Friday, December 26, 2014

Personalized Princess Gifts for Girls

Personalized princess gifts are really the only appropriate thing to bestow upon your little royal pain in the butt... she may drive you nuts, but she's a PRINCESS! Come on! Princesses get what they want, how they want, when they want! Make her feel as special as she knows she is with one of our glittery, glamorous personalized princess gifts. We've received word that our brand new  Pretty Princess Flip Flops are stamped with the royal seal of approval, as is our matching Her Royal Highness Water Bottle and Her Royal Highness Pillowcase !
Any true future queen also needs one of these princess-approved capes:
As we all know too well, glitter is the gift that keeps on giving.  LONG after that hot pink picture frame/sparkly mason jar/princess wand craft is finished you will continue to find it in places you've long since dusted and vacuumed. You'll even find it on your person, or coming out of your person.  In which case, we've got the perfect cover up.

At least the tantrums will be SPARKLY
And in all seriousness, if you don't start nurturing their love of all-things-royal at a young age, then they'll never grow up and pull a Kate! So, grab your glittery crown and practice your parade wave, because anything can happen! Don't forget to dream big, girls...Prince George is single!
Check out more girlie and princesstastic crafts, recipes and  more on our Glitterrific Pinterest board these awesomely adorable sparkly princess crowns made out of lace scraps, and don't miss out on all our new & classic princess gifts for girls here!
Easy Glitter Lace Princess Crowns Craft

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Home State Shirts & State Themed Gifts
State shirts, state gifts, home state pride all over the place! Obviously we have a significant soft spot for Chi-town, but we've got seriously cool designs for each and every one of the amazing states in our nation. Hey, hey, USA! Check out our top picks for reppin' your home state:

  1. Personalized Hey Hey Home State Christmas Ornament  $14.00
  2.  Personalized Hey Hey USA Cutting Board $44.00
  3. Personalized Hey Hey USA Pillowcase $22.00
  4. Personalized Hey Hey Home State Placemat  $10.00  
  5. Personalized Hey Hey USA Home State Bib $14.00 
  6. Personalized Hey Hey USA One-Piece $26.00
  • Available as a one-piece or a t-shirt and in two cool colorways, our Personalized Hey Hey USA design (6) is the perfect choice for Psychobabies who live everywhere, from amber waves of grains to the majesty of those purple mountains. This colorful, starry design lets you rep your homestate like a pro. Plus, you can add whatever text you'd like, so we've got it covered whether you're a Cape Cod Cutie or a Lil' Lone Star!
  • Our Hey Hey Home State Placemats & Bibs turn breakfast, lunch and dinner into opportunities to show a little local pride! You'll always be "eating local" with this cool  Hey Hey Home State Placemat (4) or Hey Hey USA Home State Bib (5), designed with your state of choice, name, and a cool rainbow star background! Whether you're feasting on some Maine lobster, Florida oranges, or Nebraskan corn, these meal-time must-haves will remind you that there's no place like home! For the grown-ups, a  Hey Hey USA Cutting Board (2) is the perfect housewarming, moving, or anytime gift. This awesome cutting board is dishwasher safe, to boot. 
  • Don't forget the tree! Pay homage to your home with a  Hey Hey Home State Christmas Ornament  (1) , available in both 'bold' and 'bright' colorways - perfect for Durango dads, Galesburg gals, Boise boys and Milwaukee mamas! Anyone in your family will appreciate this super-cute choice for Christmas. 
  • Tuck your littles in with our Hey Hey USA Pillowcase (3) - hey, maybe you really can learn through osmosis! The knowledge of our county's geography could very well seep into your kiddos head while they sleep. 
 Let us know if you have any luck with this, and check out all our cool city and state gifts to cover all your babies & all your bases from sea to shining sea!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Epic Pinterest Fails: Christmas Edition
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Or just give up, because let's face it, who are these super-people on Pinterest just churning out the picture-perfect crafts and cupcakes? Let's just revel in a few fails that will make you feel better about any Pinterest attempts you make - no matter how they turn out!

Let's try a minty-fresh twist on a classic Christmas treat?
Peppermint Icicles: | 28 People Who Definitely Totally Nailed It
 NOPE. Maybe we can impress the in-laws with this beautiful candy craft?!
Peppermint Serving Tray. Nailed It.
NOPE. Okay, let's try this cute Christmas-y snowman snack...
10.) Holiday treats that are easy on the eye and the tummy.
NOPE. How about a DIFFERENT cute snowman snack?
Strawberry Snowmen: another one bites the dust #Christmas #Fail

AAAAUGH! This can't be too hard, what an adorably tasty little seasonal treat? .....
polar bear cake pop nailed it 
Again, NOPE. Let's not forget sometimes the Pinterest fever extends to the helpless, unknowing Psychobabies...
21. More Kid Photo Ideas … | Community Post: 31 Horrendous Pinterest Fail Monstrosities
 NOPE. Shall we try again?
Okay, we give up. And we seriously applaud anyone who tries, we just also have to giggle at their misfortune a little. See our favorite fails, sweet successes, and all things Christmas on our Hip Holidays pinboard! Here's wishing you all the best of Christmas crafting & cooking luck!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Awesome New Years Eve Outfits For Baby

New Years Eve outfits for little ones can be just as dashing and dapper as the stuff us grown-ups wear. Tis the season for dressing to the nines, auld lang syne, and sparkling wine... it's New Years time! Let your Psychobabies party in style with our festive picks for ringing in 2015. And take it easy on the juicebox, kiddos.

