Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7 Tips For Throwing a DIY Dance Party, Kid Style!

Boppin' 2 The Beatz Collection
  Boppin' 2 The Beatz Collection
Summer is an awesome time for live music.  Especially in Chicago, when there are music festivals EVERY weekend. But it isn't always easy to organize an expedition that doesn't involve an industrial sized stroller or an embarrassing kiddie lease so your toddler doesn't wander off in the crowd. Therefore, we are giving you all the tips to throw your very own "Baby Rave" in your own backyard. Or living room if the neighbors don't like pants-less babies...and FUN in general. 

1. Pick Out Proper Dance Attire
It's important to have the proper dancing gear. Everyone loves a good concert tour tee, but sadly
your "Chumbawamba '99" isn't aging as well as you hoped.  Here's our suggestions for something a little more "timeless" and a little more customized for your little boppers...and as we've already said, pants optional. 

We recommend the Boppin' 2 the Beatz Headphone Tee to get you in the mood.  Or if you're feeling like skipping the pants, check out the Boppin' 2 the Beatz Headphone Dress


2. Fill the room (Don't go crazy...we mean like, 5 or 6 kids)
Invite the neighbor kids, daycare kids, cousins, play dates, etc. Dance parties are more fun if you've got people to share them with, so make a few calls and do your friend a solid by keeping their kiddo distracted for an hour or so. 

3. Clear the Dance Floor 
Is it outside on the lawn? In the living room? CLEAR THE AREA. Otherwise you'll be kissing a boo-boo or digging in the freezer for an icepack in no time.

4. Pick the Right Tunes
We've all fallen victim to the Toddler Musical Attention Span, and if your family is like mine, you've got the lyrics to "Let It Go" ingrained in your brain forever.  We're not sorry...that song is catchy.  However, we are here to offer relief to your eardrums and offer up some song selections that won't have you explaining that "Talk Dirty" just means talking with your mouth full...right?

Not only have we discovered an entire playlist of fun kid-appropriate songs, but we actually LIKE them.  The first one on the list is absolutely going to get stuck in your head, but it's in ours too, so you're not alone.

SO basically, just press play and let the kiddos twist and shout and shake (and let's face it, fall) for the next 45 minutes. Or until they need a potty/juice/pet the fluffy animal break.

5. Know when to stay out of the way! 
Once the tunes start, it's best to keep an eye out and even dance along! Teach them a couple of your favorite moves (the twist n shout, the shopping cart, etc.) but then step back and let them shake, rattle 'n roll on their own!

6. Provide refreshments for your guests
Now that you've danced hard in a circle for about a half an hour, give or take a couple minutes based on your toddler's attention span, it's time to chow down! Might we recommend some delicious finger food, or any of these awesome Family Friendly Recipes.

Don't use chopsticks, it'll just result in sword fights
And last, but not least...

By FAR the most important part of the Baby Rave is to have fun! Be goofy! Sing along! Do that funny dad-dance where you point your fingers at everything.  The best part about a DIY Dance Party is spending time with the kiddos, so put down the phone and hit the floor! (Unless you're recording it to share on Instagram, in which case you should tag it #PsychobabyDanceParty)

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