Tuesday, July 29, 2014

California Dreamin': West Coast Style


The Beach Boys knew it.  Katy Perry celebrated it.  The Mamas & The Papas got you thinking about it, too.  Let's face it, there is something about California that is seriously cool.  And just because you don't currently reside in the Golden State doesn't mean you can't have the same style as a west coast cutie!

California Girls
For all you California Girls, it doesn't matter if you're from Santa Monica or Hollywood, Stella Blu has got the right look for you to help represent your coastal city.  Pair either one of these sweet tees with one of our hot pink Everyday Tutus and a pair of Psychobaby Electric Chevron  or Aqua Cupcake Flipflops and your outfit is complete! Well that was easy.  On to those lil surfer dudes.

Psychobaby Electric Chevron Flip Flops Stella Blu Pink Santa Monica TeeDark Pink
Stella Blu Pink Hollywood TeeLight PinkPsychobaby Magical Monogram Flip Flops Aqua Cupcake

California Boys
California boys have got some serious style too! Stella Blu's LA, Santa Monica and Hollywood Tees are the perfect designs for the hot summer days on the boardwalk.  Hitting the beach instead? Grab a pair of our very own Psychobaby Lil Yellow Sub or Eat 'em Up Sushi Flip Flops and keep the heat off your feet!

http://www.psychobabyonline.com/flip-flops/Psychobaby Lil Yellow Sub Flip Flops BlueStella Blu Santa Monica TeeStella Blu Hollywood TeeStella Blu LA Tee

California Dreamers...
Unfortunately, we can't all be "California Girls" but don't despair! Even though you're not from the unofficial sunshine state, you can still rep your homeland in true west coast fashion.  East coast, Midwest, down South - our Psychobaby Hey Hey USA Tee has got all the states available to let the world know where you're from. (or where you wanna go next!) If adventure is on your mind, pop on a pair of our Psychobaby Multi Stars Flip Flops Bright  and take your style on the road - or at least the sidewalk.

Psychobaby Hey Hey USA Tee PinkPsychobaby Multi Stars Flip Flops Bright

So, we've totally given you the guide to the west coast looks.  Now, to get you in a California state of mind, check out this amazing 11-year-old guitarist playing an acoustic version of The Mama & The Papa's "California Dreamin.'" (Yes, I said eleven!!)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Top 10 Summer T-Shirts For Kids


Psychobaby My Dad Used To Be Cool Tee

We all know that dads are the original hipsters, (tumblr tells us so) so they were cool before cool was cool. I mean, before the little one came along, I bet your late nights used to consist of loud clubs and beer pong instead of feedings and closet-monster hunting.  This Psychobaby My Dad Used To Be Cool Tee will at least give you the street cred you deserve, even while holding your little girl's Dora the Explorer backpack. 

With the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie coming out, pizza fashion is totally BACK! The Psychobaby Eat 'em Up Pizza Tee  comes in sizes from personal pan to XL for whatever your rad little dude needs! Cowabunga!

Psychobaby All Sunshine Rainbow Tank
is bright enough to lighten the mood even on the cloudy gray days of summer.  All that's missing from this super cute kids tank is the lollipops...think about it.

We at Psychobaby, love tattoos! We love them on people; we love them on shoes; we love them on tees and tanks - but we know the little ones are too young to partake. SO, to keep the under-8 crowd feeling as hip as their inked-up mamas and papas we've got the Flying Sparrow Tank.


Suns Out, Guns Out!  We don't encourage toddler barbed wire tats, but we do love a kid in an I am a Rockstar Tank - even better if they've got chunky baby arms.

Psychobaby Freshly Baked Cupcake Tank

Staying cool this summer can also mean staying cute! Our  Freshly Baked Cupcake Tank covers all your bases without covering up too much of everything else! So, slap on the tank (and a whole lotta sunscreen) and greet the world with a smile...and sprinkles. 

Psychobaby Triple Scoop One-Piece

The best part about the Triple Scoop One-Piece  is that this ice cream cone will never melt! Which means no messy cleanup - but even if you did happen to get a little chocolate dripped on this super sweet design, it would totally look like a sprinkle. (We promise not to tell!)

