Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hop On Over For Pictures With the Easter Bunny!

Join us at our brick and mortar on Sunday, March 28th from 11-2 for treats and complimentary photos with the Easter Bunny! Don't miss it - it's gonna be hoppin'!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And Now A Word From Stefanie, A Former and Sorely Missed Psychobaby Employee Who Is Pregnant!

'Sitting in the sun sipping 'pregnancy tea'. Watching the baby move and kick. I wonder what position she's in. I try to feel but I can't tell. It's amazing how the Doctor feels and can tell you 'this is the head' under my right ribs. My back has been hurting lately and I've been getting some heartburn. It's been a relaxing day but I'm kinda bored since I don't work anymore. Maybe I will go for a walk with Mr. Sausage. He likes the sun too. Any suggestions?'

-Stefanie, 28 weeks

Stefanie, a sorely missed former Psychobaby employee, is pregnant and lives in Michigan with her hubby Erik, and her dog, Mr. Sausage. She also does a mean "Beat It" dance. If you have a suggestion on what our pregnant friend could do during the day, let Stefanie know in the comments!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Onesies, Tees & Rock and Roll!

Glam it up with House of the Gods tees and onesies for your lil' rock 'n' roller. This adult line of tees inspired by one of Rocks greatest and grittiest eras, is now available to add some noise to nap time! Not only would you wear these tees, you actually can! Check them out in adult sizes at (Our internet manager Linday is a size mini and actually stole a size 10 out of the box and wore it!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

If there is one band that brings back memories for me, it's Journey! Maybe I'm admitting my cheesy side (and age) but I don't care! I unapologetically loved them in high school. Thanks to Rockabye Baby, I now can listen to my tunes out in the open and blame it on the kids. REO Speedwagon next please!
Anyone else want to admit a favorite band that they only sing in the car/shower when you have that rare alone moment?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And now a word from Stef, a former Psychobaby employee who is pregnant!

"It's after-lunch/before dinner dessert! Just had three tacos with habanero salsa. Eeewwowww!!! Cooling down with a Klondike bar...what would you doowoowoo for a Klondike bar (and strawberries)? -Stef, 28 weeks.

Stefanie, a sorely missed former Psychobaby employee, is pregnant and lives in Michigan with her hubby Erik, and her dog, Mr. Sausage. She also does a mean "Beat It" dance.

Meet Stefanie, a former Psychobaby employee who's pregnant!

This is Stefanie, a former (and sorely missed) Psychobaby employee who is pregnant. Stefanie lives in Michigan with her hubby, Erik and her dog, Mr. Sausage. Every week, Stefanie is going to give us the word on life, and it is going to be super awesome.

Concert Alert! Emily Osment at House of Blues 3/21

Rock Out with...Emily Osment (from Hannah Montana)

with Hot Chell Rae

Sunday, March 21st

Doors 5pm | Show 6pm

Tickets $18, available at House of Blues

As a special treat, you can bypass the line at the show by attending the Gospel Brunch at 10 am or 12:30 pm that day, dining the Back Porch Restaurant prior to the show or purchasing $15 worth of merchandise in the Company Store prior to the show!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Assistant Manager Went to Disneyworld and All We Got Was This Picture!

And a very cute and( slightly blurry iPhone) picture it is, and perfect timing since that Alice has her big movie coming out! We're guessing from the accompanying email which read, "Spit spot Cheerio!" (literally) that the handsome and happy gang pictured might also have run across Mary Poppins! Katy has promised she will return from the magical world that is Disney (we're holding her to that - we have it in writing!), although she did say she may be wearing an embroidered Tinkerbell jean jacket, and if so, that we should threaten her with bodily harm. We say that Katy in a Tinkerbell jean jacket might also make a pretty sweet photo for this here blog, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for a fantastical Princess moment (say hi to Belle for us!)

Miss you much, Katy!