Thursday, December 11, 2014

Personalized Gifts For the Home and Family - Under $50!

  1. Personalized Snowman Mug Set $36.00 (also available as a set of 2 and as single mugs)
  2. Personalized Ho Ho Ho Christmas Cutting Board - $44 
  3. Personalized Electric Chevron Pot Holder - $10.00 
  4. Mind Your Manners Napkin Set - $30.00
  5. Personalized Christmastache Cutting Board Green - $44
  6.  Personalized Hello My Name Is Kitchen Towel - $10.00
Our Personalized Snowman Mug Set (1) is the perfect wintertime gift for any family. Cocoa for the kiddos, spiked cocoa for anyone of legal spiked-cocoa drinking age (check out some delish ways to jazz up your hot chocolate here). This super cute cup set is also available as a set of 2 or on their own - for every family no matter if you've got a Duggar sized clan or just one Psychobaby!

Our Mind Your Manners Napkin Set  (4) is a rainbow of little reminders on how to behave at the dinner table! Revive the lost art of etiquette and teach your kiddos a thing or two with this cool set of 8 napkins. Keep the rainbow vibe going in the kitchen with a Personalized Electric Chevron Pot Holder (3) - nothing cuter than a tray of fresh-baked cookies coming out of the oven with the help of a cool pot holder! Need another rainbow-riffic gift for your kitchen?

Personalized Hello My Name Is Kitchen Towel (6) adds an awesome pop of color to your stove or counter. Designed to look like a retro name tag, this towel features your choice of personalization and one of five fun colors. It's almost too cute to clean with... unless you can get the kids to do the dishes, of course... good luck with that!

If you're feeling more Christmas-y than rainbow-y, check out our  Personalized Christmastache Cutting Board (5). Combining two of our favorite things resulted in this cool cutting board printed with the most mustachioed Christmas design of all time. Add one of these tempered glass cutting boards to your 'stache' of holiday gifts and give Santa some competition this year!

View all these unique personalized gifts for the entire family and more on our Personalized Home Gifts page.

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