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We're two Moms, and in 2003, in the midst of the joyous chaos that is Motherhood (ah, super-late feedings, feather boas, dolls with lots of little tiny accessories, impressions of zombies and love... much love) we began Psychobaby, home to all that is cool and crazy for kids!
As parents, we were constantly running from place to place for our kids- (you know the drill!) play dates and parties and school and our work and that ever elusive "time to oneself" (ha ha!)- and we wanted to create a one-stop shopping experience that would be comfy and fun for kids and adults alike, and that had all the cool stuff for whatever baby or big kid you were shopping for on any occasion. We're happy to do all that gathering "work" for you, so you can sit back and have fun shopping around!
We carry cool clothes, funky shoes, modern toys, classic books and rockin' accessories for babies, toddlers, big kids and the parents who love them! All our fashionable selections work together to make a full wardrobe of fun for your little ones and Great Gifts for all your pals. Our choices are inspired by the funniest, smartest and funkiest irreverent folks we know--- kids! It is their honesty and self-expressive style (along with cool feedback from parents) that guides us along all of our new endeavors.
In 2005, we took it nationwide with psychobabyonline.com so our cool, crazy kids' stuff would be a click away for everyone and here we are! We love being online, and so now we have an Email Club to join so you can get the buzz and special deals, and a rockin' online community of cool, crazy parents on our Facebook and this here Blog. We have Great Gifts at the ready, cool, practical stuff for your own tots, rock n roll tees and funny stuff to make you laugh (even during that midnight feeding!), and we'll gift wrap it all up for you so you can get back to what's important- your family!

P.S. About our crazy name. . .

When we were new parents, and thought of ourselves as pretty cool chicks who just happened to have a kid, we discovered an interesting phenomena which you might be able to relate to: we'd make a simple plan with another cool couple who didn't have a kid. Two minutes before we were supposed to be at the restaurant or whatever, we'd have to call and cancel our plans. Our friends, reasonably dismayed, would ask why? Phone still in hand, we'd look down at the floor and see a creature somewhat resembling our once adorable kid, only now they were purple, rigid, foaming at the mouth, and making a sound like something between stray cats fighting and a car alarm. Dumbfoundedly we'd mutter into the phone, “Psycho Baby”.
And you know, as “different” of an experience as that was for a couple of rookie parents, we certainly wouldn't trade a second of it! When we created this "different" kind of kids' store to celebrate children's individuality and creativity in a style mash-up, we thought that no other name would do!

We are located in Chicago's hip Wicker Park shopping district at
1657 W. Divison St | Chicago, IL | 60622
If you want to talk cool, crazy kids' stuff, give us a buzz at 866.545.2815!

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