Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Most Popular Bands are Back!

Shop All Baby and Kids Rock Clothing and Gifts
 Shop All Baby and Kids Rock Clothing and Gifts
Baby and kids rock clothing - for when ducks and bunnies just won't do.

An ode to Rocker Babies:

What's that on your shirt? A cute yellow duck?
A little brown dog? A red fire truck?
We're sorry if all of your tees look the same, 
Let's bring in the cool and get rid of the lame!

We'll help with your wardrobe and make it more awesome -
No puppies or ponies or owls or possums.
We'll give you the Beatles, or Johnny, or Marley,
So you can look cool, like a dude on a Harley.

Rock hard like a punker and wear some Ramones,
Or keep your style classic with tees from the Stones.
Whatever you choose, be it AC or DC...
We'll make being a rocker baby so easy!

Check out all our  baby and kids rock clothing .. perhaps while you (gently) jam out to some awesome baby-fied rock & roll!

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Beatles and Fab 4 Inspired Gifts

Beatles Baby and Kids Clothes and Gifts
Baby and Kids Rock & Roll Clothing
Beatles clothes for babies and kids are one of our favorite go-to gifts. They might even be THE #1 pick, it's impossible not to love the bright colors and rock & roll vibe of all our awesome Beatles swag!

Rockabye Baby The Beatles Lullaby CDPsychobaby Lil Yellow Sub Hooded Towel BluePsychobaby Lil Yellow Sub Flip Flops Pink

Speaking of babies, did you know the Beatles have all these songs with the word 'baby' in the title? We don't even know all of them, and we're pretty hardcore Fab Four fans over here!

"Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby" 1964 Beatles for Sale
"Cry Baby Cry" 1968 The Beatles
"Baby's in Black" 1964 Beatles for Sale
"I Got to Find My Baby" 1963 Live at the BBC
"Baby It's You" 1963 Please Please Me
"Baby, You're a Rich Man" 1967 Magical Mystery Tour                         
"Little Child" 1963 With the Beatles

 Crazy! What's your all-time favorite Beatles song? I'm So Tired? Golden Slumbers? Oh man, is it nap time yet? Well, either way, be sure to check out our complete Beatles baby and kids gifts collection, and have a Good Day, Sunshine!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

From Dudes to Dads: Before & After

From Dudes to Dads
Men. Before they were dads, they were dudes. We've been reminiscing about the good old days, back before "bros" meant little brothers... before the preferred beverage of choice was straight up milk... back when you got to watch Billy Madison on repeat instead of Dora...  

Well, things have certainly changed since then. For example, the weather is finally a little nicer, and it's time for SPRING BREAK! Only now, instead of piling 12 of your closest friends in the van and heading down South for a week of drinking, dancing and debauchery, you'll be lucky to snag a spare juice box and sleep in till 7. Them's the breaks, guys. You're a parent now, and this time around your Spring Break is going to go a little bit differently. Let's break it down.  


Before: Awesome mix of Road Trip Tunes by your favorite bands!
After: Awesome mix of Road Trip Lullabies by your favorite bands!

Rockabye Baby Michael Jackson Lullaby CDRockabye Baby Bob Marley Lullaby CDRockabye Baby Nirvana Lullaby CD
Psychobaby I Drink Infant Hat 
Before: Drinking until you pass out.
After: They drink until they pass out, so YOU can finally pass out.
Before: Keeping an eye on your mischievous friend.
After: Keeping an eye on your mischievous kiddo.

Before: Up at 4am PARTYING!!
After: Up at 4am...feeding!
Red.jpg  Psychobaby 4 Am Party Hat
Before: Cleaning up vomit.
After: Cleaning up vomit...and other things.

Before: Being a wingman for your best buddy.
After: Being a wingman... 

Before: Sharing pics and crazy statuses through social media.
After: Over-sharing through social media.

Okay, so maybe the crowd has changed, but it's not a COMPLETELY different experience. What can you do, having kids is the hardest but best thing you've ever done. And it doesn't hurt to deck 'em out in some funny baby clothes to make those hard moments a little more bearable.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

New: Home State Clothing for Babies and Kids

Shop Home State Tees for Babies and Kids
Home state tees for babies are the best way to show your local pride! The newest citizens of your state deserve some cool geographically-themed gear, so grab one of our cute home state one-pieces, tees, bibs or placemats for your Newest New Yawker, Mini Michigander or Tiny Texan!

Psychobaby Hey Hey USA One-Piece PinkPsychobaby Home State One-PiecePsychobaby Hey Hey USA Tee Gray

After you get the outfit situation sorted out - check this infographic of the 'most-listened to bands' by state - not sure we totally agree with this (except probably in Vermont's case)... but it's pretty fun to see what the rest of America is up to. Also, good job New Jersey... keepin' it real with the Boss!
Regional Listening Preferences
What do you think? Do you agree with this map or should a different band be your state's #1?
Another way to show your home town/home state pride is to EAT LOCAL! We're talking Florida oranges, Georgia peaches, Washington apples, Idaho potatoes, Maine lobster... anything goes if you're snacking off one of these awesome (and educational) personalized placemats!
Psychobaby Hey Hey USA Placemat Bright
Come on, be honest, are you really sure which one is Kansas and which one is Nebraska?  Well, you wont have to wonder anymore thanks to our awesome Hey Hey USA Collection! Our favorite weird state food facts, courtesy of Wikipedia:
Illinois: State snack food = popcorn
Massachusetts: State donut = Boston Creme (duh)
Oklahoma: State meal = BBQ pork
Pennsylvania: State drink = Milk
Texas: State pepper = Jalapeno

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Personalized Kids Birthday Party Favors Starting at $4.80!

 Shop All Personalized Coin PursesShop All Personalized Birthday Party Favor Tees
  Shop All Personalized Placemats
Personalized Birthday Party Favors and Birthday Gifts
Personalized kids' birthday party favors have been crazy popular this year - especially our personalized placemats and personalized coin purses! Our Pop Art Design has easily been the most ordered, but we've had a couple creative mamas come up with some unique ideas to fit their kiddo's party themes... including a kung-fu/dinosaur party. We're going to add a few of their ideas to our permanent collection, so stay tuned!
  Psychobaby Personalized Pop Art  Accessories
Psychobaby Pop Art Phone Case RedPsychobaby Pop Art Coin PursePsychobaby Pop Art Coin Purse Pink

Psychobaby Pop Art Placemat PinkPsychobaby Pop Art Puppy Dog Tag PinkPsychobaby Pop Art  Water Bottle Red

Psychobaby Pop Art Phone Case PinkPsychobaby Pop Art Birthday Picture Frame PinkPsychobaby Pop Art Bib
Check out these and all the cool new additions to our collections of personalized dog tags, personalized placemats, personalized coin purses and personalized water bottles - give us a call at 866-545-2815 or 773-772-2815 if you have any questions or want to place your cool, crazy party order!