Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspiration for a Rockin' Baby Shower!

Every great baby shower needs a theme, and we can’t think of a better one than good ol’ rock-n-roll! From rock and roll baby gifts to tips for the shindig itself, we’ve got picks to make your party rock. Rockers never stress (they are totally chiiiiilllll) so adopt the same ‘tude and grab a worry-free gift that is sure to please. Give our Personalized I am a Rockstar Gift Set or our Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece a try at your next rockin’ shower and your friends will be demanding an encore - as in they’ll want you to gift them with one too!

The best part of every baby shower has got to be sitting around watching the mama-to-be unwrap and endless stream of gifts, right? NO! Ugh. We've all been to showers that are a snooze, so if you are throwing a fete, step it up and celebrate with an afternoon that will rival a Stones backstage party circa '72! (Hey, just 'cuz mom can't drink doesn't mean the guests have to suffer, right?)

A few ideas for baby shower games that won't get you booed off stage:

  • Compile a photo collage and match the baby photo to the rockstar for an easy game that guests can participate in while they wait. (Who doesn't love looking at baby pictures? Especially ones of adorable rockstars?!)
  • For a twist on the “Don’t Say That!” steal the necklace game, print out VIP backstage passes for each guest. If anyone gets caught saying "baby" their pass gets taken, and the guest with the most passes at the end of the party wins a prize.
  • Serve random food and drink and match the rocker with their backstage rider request (rumor has it Aerosmith demands corn on the cob, fresh, cooked for 3 minutes only, and Iggy Pop needs broccoli....???)
  • A backstage baby bottle chug always gets any party started! (But you didn't hear that from us!)

Check out our Baby Shower Gifts and Party Ideas on Pinterest for even more inspiration. From rock-n-roll cakes to ticket stub diaper raffle tickets, it's time to get this party started!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Spend $50, Get $10. Appaman Presale Starts Now!

Appaman kids' clothing is en route back to the Psychobaby shelves - the presale starts NOW! 

Look no further for the coolest colors and hippest styles, Appaman is bringing street cred to every kid on the block with their stylin' 2013 Spring collection. From wind breakers and board shorts to floppy hats and dip-dyed dresses, it's out with the Appaman Puffy coat, in with the breezy warm-weather styles!

Yes, we know it's still cold mostly everywhere (our Chicago staff just might be wearing their coats inside the office today!), and yes we know winter is far from over. However chilly, we also know there's no better way to put a little spring in your step than shopping for hip duds for your kiddo. Just looking at swimsuits makes us feel a little less freezing and a little more beachy. As if styling your Psychobaby's seaside wardrobe wasn't enticing enough, we've sweetened the deal by offering $10 in Psychobaby Crazy Cash for every $50 you spend on an Appaman Spring 2013 purchase! Fifty bucks gets your kiddo some new swag, and gives you the chance to save some moolah on a subsequent purchase. Snag a personalized placemat, put it toward your next baby shower gift, or stock up on more Appaman - the choice is yours! Appaman Spring 2013 will be in-stock and ship on, or before, February 18, so stock up on street cred and get to shoppin'!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get a Punk Rock 'Do at the Beat Kitchen!

Join Psychobaby at the Beat Kitchen for Winter Fest, Sunday January 27! The fun kicks off at 11am when Mary Macaroni takes the stage, and continues with music from Sarah Jayne Lane, Andy Roo, and the Deep Fried Pickle Project. Enjoy balloon animals, facepainting, crafts, instrument workshops, and...punk rock drum roll please...spiked punk rock hair, from your friends at Psychobaby! Parents, you can enjoy a relaxing drink or two; the Beat Kitchen's bar will be open and serving. Grab tickets to Winter Fest at the Beat Kitchen and get ready to rock out on Sunday!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Game Day Swag Scores Big!

Sports gifts, football one-pieces, touchdown tees, HUT HUT HUT! It's time to watch Balitmore and San Francisco battle it out on the gridiron. Get those lil’ weenies in the crock pot and gear up your Psychobaby for the big game on February 3! You’ve got just under two weeks to plan what your littlest fan will be wearing for the Super Bowl. Your Psychobaby doesn't have a choice of who to root for (at least until they are 3 or so), but you have tons of choices when it comes to cool sports clothes for your football lovin’ kid. We can whip up a personalized t-shirt in Raven's purple, 49er's red, or any team color - perfect even if your favorites didn’t make it to the big Bowl!

Beyoncé is performing during halftime at Super Bowl 47 so you know little Blue Ivy will be rocking her cool baby style to watch mama- maybe in a cute Football Belly One-Piece??? Get on it, B!

How are you celebrating the big game? Hopefully it involves something from the chilli or cheese food group - maybe both, if you’re lucky! Check out our Super Bowl Party ideas on Pinterest for more game day goodies!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Coming to a Kid's Room Near You...

Personalized picture frames for kids are the latest addition to the Psychobaby Custom Shop! We are crazy excited about these frames and can't wait to add more styles in the weeks to come (psst...sports frames are on deck!). Tired of all the babyish decor, we thought we would make a little something for Psychobabies who would rather deck out their rooms in monsters, superheros, and cupcakes instead of ducks and bunnies (why are there so many pastel room accessories with ducks and bunnies??!). These sturdy wood frames will showcase a 4x6 photo of your cool kiddo in style! We know you always say your Psychobaby should be in pictures, so what are you waiting for? Get to snappin' those photos...or just print out this adorable pic of Paul and baby Mary taken by Linda McCartney and pop it in one of our frames. Awwwwww!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When in Doubt, Add Glitter!

