Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Enter To Win Our Rockin' Father's Day Giveaway!

We have partnered with City Soles to bring you our Rockin' Father's Day Giveaway! The winner will receive this cool adjustable cuff (retail value: $115) from designer Mauricio Forero, whose modern and wearable art is crafted from classic, vintage materials (such as recycled leather baseball mitts). All you need to do to enter to win this rockin' piece of man jewelry for your rockstar is to tell us about the most rockin' Dad you know in the Comments section. Entries will be accepted until midnight on Father's Day (June 21) and the winner will be chosen at random, announced on Tuesday, June 23rd, and their tribute will be featured on our blog.


  1. The most rockin dad I know is my husband and father of our two kids, a 1 year old boy and 4 year old girl. He rocks because he has made it his mission to bring real rock music to children. As the man behind dinosaur metal band Rockosaurus Rex, he recorded the music album The Big Bang, covering classic children's nursery rhymes in hard rockin heavy metal. He's currently working on converting traditional folk songs from countries such as Finland, Poland, Russia, Israel, and Canada into electric guitar anthems for his next heavy metal children's album. He fosters our kids' love of this and other genres of music, he even recorded a pop rock song with our 4 year old daughter, doing drums and electric guitar backup to her vocals. That is why he is the most rockin dad I know and should win your contest :)

  2. Hey Agnes,
    He does sound like a rockin' dad! He has my vote :)
    Good luck in our contest!

  3. My Husband Todd is a great Rockin' Dad because of his amazing ability to connect with our kids thru music! He's been a Heavy Metal Drummer forever, and is a 4th generation Drummer in his family! Our Sons Brandon 5 and Blaine 2 enjoy music so much! When Brandon was just a couple weeks old - Todd took him in the music room and soothed him to sleep with a soft beat of the drums, it was so cute to watch. When we got our first set of Foster children this year - siblings, Brooklyn 10 & Bryler 7, they were amazed at all the instruments. He has really taken the opportunity to teach all the kids about moods and how to manage them and use them thru different genres of music. And now when any of our kids are mad - he let's them take it out on the drums, or they have Jam sessions to get all their energy out before bed, Or when they're sad he'll sit them on his lap and play a cute little made up song for them to get them to smile while strumming his guitar. The kids have really taken to it and just really LOVE music! It's funny that this big, tattooed, long haired, heavy metal man has turned out to be the worlds greatest cuddling, understanding, silly story telling, piggy back giving dad. All his friends (and my family especially) are just amazed at what being a dad has done for my husbands life. THIS IS WHAT MY HUSBAND WAS MEANT TO BE - A ROCKIN DAD!

  4. Love your story! He sound like such a fun dad! Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  5. My brother, Mark, is the most rockin' dad I know. My nephew, Mars, will be 3 in August and will be attending his 2nd Judas Priest concert in July. Mars has regaled me with Judas Priest songs over the phone during this past year. Baby sister Cassia is going to have to wait a bit for her first concert as she is only 8 mos old.

  6. The most rockin daddy I know, is mine of course!! All day he rocks out at the office working with Grampa "making money." Afterwards, he comes home to rock the kitchen, making dinner and playing my favorite songs like "Wheels on the Bus," "Daddy's Song," and even plays my favorite Jerry Jeff Walker tune too!
    Some nights, after my bath, he heads out to rehearsal for one of his bands. (He's in 3!) Sometimes, if the show starts early enough, I get to go and hear my mama and daddy play in their band...and I get to rock out.
    My daddy even does music time with me and my friends! We get out our instruments and we sing and play lots of songs.
    My daddy rocks and that is why he is my rockstar daddy.

  7. My husband is a rock star of a father, husband, and an inspiration. He always manages to balance love with discipline, create fun with learning, and inspire. Not only is Ryan a great father, but I see him evolving into a friend for our son. With each step of parenting, Ryan has been fully involved and my equal partner in this rocking rollercoaster ride.

  8. The most rocking Dad I know is, of course, my dad. He has always been a huge Rolling Stones Fan, and my mom loves to tell a story about when she and Dad were dating shortly after highschool. My dad went into a friend's bathroom at a party and came out with blue eyeshadow on, dancing and singing like Mick. I can't believe she still married him.



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