Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chicago...Meet The Candy Band!

Detroit's Punk Rock mamas, the Candy Band, are coming to Chi-Town! This fiery foursome has been bringing down the house in Detroit since 2003 and we're thrilled to have them back here in Chicago. They've also rocked Chicago at Lollapalooza multiple times and we're psyched to see them at the Beat Kitchen this coming Sunday.
Expect anything but the ordinary from these ladies! You will find original songs and nursery classics with a cool punk rock twist.
Now add Chicago's beloved Little Miss Ann and you've got one rockin' show!
See this dynamic double billing this Sunday, March 13th. from 12:00 - 1:00 at the Beat Kitchen.

Kit Kat tells us a little about herself and this awesome band.
1. When did you know you wanted to create music as a career?
Our guitar player has been a musician forever, and the rest of us were all music lovers or dabblers. When the band started, we were all stay-at-home moms and that was our focus.  We met at the local YWCA and got sucked into the Candy Band.

2. Why did you choose to make music with a children's theme over doing adult music?
Almond Joy, our guitarist, had played in rock bands, but quit when she started her family because being at the bar until 2a.m. was not going to work anymore.  She noticed that a lot of the kids' music out there is mellow and acoustic, so she wanted to create something that rocked for kids - a really energetic, distorted guitar sound.
The great thing about it has been that we can always take our kids with us to practices and gigs.  There are downsides to that, though.  It was chaos when they were younger.  We would have to stop practices to change diapers or fish silverware out of the toilet. They quickly figured out that we couldn't hear what the hell they were doing while we were practicing! 

3. All kids are embarrassed of their parents. Would you say your kids' are more or less so, because of your chosen profession? 
 They all think it's cool, even my 16 year old.  They got to come to Lollapalooza and hang out backstage with us, so that definitely impressed them. 

4. Have your creative choices and leanings rubbed off on your kids' and in what ways?
We've got 9 kids, and several of them play the piano.  Plus we have a viola player, a bass player, a drummer,a guitarist, and some great singers.  They've done some backup vocals on our albums.  

5. What current music are you listening to right now?
 A little bit of everything - Eminem, Black Keys, System of a Down, Arcade Fire, Muse, Gorillaz
As Detroiters we are mourning the breakup of the White Stripes - they're definitely a favorite.

Who is in your rockin' crew?
Skittles - vocals
Almond Joy - guitar
Kit Kat - bass
Starburst - drums
Our kids are known as the Junior Mints, and our husbands, of course, the Paydays.

2100 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60618
Tickets: $7.00
All ages
Pre-order  tickets here
For more information about upcoming shows, visit Kids' Shows Chicago's Facebook Page 

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