Friday, August 29, 2014

Ten Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

Psychobaby's Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day 2014:
I recommend at least 30 of these

10. Head to the beach! You'll make some great memories, and collect enough sand in your belongings to feel summery until October. And while you're there, check out this list of 35 FREE Things to Do at the Beach with the kids!


9. While you're at the beach you might as well go boating! Don't forget the life jackets & water wings & juice boxes.
Think smarter, not harder.

8. Hit up the neighborhood pool. OR, fill the kiddie pool in the backyard.  There's no sand AND you don't have to get stuck in traffic on the way there.
This might be the only PG movie out right now...

7. Take the kids to a fun summer movie! Two words: Air conditioning.
In my mouth now, please.

6.  Throw a backyard BBQ!  Or, convince a buddy to throw one. Then you won't get stuck washing all the dishes.  And make sure you bring something refreshing like this Watermelon Granita.
Peanut Butter AND bananas? I'm in.

5. Take a picnic to the closest park!  Another way to enjoy the day outdoors instead of stuck in your car on I-94! Bring along some of these delicious Banana Dog Bites. Check out more finger-food snack suggestions on our Pinterest Page.

4. Go visit Grandma & Grandpa! If you don't mind a road trip with the little ones, then head out early.  Plus, extra people to watch the kiddos while you can relax and fire up the grill. (Before you hop in the car, check out our tips and tricks to keep the kids busy during the drive!)
Yes, those are ALL water balloons. Guard your groin.

3. Take a nap. Your kids will definitely leave you alone for an hour, right? If not, set them up with daddy in the backyard with some of these awesome backyard games or maybe a couple hundred water balloons and then catch a few winks.  But be nice and maybe alternate so you both can catch a cat nap? 

2. Brave the stores for your last minute school shopping. HAH - just kidding. Oh, you really need that Hello Kitty trapper keeper? Good luck!
Sweater season is upon us - rejoice!

1. Save yourself some stress and save 25%! Avoid the crowds and still get your shopping done.  PLUS, you save 25% on EVERYTHING at from now until Monday night with the code LABORDAY25!  Now that is a good use of your 3-day weekend. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cool Gifts For Girls Under $30

Girlie Gifts Under $30

Girlie Gifts Under $30

Our cool gifts for girls won't break your bank! Get our custom cool gifts for girls for under $30! Here are the Top Ten Fan Favorite Gifts for Girls.  First, the tees and dresses that will be the talk of the party! (Warning: LOTS of pink ahead.  But we kinda love pink, so bear with us.)

Tees and Dresses Over the Rainbow Tee - Perfect keepsake for your little Dorothy when she's hanging out in Kansas. Comes in technicolor!

2. Stella Blu Unicorn Tee - One of our FAVORITE designers, Stella Blu, brings you the quintessential unicorn-lovers tee.  Rainbows, Unicorns, Sequins?? Yes, please.

3. Pretty Princess Tee - As you can tell by the pink sparkly title, we love a little glitter with our girly tees. You little princess may not be royalty, but everyone knows who is the ruler of the house.

4. If you Mustache, My Dress is Awesome - Yes, yes. We must, we must! 

5. Beastly Babe Monster Tee - Who says boys get to have all the monster fun?

1. Electric Chevron Water Bottle - Not all girls love pink the way we do, so why not give them a TON of bright colors!?

2. Miss Audrey Placemat - This placemat lets you know there's no shame in being messy, as long as you're a messy lady!

3. Her Royal Highness Pillowcase - Turn her bedroom into a castle with this royal pillowcase and she'll be the belle of the dreamland ball!

4. Digi Rainbow Monogrammed Coin Purse - This monogrammed rainbow coin purse is the perfect size for saving change and storing tiny treasures! 

5.Boppin' 2 the Beatz Flip Flops Pink - Show 'em your best moves in style by getting footloose with these awesome flip flops!

Even if she's not a total girly girl, we've still got the right stuff to please all your gifts-for-girls needs!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Personalized Pencil Cases For Kids

Personalized Pencil Cases
Personalized Pencil Cases

The kids are already back in school (or headed there soon), so why not squeeze one last AWESOME  treat into their backpack?  We've got a huge selection of personalized pencil cases that are ready to hold all the "write stuff"!  You know the teacher will make you write your kiddo's name on EVERYTHING they bring in anyways, why not skip the sharpie and get them something with their name already on there!

See? Never trust em with Sharpies...
We've got tons of cool, crazy colors and designs to choose from!  Dinosaurs, cupcakes, baseballs, footballs, lightning bolts, guitars, skulls, and the list keeps going. Make your pencil case as unique as your little one!
Already covered with in the pencil case department?  How about a personalized coin purse to help them keep their lunch money stashed in a safe place? That way they don't have to bring their whole piggy bank to school everyday...seriously mom, it's heavy!


