Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rock Out With Your Rubber Duckie!

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Hooded baby towels just crashed the Psychobaby Custom Shop party! We've been wanting to add baby bath towels to our ever-growing roster of cool customized baby gifts for some time, and the time is NOW! We know bath time can be a struggle... but while your lil' one is still little enough to not throw a fit, you should have fun with it, and rock your own personal bath style! Here's a few of our fave types of baths:

The Quantity vs. Quality Bath: 
We're digging this assembly line bath party. Hey, the more the merrier, right?

via funnyachievments.blogspot.com

The Efficient Bath:
Kiddo needs a scrub. Pup needs a scrub. There's only one tub... You guys thinkin' what we're thinkin'?

via dumpaday.com

The Confused Bath:
Well, there's probably worse things that could happen. Probably.
via funmunch.com
The Classic Bath: 
Can't go wrong with a sink bath! That is... until you need a bigger sink.


And possibly the most epic bath of all time (via a very creative mama at Fun At Home With Kids)
- check out this GLOW IN THE DARK bath! This isn't a quickie DIY, but we can't imagine a more memorable bath has ever taken place.

Glowing Bath
via funathomewithkids.com
Whatever your bath time style may be, we've got a cozy hooded baby towel for afterwards! Splish splash, Psychobathers!

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