Stella Blu Old School Tee

The Stella Blu Old School Tee is so fresh that we want 'em in our sizes.  However, they only come in pint-size packages to give your mini breakdancers some serious street cred.  Now, you just have to explain to them what a "boombox" is...good luck! 

Pluto Have A Nice Day Tee

What is nicer than seeing a smile and hearing a "have a nice day?" Teach your little ones manners at a young age with this bright and cheerful Have A Nice Day Tee  by Pop Kids.

Pluto ABC HI Alphabet Tee Sunshine Yellow

Like we said, a cheerful greeting can make your WHOLE DAY better!  Why not start it off right with the Pop Kids ABC HI Alphabet Tee in Sunshine Yellow?  The Tee has the word "sunshine" in the title - what's more summer than that?

There's still plenty of summer left this year, so pick out your favorite sunny weather shirt and go have fun, Psychobabies!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7 Tips For Throwing a DIY Dance Party, Kid Style!

Boppin' 2 The Beatz Collection
  Boppin' 2 The Beatz Collection
Summer is an awesome time for live music.  Especially in Chicago, when there are music festivals EVERY weekend. But it isn't always easy to organize an expedition that doesn't involve an industrial sized stroller or an embarrassing kiddie lease so your toddler doesn't wander off in the crowd. Therefore, we are giving you all the tips to throw your very own "Baby Rave" in your own backyard. Or living room if the neighbors don't like pants-less babies...and FUN in general. 

1. Pick Out Proper Dance Attire
It's important to have the proper dancing gear. Everyone loves a good concert tour tee, but sadly
your "Chumbawamba '99" isn't aging as well as you hoped.  Here's our suggestions for something a little more "timeless" and a little more customized for your little boppers...and as we've already said, pants optional. 

We recommend the Boppin' 2 the Beatz Headphone Tee to get you in the mood.  Or if you're feeling like skipping the pants, check out the Boppin' 2 the Beatz Headphone Dress


2. Fill the room (Don't go crazy...we mean like, 5 or 6 kids)
Invite the neighbor kids, daycare kids, cousins, play dates, etc. Dance parties are more fun if you've got people to share them with, so make a few calls and do your friend a solid by keeping their kiddo distracted for an hour or so. 

3. Clear the Dance Floor 
Is it outside on the lawn? In the living room? CLEAR THE AREA. Otherwise you'll be kissing a boo-boo or digging in the freezer for an icepack in no time.

4. Pick the Right Tunes
We've all fallen victim to the Toddler Musical Attention Span, and if your family is like mine, you've got the lyrics to "Let It Go" ingrained in your brain forever.  We're not sorry...that song is catchy.  However, we are here to offer relief to your eardrums and offer up some song selections that won't have you explaining that "Talk Dirty" just means talking with your mouth full...right?

Not only have we discovered an entire playlist of fun kid-appropriate songs, but we actually LIKE them.  The first one on the list is absolutely going to get stuck in your head, but it's in ours too, so you're not alone.

SO basically, just press play and let the kiddos twist and shout and shake (and let's face it, fall) for the next 45 minutes. Or until they need a potty/juice/pet the fluffy animal break.

5. Know when to stay out of the way! 
Once the tunes start, it's best to keep an eye out and even dance along! Teach them a couple of your favorite moves (the twist n shout, the shopping cart, etc.) but then step back and let them shake, rattle 'n roll on their own!

6. Provide refreshments for your guests
Now that you've danced hard in a circle for about a half an hour, give or take a couple minutes based on your toddler's attention span, it's time to chow down! Might we recommend some delicious finger food, or any of these awesome Family Friendly Recipes.

Don't use chopsticks, it'll just result in sword fights
And last, but not least...

