Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bundle of Joy Diaper Bank

Did you know that food stamps can't be used to buy diapers? And most daycare facilities require parents to provide diapers for their kids? When low-income parents are forced to make tough decisions clean diapers can often be something that is sacrificed, forcing them to re-use soiled diapers. Clean diapers is a basic right that all children should have. It is an essential need for a child's physical and mental health. The simple act of clean diapers can change a child's life.
Bundle of Joy ( is working hard to give low-income parents in Chicago more options. 100% of all donations to Bundle of Joy go toward the purchase of diapers. BOJ provides pantries, church organizations, city services centers, daycare centers, and other parenting groups with diapers in some of Chicago's poorest neighborhoods. Last month 35,000 diapers were delivered to 14 agencies around the city.
Psychobaby Chicago is proud to be an official drop off spot for Bundle of Joy. If you find yourself with an extra pack of unopened diapers or think of a needy baby when your purchasing your next round, please bring them by! As a token of our gratitude, Psychobaby will give you $5.00 in Crazy Cash to be used toward your next purchase!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 Ways to Wear an Appaman Suit

There are times in a young man's life when he needs a suit. Easter Sunday with the family, being the ring bearer, recitals, first dances and maybe even a first date! Appaman comes through for these days in a big way with their amazing Mod Suit. But this outfit is waaay too cool to leave hanging in a closet the rest of the time! So what do you do?

Whatever suits you!

Mix and match this super-sharp grey ensemble with different tops and bottoms to create a look that is totally hip, totally you, and totally suits your rockin' little dude!

Pair these pieces with the Appaman Mod Suit to create the following looks:

Hipster Casual: Appaman Plaid Button Up
Suited for Success: Rowdy Sprout Pink Floyd Tee, Appaman Straight Leg Jean
Comfy 'n' Sporty: Psychobaby Custom Black Rockstar Hoodie, Psychobaby Chick Magnet Tee

BTW - Check out how you can take any guy and make him 110% cuter by putting him in a suit!



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Monday, March 28, 2011

25% off all puzzles through Tuesday!

Blur the lines between learning and fun with with our wide selection of unique puzzles for babies and kids! Puzzles are a great way to help your little one develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They'll love our selection of brightly colored numbers and shapes, whimsically designed ballerinas, cars and dinos!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Peace, Love and Happy, Little Hippie Gifts!

Your little noodle dancers will let their freak flags fly with these far out picks at psychedelic Psychobaby! For the latest groovy arrivals, take a trip on the new Hippie Highway straight to

Clockwise from the left:  Psychobaby Brand, Daisy Dress, Psychobaby Brand, Tie Dye Guitar Tee, Rowdy Sprout, Grateful Dead Dress, Rowdy Sprout, Grateful Dead TeePsychobaby Brand Springtime Tulip Tee.
View all of our Hippie Gifts for kids and remember to always have a grateful day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mary Macaroni at the Beat Kitchen

 This lady is one good time! If she can capture the love and attention of my rowdy six year old, I'm convinced yours will be a piece of cake!
Over the years, I've had the luxury of working along side of Miss Macaroni at many outdoor festivals, concerts and events. I love, no I envy, her energy! Every event I have seen her perform at is full of upbeat energy, patience (required when your audience is under four feet tall!), originality and fun! Did I mention this lady can make a mean balloon animal? HUGE crowd pleaser!     
Are you looking for some indoor fun this Sunday with your kiddo?  Head over to the Beat Kitchen for a yummy brunch followed by a little magic show!

Mary Macaroni at Beat Kitchen
Sunday, March 27th at 12:00
2100 W. Belmont
(773) 281.4444
Tickets are $5 at the door
Book your child's next party with Mary! Visit

Latest New Arrivals at Psychobaby

The weatherman promises the warm weather will stick! Oh boy, are we ever ready!
Psychobaby has hand picked the latest and greatest from our favorite brands like Appaman, Ouch, Chaser tees, Sourpuss, Rowdy Sprout and more! Meet our Brands and see all the new cool, crazy kids' stuff arriving daily just in time to shed those winter blues.
See what new designs our Fans are crazy about from the Psychobaby Brand and the newest additions to our Psychobaby Custom Shop. Personalized Gifts have never been this rockin' and with a super quick turn around time! Your cool, crazy creation will leave our Design Center within three days!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

15% off just for walking into Psychobaby? Cool!

What's with all the buzz about Foursquare?
*Check-in to your favorite venues.
*See what your FRIENDS are buzzing about not just random strangers.
*Earn virtual prizes ( I'm still working hard for the Douchebag Badge! I have no idea how to get it but I think it's hilarious!).
*The coolest businesses, like Psychobaby, show our gratitude for your business with special deals.

This months Psychobaby Foursquare special is:
Save 15% off your entire purchase simply by checking in! Show your check-in on your smart phone to one of our cool, crazy team members and you've just unlocked Psychobaby's deal! A cool, simple way to save. It's what they call a win, win!
Oh, and don't forget to leave a tip when you check-in to your venues. Sometimes I find them really helpful when I'm trying to decide between pancakes and an omelet.

For those of you that might want a full explanation of Foursquare, view this short video below.

Let us know how you use Foursquare and what special you'd like to see next at Psychobaby.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Miss Ann & The Candy Band at Beat Kitchen!

