Friday, August 22, 2014

Personalized Cupcake Gifts For Your Lil' Sweetie!

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Psychobaby's Cupcake collection is so sweet, that when you're done looking at all the absolutely adorable fashions we have, you might need to check for cavities.  Okay, so that was a little corny.  We know you can't get cavities from looking at cupcakes AND you also won't gain any weight, but where is the fun in that??

We've got a huge variety of Cupcake One-pieces, tees and accessories! Our personal favorite has to be the Freshly Baked Cupcake design.  This adorable cupcake face (seen above) comes on a backpacks, One-pieces, Tanks, Coin Purses, iPhone Cases, Bib, Flip Flops, Placemats, Pot Holders, and Cutting Boards. So, no matter what item you choose to get this design on, it will always be happy to see you!

If you like you cupcakes with a little more personalization, we've got you covered. The Magical Monogram Cupcake Design comes in three bright and girly colors:  Hot Pink, Purple and Aqua.  You can mix and match colors across the board - as long as you stick with the cupcake, you're set!

As delicious as your little cupcake looks covered in stripes n sprinkles and bright neon frosted colors, nothing beats our Eat em' Up Cupcake Tee. This cupcake looks so real you may drool just by looking at it! (The small child wearing it will also drool so, maybe get the bib too, just in're welcome)

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