Monday, January 7, 2013

Top 10 Best Sellers of 2012!

Bring on the Best of 2012 Lists! We love a good recap around here, so enjoy our 
Psychobaby Top 10 Best Sellers of 2012!

1. A Boppin' to the Beatz Headphone Hoodie is our pick for best rock sweatshirt of 2012!

2. Beastly Monster Alphabet Placemats will make your kiddo feel like they are dining at one of 2012's top restaurants! Who needs fancy gastronomy when you have monsters?!

3. Our Monster Mouth Coin Purse is the best investment a Pscyhobaby can make heading into the new year. (That or a share of stock in Apple.)

4. A Punk Rock Gentleman Tee is always in style, no matter the year's trend forecasts.

5. This Mute Button Pacifier tones it down so Mom & Dad can listen to their favorite album of the year in peace!

6. Our Dream On Boppin' 2 the Beatz Pillowcases are sure to inspire musical dreams for 2013!

7. Sourpuss' Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Striped One-Piece wins our vote for lifetime achievement - this year, and every year!

8. Stella Blu's Cherry Tee was the best thing your Psychobaby, wore this year.

9. Me in Mind's Sneaker Sock Set are the tootsie trendsetters for 2012!

10. Our Football Belly One-Piece is ready for the Heisman, the Superbowl, or the 2012 MVP award!

Speaking of 2012 hits, we love reading the slew of best-of album lists and checking out a bunch of new music that we missed this year! Tweet us @shop_psychobaby and let us know of any artists we should be adding to our in-store playlist - ya know, because we listen to rockin' grown-up music too, not just kiddie songs all day long!

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