get back into the fun Date Night Groove, and we know this will take some concerted schedule-juggling, but we think it's worth it. Since, we can't be the only folks who have rolled a cart through Costco and enjoyed it on a Date Night, (or maybe we are!!!) let us know about your favorite Date Night Ritual.