  1. Black Tie Tuxedo One-Piece $26.00
  2. Rockabye Baby Prince Lullaby CD $16.98
  3. Me In Mind Checkered Black and White Slip On Baby Shoes $26.00
  4. Little Black Dress $34.00
  5. Trumpette Maryjanes Sock Set Brigh$27.00
  • Our Black Tie Tuxedo One-Piece lets your little man rock the formal attire 'round the clock! Whether you're counting down to midnight or faking an early New Years at a reasonable hour, he'll look every inch a gentleman in this customizable bodysuit. Pair it with these Checkered Black and White Slip On Shoes for a completely rockin' look to ring in 2015!
  •  For young fashionistas, you can't go wrong with the most classic choice of all time: a  Little Black Dress! Our version comes in four pretty print colors, including the disco-glittery silver option that will really knock their socks off.   Speaking of socks, our Trumpette Bright Maryjanes Sock Set will get all the little ladies feelin' footloose and fancy free! Jazz up those tiny toes with this set of six pairs of colorful socks that will go with whatever killer outfit she's got on.  
  • We highly recommend some living room sock-hoppin' to the sweet, sweet sounds of everyone's favorite NYE song... you guessed it, 1999! If you wanna wind your little ones down before the clock strikes 12, just throw on the Rockabye Baby Prince Lullaby album. Guaranteed to lull your babies right to sleep, so you and the adults can get the REAL party started!

View more party-ready, New-Year's-Eve-worthy outfits in our Holiday Goodies collection, and have a very happy end of 2014! Cheers!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Personalized Gifts For the Home and Family - Under $50!

  1. Personalized Snowman Mug Set $36.00 (also available as a set of 2 and as single mugs)
  2. Personalized Ho Ho Ho Christmas Cutting Board - $44 
  3. Personalized Electric Chevron Pot Holder - $10.00 
  4. Mind Your Manners Napkin Set - $30.00
  5. Personalized Christmastache Cutting Board Green - $44
  6.  Personalized Hello My Name Is Kitchen Towel - $10.00
Our Personalized Snowman Mug Set (1) is the perfect wintertime gift for any family. Cocoa for the kiddos, spiked cocoa for anyone of legal spiked-cocoa drinking age (check out some delish ways to jazz up your hot chocolate here). This super cute cup set is also available as a set of 2 or on their own - for every family no matter if you've got a Duggar sized clan or just one Psychobaby!

Our Mind Your Manners Napkin Set  (4) is a rainbow of little reminders on how to behave at the dinner table! Revive the lost art of etiquette and teach your kiddos a thing or two with this cool set of 8 napkins. Keep the rainbow vibe going in the kitchen with a Personalized Electric Chevron Pot Holder (3) - nothing cuter than a tray of fresh-baked cookies coming out of the oven with the help of a cool pot holder! Need another rainbow-riffic gift for your kitchen?

Personalized Hello My Name Is Kitchen Towel (6) adds an awesome pop of color to your stove or counter. Designed to look like a retro name tag, this towel features your choice of personalization and one of five fun colors. It's almost too cute to clean with... unless you can get the kids to do the dishes, of course... good luck with that!

If you're feeling more Christmas-y than rainbow-y, check out our  Personalized Christmastache Cutting Board (5). Combining two of our favorite things resulted in this cool cutting board printed with the most mustachioed Christmas design of all time. Add one of these tempered glass cutting boards to your 'stache' of holiday gifts and give Santa some competition this year!

View all these unique personalized gifts for the entire family and more on our Personalized Home Gifts page.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chicago Event: Dinner With Santa on 12/21!


- all ages-
SUNDAY, 12/21 4:30PM–6:30PM
Join us at Little Beans Cafe for a dinner party with Santa. Chicago’s Best Santa will be our special guest, and we wanted to invite all of our friends! The registration fee includes a catered dinner and dessert, a special Night Before Christmas storytime, milk and cookies with Santa himself, photos with Santa and of course, a whole lot of fun!
The cost is $15 per person (both adults and kids) which includes a catered dinner, photo with Santa, and a priceless memory. Can't wait to see y'all there!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Personalized Hip Hop Gifts For The Whole Family