It was great meeting all the cool gals from the Candy Band and hearing them play their rockin music for the first time!We thank them for making the trip all the way from Detroit and hope they come again soon.
It warms my heart every time to watch the kids reaction to Little Miss Ann's music! They just love her! Ann's upbeat music instantly ignites the room! She is probably the nicest person I have ever met and her sweetness comes right through in her music.
For the remaining schedule, visit Kids' Shows Chicago on their Facebook Page.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Other Cities are Green with Envy!

In celebration of one of Chicago's favorite holidays, Psychobaby's design team has launched a line of hilarious Irish themed tees for babies and toddlers. Without question, Mommy + Daddy + green beer = me, is a fan favorite! 

Here's a peek at how Chicago turns it's river green. What's in the green concoction? No idea! It's apparently top secret!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

City tees and more for your future world traveler

Whether you're from Chicago or Boise, we've got your special city covered!
The newest additions to the Psychobaby Brand family are, our Roaring Dino tee (happens to be my son's favorite) and a customizable I Heart Your City tee. Both launched straight to the top of our best selling charts within a week! 
Since our beloved city is Chicago, we've added an expanding line of Chi-town tees, bibs and diaper covers.  The Chicago flag diaper cover was just featured on the February cover of Time Out Chicago Kids!
Stay tuned, our design team is working hard to expand to a city near you!
Where do you live? Please comment if you want us to include your city in our next creative round.
Check out our latest and greatest for your future world traveler!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your favorite baby wraps from Sozo are back in stock!

Keep your baby snug as a bug with these whimsical baby wraps and bunting sets from Sozo. These are a top requested gift for the cool baby shower you are headed to. We guarantee you will inspire the most genuine giggles from the gals. They will be relieved not to have to fake an oooh over another silver rattle or diapers! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Instore Exclusive: 20% Off Ouch Clothing!

Ouch! has the right idea!  Frilly skirts, bright cozy capris, and tees and tanks that look good enough to eat (seriously, they're photo-realistic!)  Stop in at our brick & mortar to check out all the styles and receive 20% off all your Ouch items through March 14th!  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chicago...Meet The Candy Band!

Detroit's Punk Rock mamas, the Candy Band, are coming to Chi-Town! This fiery foursome has been bringing down the house in Detroit since 2003 and we're thrilled to have them back here in Chicago. They've also rocked Chicago at Lollapalooza multiple times and we're psyched to see them at the Beat Kitchen this coming Sunday.
Expect anything but the ordinary from these ladies! You will find original songs and nursery classics with a cool punk rock twist.
Now add Chicago's beloved Little Miss Ann and you've got one rockin' show!
See this dynamic double billing this Sunday, March 13th. from 12:00 - 1:00 at the Beat Kitchen.

Kit Kat tells us a little about herself and this awesome band.
1. When did you know you wanted to create music as a career?
Our guitar player has been a musician forever, and the rest of us were all music lovers or dabblers. When the band started, we were all stay-at-home moms and that was our focus.  We met at the local YWCA and got sucked into the Candy Band.

2. Why did you choose to make music with a children's theme over doing adult music?
Almond Joy, our guitarist, had played in rock bands, but quit when she started her family because being at the bar until 2a.m. was not going to work anymore.  She noticed that a lot of the kids' music out there is mellow and acoustic, so she wanted to create something that rocked for kids - a really energetic, distorted guitar sound.
The great thing about it has been that we can always take our kids with us to practices and gigs.  There are downsides to that, though.  It was chaos when they were younger.  We would have to stop practices to change diapers or fish silverware out of the toilet. They quickly figured out that we couldn't hear what the hell they were doing while we were practicing! 

3. All kids are embarrassed of their parents. Would you say your kids' are more or less so, because of your chosen profession? 
 They all think it's cool, even my 16 year old.  They got to come to Lollapalooza and hang out backstage with us, so that definitely impressed them. 

4. Have your creative choices and leanings rubbed off on your kids' and in what ways?
We've got 9 kids, and several of them play the piano.  Plus we have a viola player, a bass player, a drummer,a guitarist, and some great singers.  They've done some backup vocals on our albums.  

5. What current music are you listening to right now?
 A little bit of everything - Eminem, Black Keys, System of a Down, Arcade Fire, Muse, Gorillaz
As Detroiters we are mourning the breakup of the White Stripes - they're definitely a favorite.

Who is in your rockin' crew?
Skittles - vocals
Almond Joy - guitar
Kit Kat - bass
Starburst - drums
Our kids are known as the Junior Mints, and our husbands, of course, the Paydays.

2100 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60618
Tickets: $7.00
All ages
Pre-order  tickets here
For more information about upcoming shows, visit Kids' Shows Chicago's Facebook Page 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

You'll Geek Out Over Our New Social Media Tees!

Psychobaby's exclusive new collection of Social Media bibs and baby tees are sure to make you lol! Feel free to tweet, retweet, show some Likes or join in the conversation and tell us what you think! You can view the entire collection in Featured New Arrivals.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Top picks for your lil' Punk

They're young, they're loud and they're snotty! They are Psychobabies! 
We are having an internal giggle that one of springs hottest trends is Punk! When you are a mom, punk is never out of fashion! Have a look at our top picks for the awesome anti duck and bunny crowd.
See more of  Springs Punk trends for babies and kids --->

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In-Store Promotion: Earn Crazy Cash as You Shop!

Who doesn't like to earn free money just for shopping? With each $25 you spend you receive $5 in Crazy Cash to spend on your next purchase! This offer is a brick-and-mortar exclusive from 3/1/11 - 3/7/11 and you can use your Crazy Cash the whole month of March!