Friday, August 15, 2014

Personalized Backpacks For Kids Are BACK!

Personalized Backpacks for Kids
There is nothing cooler than walking through the halls on your first day of school with a personalized backpack from Psychobabyonline.  No seriously. Unless you are on a skateboard juggling cats, which we imagine would take years for your toddler to perfect. So, why not take the easy (and much cooler) way out this year and save the furballs for 2nd grade!

Not pictured: skateboard

The Psychobaby Rockin ABC's Backpack will get you from A-Z before nap time! With a bag this rad, your Psychobaby will be excited to do their homework! (Okay, so it's not a magic backpack... just awesome looking!)

If they're more into rocking jams than rocking letters, check our the Psychobaby Mix-Master DJ Backpack.  Whether they're spinning some vinyl (which you will teach them about someday, obviously!), or rocking tracks off their iPod (which seems more likely), they'll be doing it in style with this cool personalized backpack.

Our Pop Art Backpack in Red is how every young hero carries their super-supplies. Hey, you have to put your cape somewhere when you're not wearing it!

Don't want to broadcast the fact that you're Madison #3 in Ms. Lippy's Kindergarten class? Then opt for our Psychobaby Freshly Baked Cupcake Backpack - all the serious style of our personalized options and super cute!

And for the smaller stuff, we've got an entire collection of Personalized Pencil Cases for your school-supply stash! Never mix up your scented markers with Mason's again! (You know he totally stole your lime...but we would too.)
We've all been there...
Be sure to check out for all of your Back to School needs!

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