Monday, June 1, 2009

Contribute to the Association House Diaper Drive!

It's our biggest giving event yet, y'all! Join us for a cool, crazy diaper drive to help the youngest in need! All proceeds benefit Association House, helping Chicago families help themselves for 110 years. Learn More->

contribute online: Log onto and give a cash donation towards the Diaper Drive Fund- just pick your amount (ranging from $1 - $25) through the month of June. All donations received will be put towards the purchase of diapers for Association House. Donate now->

contribute at our brick and mortar: Bring a box of diapers to Psychobaby's brick and mortar from 6/1-30, 2009 and receive 10% off your purchase that day. Cash donations towards the Diaper Drive Fund will also be happily accepted towards the purchase of diapers.

psychobabyonline joins with you in the spirit of giving: for each online order placed and every brick and mortar purchase made in the month of June, Psycho Baby will contribute one dollar towards the Diaper Drive fund. Together, we will help to make the world a cooler place.

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