Saturday, December 20, 2014

Home State Shirts & State Themed Gifts
State shirts, state gifts, home state pride all over the place! Obviously we have a significant soft spot for Chi-town, but we've got seriously cool designs for each and every one of the amazing states in our nation. Hey, hey, USA! Check out our top picks for reppin' your home state:

  1. Personalized Hey Hey Home State Christmas Ornament  $14.00
  2.  Personalized Hey Hey USA Cutting Board $44.00
  3. Personalized Hey Hey USA Pillowcase $22.00
  4. Personalized Hey Hey Home State Placemat  $10.00  
  5. Personalized Hey Hey USA Home State Bib $14.00 
  6. Personalized Hey Hey USA One-Piece $26.00
  • Available as a one-piece or a t-shirt and in two cool colorways, our Personalized Hey Hey USA design (6) is the perfect choice for Psychobabies who live everywhere, from amber waves of grains to the majesty of those purple mountains. This colorful, starry design lets you rep your homestate like a pro. Plus, you can add whatever text you'd like, so we've got it covered whether you're a Cape Cod Cutie or a Lil' Lone Star!
  • Our Hey Hey Home State Placemats & Bibs turn breakfast, lunch and dinner into opportunities to show a little local pride! You'll always be "eating local" with this cool  Hey Hey Home State Placemat (4) or Hey Hey USA Home State Bib (5), designed with your state of choice, name, and a cool rainbow star background! Whether you're feasting on some Maine lobster, Florida oranges, or Nebraskan corn, these meal-time must-haves will remind you that there's no place like home! For the grown-ups, a  Hey Hey USA Cutting Board (2) is the perfect housewarming, moving, or anytime gift. This awesome cutting board is dishwasher safe, to boot. 
  • Don't forget the tree! Pay homage to your home with a  Hey Hey Home State Christmas Ornament  (1) , available in both 'bold' and 'bright' colorways - perfect for Durango dads, Galesburg gals, Boise boys and Milwaukee mamas! Anyone in your family will appreciate this super-cute choice for Christmas. 
  • Tuck your littles in with our Hey Hey USA Pillowcase (3) - hey, maybe you really can learn through osmosis! The knowledge of our county's geography could very well seep into your kiddos head while they sleep. 
 Let us know if you have any luck with this, and check out all our cool city and state gifts to cover all your babies & all your bases from sea to shining sea!

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