Saturday, March 12, 2011

City tees and more for your future world traveler

Whether you're from Chicago or Boise, we've got your special city covered!
The newest additions to the Psychobaby Brand family are, our Roaring Dino tee (happens to be my son's favorite) and a customizable I Heart Your City tee. Both launched straight to the top of our best selling charts within a week! 
Since our beloved city is Chicago, we've added an expanding line of Chi-town tees, bibs and diaper covers.  The Chicago flag diaper cover was just featured on the February cover of Time Out Chicago Kids!
Stay tuned, our design team is working hard to expand to a city near you!
Where do you live? Please comment if you want us to include your city in our next creative round.
Check out our latest and greatest for your future world traveler!

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