Friday, June 26, 2009

TGIFF: Select Inky Dink Tees 50% off!

Get on over to Freaky Friday for select Inky Dink pop art tees honoring your favorite iconic people at 50% off!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

@shop_psychobaby twitter contest!

What's up, tweeps? We're throwing a twitter contest, and you are invited! First, get inspired by humming Ricky Nelson's "I Will Follow You!" Then, fly on over to twitter and start following @shop_psychobaby. Post as many tweets as you want including #shop_psychobaby from 6/24 - 6/28. Five lucky winners will receive $30 gift cards to put towards some hot summer style!

And the Winner of our Rockin' Father's Day Giveaway Is...

Carolyn, whose rockin' and loving tribute to her husband, Ryan! Thank you so much to everyone who entered our Rockin' Father's Day Giveaway - we loved hearing all of your tales about your cool, crazy dads, and it was hard to randomly pick just one! Carolyn will receive the cool cuff from City Soles seen above, and we would like to leave you with her tribute to the most rockin' Dad she knows!

"My husband is a rock star of a father, husband, and an inspiration. He always manages to balance love with discipline, create fun with learning, and inspire. Not only is Ryan a great father, but I see him evolving into a friend for our son. With each step of parenting, Ryan has been fully involved and my equal partner in this rocking rollercoaster ride." -Carolyn

If you are reading this, Carolyn,congratulations!! Email us at to collect your prize!

Friday, June 19, 2009

TGIFF: Deglingos 50 % Off Today Only!

This week's Freaky Friday brings you the unique gang of Deglingos plush toys at 50% off! Choose a new favorite pal from our wide selection of rattles, plush animals and baby toys, but do it quick- supplies are limited! Shop Freaky Friday now-->

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OMG- Text Message Baby Tees!

Hey ppl! Check out the new text message baby tees from the Psycho Baby brand and LOL while you get the msg across that you are one great gifter with this funny baby gift!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enter To Win Our Rockin' Father's Day Giveaway!

We have partnered with City Soles to bring you our Rockin' Father's Day Giveaway! The winner will receive this cool adjustable cuff (retail value: $115) from designer Mauricio Forero, whose modern and wearable art is crafted from classic, vintage materials (such as recycled leather baseball mitts). All you need to do to enter to win this rockin' piece of man jewelry for your rockstar is to tell us about the most rockin' Dad you know in the Comments section. Entries will be accepted until midnight on Father's Day (June 21) and the winner will be chosen at random, announced on Tuesday, June 23rd, and their tribute will be featured on our blog.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Father's Day Gift Guide: Cool Dad Gifts!

Classic Dad

Simple, elegant and perchance dressed like he's about to go sailing even if he doesn't live near water, Classic Dad has a taste for enduring works and products that will stand the test of time. Advising the kids with "Go Ask Your Mother" or the ever-popular "No, we are not there yet!" Classic Dad always makes time to grill those dogs, play a game of catch, or remind the kids that "Hey is for horses!"

Whisky Stones
Classic Dad is like a fine bottle of scotch (or an aged whiskey!) which is why we knew Whisky Stones were for him! This set of stones crafted by Teroforma of Vermont will keep that "whiskey in your jar oh" undiluted and cold during Dad's Happy Hour. terforma, $20.

Whether he favored Jim Palmer, Rollie Fingers or Goose Gossage, Classic Dad can cast and paint that signature pitch he uses in the backyard with the kids. psychobabyonline, $31.

Golf BBQ Set
When he's not on the links, he likes to grill 'em, so sink a hole-in-one on your Father's Day gifts with this set of three golf-inspired BBQ tools! uncommon goods, $25.

This mintage charcoal grill has the flare that Dad needs to keep grillin' and chillin'. With its classic green kettle, gas ignition and bonus extras, all he'll be missing is his "Kiss the Cook" apron! crate and barrel, $329.95.

My Dad Rocks

If he has the kids drumming along on a pot and spoon to Neil Peart, Daddy's a rocker. From his vintage concert tees to the Chuck Taylor's on his feet, Rocker Dad will be tossing up the devil horns at the Kidzapolooza stage and lovin' every minute of his rock 'n roll lifestyle that gives him the VIP status of "Daddy!"

Flash Tattoo Diaper Bag
New Rocker Dads who don't want to give up the 'tude will love this tattoo rocker diaper bag from Sourpuss! Its cool design will keep him rockin' and rollin' while he changes diapers in a flash! psychobabyonline, $34.

Del Mar Birth Rectangle
Daddy will give you a standing ovation when you give him this set of personalized dog tags commemorating the name, weight, length, birth date and time of your lil rockstar! julian and co, $79.

Artists' String Bracelets
Dad can wear his music with a cool guitar string bracelet from his favorite axe player! With tons of artists (everyone Pete Townshend to Kirk Hammett) and price points, Dad'll feel good about his 'man jewelry' because it's stylin' and all proceeds go to the artist's charity of choice. wear your music, various moohla.

Handcrafted Guitar Mug
Nothing rocks in the early a.m. like a tall cup of joe! Jewel Pottery's handcrafted guitar mug is the perfect accompaniment for scanning the morning paper for shows and listening to Led Zeppelin 4. etsy, $18.

Dad-gon, take me away!

Is your house full of the happy chaos? If so, Daddy might need a lil bit of alone time! Think of the following gifts as "Daddy's Little Spa Day," and treat him to a chillaxing blend of gifts!

Crosley Pay Phone
If Dad can't get a word in edge-wise because those darn kids are always on the phone, go retro with this pay phone. No coins necessary (don't tell the teens!) but they are optional, as the built in bank would be pretty handy for funding a family night out! urban outfitters, $90.

Handcrafted Hiking Stick

Tell Dad to take a hike (in a good way!) with these one-of-a-kind hiking sticks from Bear Paw Rustics. etsy, $19.95 - $45.

Double Agent Headphones

Dad can chillax with his tunes modern style with these SD card compatible wireless headphones in assorted colors, which as Van Halen would say, give him the "Best of Both Worlds!" skullcandy, $89.95.

Recycled Embossed Journal
Let Dad record those funny and sentimental fatherly moments with one of Ciak's embossed recycled journals. jenni bick, $15- $25.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Join our June Diaper Drive!

Our Diaper Drive for the Association House is off to a cool, crazy start but there is still plenty of time to give! Check out the different ways to contribute to the Diaper Drive now, and together we can help make the world a cooler place!

TGIFF: 70% off Haba Soothing Sheep

Perfect whether your little one needs to be soothed, the Haba Sleepsy Sheep is now 70% off on Freaky Friday!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Contribute to the Association House Diaper Drive!

It's our biggest giving event yet, y'all! Join us for a cool, crazy diaper drive to help the youngest in need! All proceeds benefit Association House, helping Chicago families help themselves for 110 years. Learn More->

contribute online: Log onto and give a cash donation towards the Diaper Drive Fund- just pick your amount (ranging from $1 - $25) through the month of June. All donations received will be put towards the purchase of diapers for Association House. Donate now->

contribute at our brick and mortar: Bring a box of diapers to Psychobaby's brick and mortar from 6/1-30, 2009 and receive 10% off your purchase that day. Cash donations towards the Diaper Drive Fund will also be happily accepted towards the purchase of diapers.

psychobabyonline joins with you in the spirit of giving: for each online order placed and every brick and mortar purchase made in the month of June, Psycho Baby will contribute one dollar towards the Diaper Drive fund. Together, we will help to make the world a cooler place.