Now, if you're like me, the second you saw the phrase 'The Write Stuff' you got this song stuck in your head:

Oh oh oh oh oh is for Ozzzyy! So, even if you can't buy any NKOTB school supplies or troll pencil toppers anymore, at least you can get an awesome pencil case covered in hearts saying D is for Donnie.  You're welcome.
Nostalgia ACTIVATE!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Personalized Cupcake Gifts For Your Lil' Sweetie!

 Shop All Cupcake Styles

Psychobaby's Cupcake collection is so sweet, that when you're done looking at all the absolutely adorable fashions we have, you might need to check for cavities.  Okay, so that was a little corny.  We know you can't get cavities from looking at cupcakes AND you also won't gain any weight, but where is the fun in that??

We've got a huge variety of Cupcake One-pieces, tees and accessories! Our personal favorite has to be the Freshly Baked Cupcake design.  This adorable cupcake face (seen above) comes on a backpacks, One-pieces, Tanks, Coin Purses, iPhone Cases, Bib, Flip Flops, Placemats, Pot Holders, and Cutting Boards. So, no matter what item you choose to get this design on, it will always be happy to see you!

If you like you cupcakes with a little more personalization, we've got you covered. The Magical Monogram Cupcake Design comes in three bright and girly colors:  Hot Pink, Purple and Aqua.  You can mix and match colors across the board - as long as you stick with the cupcake, you're set!

As delicious as your little cupcake looks covered in stripes n sprinkles and bright neon frosted colors, nothing beats our Eat em' Up Cupcake Tee. This cupcake looks so real you may drool just by looking at it! (The small child wearing it will also drool so, maybe get the bib too, just in're welcome)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cool Gifts for Boys - $30 & Under!

Cool Gifts for Boys

Our cool gifts for boys won't break your bank! Get our custom cool gifts for boys for under $30! Here are the Top Ten Fan Favorite Gifts for Boys.  First, the tees that will be the talk of the party!

Cool, Crazy Boys Tees!

1. Football Belly Kids Tee - Does your little guy love the pigskin? Grab him one of these tees in his favorite team colors.  Add his name to the back too, so people know what to cheer when he scores the touchdowns in peewee! 

2. Punk Rock Gentleman Tee - An absolute fan favorite going on 4 years! Who needs to cumbersome pinch of actual suspenders when you can look just as cool with them printed on? (We threw in the tie just to keep in classy, obviously. Now jump on the dance floor!)
Baby's First Rose Ceremony?
3. Beastly Boy Monster Tee - We've all seen Monsters Inc. AND Monsters University (probably more times than we can count...) so we know how cool your little "Boo" would look with his name in Monster letters!

4. Most Eligible Bachelor Tee - He may be too young to date, but he's never too young to break a few hearts. There will never be enough roses for your little bachelor!

 5. Tiny Tunes DJ Tee  - He's got an ear for the freshest tunes, is constantly digging through crates of records (or mama's iPhone) to find the perfect song to listen to on repeat, then this personalized tee will let party-goers know who's in charge of the decks.

Now that they've got the threads to show off their cool kids style, we've got the top accessories to go with them!  And, because you were such a smart shopper, you saved enough money to spend that little extra on an awesome placemat or water bottle just to show what a fantastic gift giver you are.  Go you!!
Accessory Favorites!

6. Beastly Boy Monster Alphabet Placemat - If your kiddo sometimes acts like a lil' monster their name will be in good company!

7. Mr. Cool Stache Placemat - We're not saying your little Magnum P.I. will never have a mustache as glorious as Tom Sellecks.  But in case he doesn't, you can get him this mustachioed placemat to give him something to aspire to.

8. Magical Monogram Pillowcase Green Dino - We are not trying to compare little boys to dinosaurs...but there are a lot of similar noises and paths of destruction left in their respective wakes. This personalized pillowcase gives your little Ty-Rex a place to rest his head after a long day and an active imagination.

9. Pop Art Flip Flops in Red - These flip flops are the best warm weather accessory for any young super-dude. Why waste time walking to the beach, when you can just use your super-powers and fly there in a jif? 

10. Magical Monogram Water Bottle: Baseball - Perfect to keep your little slugger hydrated! And because it's got his name right on it, you'll never have to fight with Jimmy's mom about whose Spongebob Water Bottle was left in the back of the mini-van! (Seriously, chill out lady.) Good call, mama.

Check out our website to see all the other awesome personalized gifts for boys!