Thursday, March 17, 2011

15% off just for walking into Psychobaby? Cool!

What's with all the buzz about Foursquare?
*Check-in to your favorite venues.
*See what your FRIENDS are buzzing about not just random strangers.
*Earn virtual prizes ( I'm still working hard for the Douchebag Badge! I have no idea how to get it but I think it's hilarious!).
*The coolest businesses, like Psychobaby, show our gratitude for your business with special deals.

This months Psychobaby Foursquare special is:
Save 15% off your entire purchase simply by checking in! Show your check-in on your smart phone to one of our cool, crazy team members and you've just unlocked Psychobaby's deal! A cool, simple way to save. It's what they call a win, win!
Oh, and don't forget to leave a tip when you check-in to your venues. Sometimes I find them really helpful when I'm trying to decide between pancakes and an omelet.

For those of you that might want a full explanation of Foursquare, view this short video below.

Let us know how you use Foursquare and what special you'd like to see next at Psychobaby.

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