Hip Hop Gifts

Hip hop gifts for kids, babies and the whole family will put the 'holla' in your holla-days this season! Not only are there super-fly picks for the little ones, we have gifts for grown-ups too!
  1. Personalized Baby From The Block One-Piece - $26
  2. Personalized Boppin' 2 the Beatz Headphone Hoodie -$40
  3.  Personalized Mix-Master DJ Gift Set - $46
  4. Trumpette Popstars Sock Set - $28
  5. Personalized Cut A Record Turntable Cutting Board Red-$44
  6. Personalized Boppin' 2 the Beatz Picture Frame Blue -$34  
  • Too young for bling? No worries. Your little lady can live the luxury lifestyle with this adorable Baby From The Block One-Piece (1), featuring a faux nameplate necklace.
  • Take it to the next level with a Personalized Mix-Master DJ Gift Set (3), which makes any Psychobaby seem like a veteran on the 1s and 2s, even if they can't count that high yet. A must have for all baby DJs-in-training! 
  • In sizes for brand new b-boys all the way to experienced MCs, a Personalized Boppin' 2 the Beatz Headphone Hoodie (2) lets little audiophiles show their musical style wherever they go. Play DJ with this ultra-fresh hoodie, designed with bright headphones on the hood, and a matching iThing tucked in the pocket!
  • Fix up and look sharp from top to bottom, literally head to toe with a Trumpette Popstars Sock Set (4) ! Knock your old socks off and put these awesome little sneaker socks on instead. This awesome set comes with six pairs of crazy colorful socks that look like lace-up sneakers, and is packaged in a super cute box for maximum gifting radness. 
  •  Don't forget to deck your crib out in true hip-hop style. Our Personalized Boppin' 2 the Beatz Picture Frame (6) showcases your young MC with our super popular headphone design. Wicky wicky!
  • For the more advanced set (we're talking people who can make their own PB&J sammies) how about a Personalized Cut A Record Turntable Cutting Board (5) ? It puts a whole new spin on that boring kitchen prep-work! Personalize this fun kitchen must-have with your fave city and two lines of custom text!

    Bounce on over to our hip hop shop and get those stockings stuffed with the freshest personalized hip hop gifts out there!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rock & Roll Christmas Gifts for Baby

Rock and Roll Baby Gifts & Band Shirts

Rock and roll baby gifts will have your little rockin' around the Christmas tree! Turn up the volume on those carols and check out our baby rock and roll round-up!
  1. Personalized I Am A Rockstar Gift Set
  2. Rockabye Baby Lullaby CDs
  3. Milk, Naps, and Rock N Roll One Piece
  4. Zubels Ricky Rotten Monkey 
  5. Rolling Stones Tongue One-Piece
  6. Personalized Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece
  7. Mute Button Pacifier Black 
  8. Personalized Magical Monogram Infant Hat

Check out all our rock and roll baby gifts and have yourself some seriously cool holly jolly this year!

Rock and Roll Christmas Gifts For Kids

 Rock and Roll kids gifts turn the dream of Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree into reality! Check out our kids rock and roll gift round-up:
  1. Personalized Rockstar Water Bottle - $18
  2. Personalized Rockin' ABCS Placemat - $10
  3. Personalized I Am A Rockstar Hoodie - $40
  4. Personalized I Am a Rockstar Dog Tag  - $10
  5. Sourpuss Ramones Tee  - $28
  6. Pop Kids Beatles Tee - $25
  7. Personalized Guitar Coin Purse - $6
  8. Personalized Hello My Name Is Phone Case - $14
  9. Personalized Boppin' 2 the Beatz Flip Flops - $14
What are you waiting for? The Christmas tree is up, and you gotta get to rockin' around it! Get on the ball and check out all our Rock and Roll kids gifts!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 4 Prize - Our BIGGEST Giveaway Ever!

The Season of Giving is here... and so in that spirit we've decided to give all of our amazing customers a chance to win some fantastic prizes. Like, it's our biggest giveaway EVER IN THE HISTORY OF PSYCHOBABY!! Seriously, it's that big. We've got FOUR prize packages to give away to four lucky customers.

The fourth prize is going to make one lucky Psychobaby fan very happy for ALL of 2015:
  • VIP Pass that will score you 50% off the Custom Shop for an entire year. 
That's right, HALF OFF FOR 365 DAYS. 50% off all of our cool, crazy, Psychobaby brand, and all of our custom and personalized items. One-pieces, tees, hoodies, cutting boards, mugs, water bottles, capes, pillowcases... ALL OF IT! YEEE-HAW!!!

        1.  Follow @psychobabyonline on Instagram  - Which is a smart idea anyway because we post totally awesome pics on the reg.
        2. Re-post the image you see above - it will be on our instagram feed also - onto your feed with the tag #psychobabyonline - be sure to tag us or we won't see your entry
        3. Share EVERY DAY to increase your chance to win 
        Keep checking back as we reveal another new huge prize package EVERY day from November 28th - December 1st.  The winners will be announced on Wednesday, December 3rd.  

         Friday's (11/28), Saturday's (11/29), and Sunday's (11/30)  prize packages: you can enter to win these too!

 Don't miss out on our cyber weekend sale either - take 30% off the Psychobaby Custom Shop through Monday night! Use code OYHOHO at checkout. (Hey, we like Chrismukkah!)

        a Rafflecopter giveaway