Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 Ways to Wear an Appaman Suit

There are times in a young man's life when he needs a suit. Easter Sunday with the family, being the ring bearer, recitals, first dances and maybe even a first date! Appaman comes through for these days in a big way with their amazing Mod Suit. But this outfit is waaay too cool to leave hanging in a closet the rest of the time! So what do you do?

Whatever suits you!

Mix and match this super-sharp grey ensemble with different tops and bottoms to create a look that is totally hip, totally you, and totally suits your rockin' little dude!

Pair these pieces with the Appaman Mod Suit to create the following looks:

Hipster Casual: Appaman Plaid Button Up
Suited for Success: Rowdy Sprout Pink Floyd Tee, Appaman Straight Leg Jean
Comfy 'n' Sporty: Psychobaby Custom Black Rockstar Hoodie, Psychobaby Chick Magnet Tee

BTW - Check out how you can take any guy and make him 110% cuter by putting him in a suit!



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