 We say the more glitter, the better!  
For clothing that really knows how to shimmer check out our bling'd style picks. We rounded up our fairy-dust-covered favorites for Psychobabies who are fans of the sparkle!

1. Psychobaby I'm So Girly I Cry Glitter One-Piece
2. Psychobaby Pink Is the New Black Tee
3. Psychobaby Sparkly Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece
4. Psychobaby Run ABC Glitter One Piece
5. Me In Mind Pink Pixie Cruiser Slip-On Shoe
6. Psychobaby Pretty Princess Tee

How much glitter is too much? When you are left questioning just ask yourself, "What would Elton John wear?" There's always room for more glitter!

Follow us on Pinterest for more glittery Pinspiration. Here's to all that glitters!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pins by Parents for Parents! Follow Psychobaby on Pinterest!

Psychobaby is on Pinterest! Are you? Whether you are looking for family-friendly Super Bowl snacks, planning a rockin’ 1st birthday bash, or just killing time during late-night feedings, we hope you will follow us and get inspired, Psychobaby style! Click above to explore some of our latest pins for parents, by parents!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Shop $20 Valentine's Day Tees! Psychobaby Steals are Back!

Psychobaby Steals have been hit by Cupid's arrow! Snatch up one of our $20 Valentine's Day Kids' T-shirts and spread the love! Personalize a Valentine's Day T-shirt like our I Only Have Eyes for... Tee. We only have eyes for Hershey's Kisses around this time of year...anyone else having the same problem? Our favorite part of Valentine's Day? Besides the chocolate? The homemade cards, of course! Who else thinks this kid is going to grow up to be quite the Casanova?!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cupid Couture for your Lil' Sweetie!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Babies and Kids have us feelin' the love! Snag a little something sweet from Cupid's closet to spruce up your Psychobaby's wardrobe. We are majorly digging our new High Society Infant Sack and our I Only Have Eyes for... Tee. Admittedly, V-day can be kind of a buzzkill for grown-ups, but kids + Valentine's Day is the cutest combo! The ritual of picking out a special set of drugstore valentines (or better yet, getting crafty and making your own!) is such a fun February tradition. We've rounded up a bunch of fun Cupid-inspired crafts for Valentine's Day on Pinterest, so be sure to follow us for holiday inspiration.

For non-candy ideas, we've seen a lot of cool ideas involving DIY heart crayons, bubbles, and stickers on fruit. How about these valentines with rulers?! Awesome idea! Valentine's Day Rules!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January is Birthdayapalooza for Rockers!

Rockstar Birthday Week!

Rockstar Birthday Week! by psychobaby on Polyvore

 If you just gave birth to a little one, they have a good chance at following in some famously rockin' footsteps! This week has some pretty stellar rock 'n' roll birthdays, including:

Elvis (no last name needed) Presley - January 8
Led Zeppelin's very own Jimmy Page - January 9
Heartbreaker extraordinaire, Pat Benatar - January 10
Mary J. No-More-Drama Blige- January 11
Rob we-would-have-thought-he-was-born-on-Halloween Zombie - January 12
Ragin' rocker, Zach De La Rocha - January 13
Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters AND Nirvana - January 14
...the list goes on and on!

And who could forget Ziggy Stardust himself, David Bowie, who turned 66 today and has a new single that just dropped! Here's to you birthday rockers, may your backstage dressing rooms all be filled with cake!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Top 10 Best Sellers of 2012!

Bring on the Best of 2012 Lists! We love a good recap around here, so enjoy our 
Psychobaby Top 10 Best Sellers of 2012!

1. A Boppin' to the Beatz Headphone Hoodie is our pick for best rock sweatshirt of 2012!

2. Beastly Monster Alphabet Placemats will make your kiddo feel like they are dining at one of 2012's top restaurants! Who needs fancy gastronomy when you have monsters?!

3. Our Monster Mouth Coin Purse is the best investment a Pscyhobaby can make heading into the new year. (That or a share of stock in Apple.)

4. A Punk Rock Gentleman Tee is always in style, no matter the year's trend forecasts.

5. This Mute Button Pacifier tones it down so Mom & Dad can listen to their favorite album of the year in peace!

6. Our Dream On Boppin' 2 the Beatz Pillowcases are sure to inspire musical dreams for 2013!

7. Sourpuss' Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Striped One-Piece wins our vote for lifetime achievement - this year, and every year!

8. Stella Blu's Cherry Tee was the best thing your Psychobaby ate...er, wore this year.

9. Me in Mind's Sneaker Sock Set are the tootsie trendsetters for 2012!

10. Our Football Belly One-Piece is ready for the Heisman, the Superbowl, or the 2012 MVP award!

Speaking of 2012 hits, we love reading the slew of best-of album lists and checking out a bunch of new music that we missed this year! Tweet us @shop_psychobaby and let us know of any artists we should be adding to our in-store playlist - ya know, because we listen to rockin' grown-up music too, not just kiddie songs all day long!

Friday, January 4, 2013

It's the Year of the Snake!

Let our Year of the Snake One-Piece brag on your behalf in 2013! Show off your little one's smarts and celebrate the Chinese New Year in slithery style. In addition to mastering the hissing sounds of the snake (aren't you lucky your kiddo wasn't born in the year of the rat?), Psychobabies born in 2013 are poised to be intelligent, graceful, analytical, and deep thinkers...but you already knew that, didn't you, proud parents? Even if you don't follow the Chinese Zodiac who can argue with the fact that your Psychobaby is one awesome kid?! Gear up for a prosperous new year of restful naps, exciting milestones, and awesome baby fun! Here's to a happy Chinese New Year, Psychobaby!