By FAR the most important part of the Baby Rave is to have fun! Be goofy! Sing along! Do that funny dad-dance where you point your fingers at everything.  The best part about a DIY Dance Party is spending time with the kiddos, so put down the phone and hit the floor! (Unless you're recording it to share on Instagram, in which case you should tag it #PsychobabyDanceParty)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cool Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts


Cool gender neutral baby shower gifts can be super challenging - without knowing the sex, how are you supposed to pick out something cute for the parents-to-be? Easiest way is to stick to colors that work for little ladies or mini men, like yellow, orange, red, black, white and gray... check out our top choices (pictured above)!
  1.  Psychobaby Yellow Chevron Gift Set 
  2. Psychobaby Freshly Popped One-Piece   
  3. Pop Kids Enjoy Hugs
  4.  Psychobaby Single Aunt or Uncle One-Piece Red 
  5. Psychobaby I Only Cry... One-Piece Red   
  6. Psychobaby Hello My Name is Bib

Another of our faves is perfect for die-hard sports fans, just put the baby's future last name on the back and call it a day!
Psychobaby Fooball Gift Set 

For your rocker friends, how about a red Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece? 
Equally cute on a baby boys and punk princesses!
Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece

We also love traditionally "male" nicknames on girls... like Charlie for Charlotte and Frankie for Francesca, here's a few other awesome gender neutral baby names and a couple celebs kiddos who are rocking them!

 Cutie dad Jeremy Sisto with adorably named baby girl Charlie Ballerina Sisto! <3
Charlie Ballerina Sisto, cutie pie daughter of actor Jeremy Sisto.

Billie Beatrice, daughter of Rebecca Gayheart and yummy Eric Dane!

Billie Beatrice Dane, McSteamy's little girl. 

Let's just take a moment and have a little Eric Dane break:
http://img2.timeinc.net/instyle/images/2007/galleries/112907_dane_400x400.jpg http://www.insoonia.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Eric-Dane-17.jpg
via timeinc.net, insoonia.com  
 Okay, back on track - if you're headed to a baby shower and the parents aren't finding out if it's a boy a girl, just check out all our cool baby shower gifts and you'll find something awesome that works either way!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mind Your Manners! Cool Napkins & Cool Summer Recipes!

Personalized Napkin Sets
 Personalized Napkin Sets
Personalized napkins like our new 'Mind Your Manners' set will help make dinnertime a little more... mannerly? We can't make any promises, but this modern design does its darndest to get your family back on track with the dinner table etiquette!

Mind Your Manners Napkin SetMind Your Manners Napkin Set

One problem every parent faces is how it's not always the easiest task to get the kiddos to eat their veggies.  We know, firsthand! The best way to get them to try that crunchy red pepper, or basically any food that isn't "mac n' cheese orange," is through a little bit of creativity and let's face it, a whole lot of trickery. We know you're sick of saying "try it, you might like it", so just let the table dressing do it for you!

Maybe if I say "taste the rainbow" they'll think it's Skittles...
Truth be told, if your kids eat the way our kids used to eat...you're gonna need to keep some extra napkins handy at all times.  Took them a LONG time to figure out that food goes into their mouth and not on their face, in their hair, on the floor...or on the dog. You should probably just keep the stack next to this kid.
He may have forgotten the location of his mouth
And if you're looking for some summer recipes that will WOW your family & guests but will hardly make you break a sweat, look no further.  Roll up your sleeves and check out some of our summer favorites!

*wipes drool off of keyboard*
* Caprese Snack Bites - look super fancy, take almost NO time to make. Try not to eat the toothpick.
* Grilled Shrimp over Lemon Tomato Pasta - sounds complicated, actually not. Get to it!
* Pulled Pork Sandwiches - takes a little prep, but once the slow cooker takes over you can sit back and relax!
* Summer Strawberry Spinach Salad - add a little healthy color to offset the meat offerings.
* Coconut Water Popsicles - perfect cool down for dessert. We recommend having on hand at ALL times throughout the summer, just in case.

See all our fave "cool" summer recipes here and shop our personalized napkin sets... just remember to MIND YOUR MANNERS!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Meet The Bachelor Of Your Dreams....


Psychobaby Most Eligible Bachelor TeePsychobaby Most Eligible Bachelor One-PiecePsychobaby Most Eligible Bachelor Bib

Introducing your new bachelor! Grab this tee for the most handsome little guy in your life... we know he doesn't need any help in the chick department, but it never hurts to announce you're single and ready to mingle! Speaking of unattached, single ladies (and dudes) can always use a good wingman... why not put your little lady-killer nephew to work with one of our funny personalized aunt (or uncle!) shirts?

Now get ready for a serious dose of adorable: check out Jimmy Kimmel's version... The BABY Bachelor! These kids are too flipping cute!