Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Assistant Manager Went to Disneyworld and All We Got Was This Picture!

And a very cute and( slightly blurry iPhone) picture it is, and perfect timing since that Alice has her big movie coming out! We're guessing from the accompanying email which read, "Spit spot Cheerio!" (literally) that the handsome and happy gang pictured might also have run across Mary Poppins! Katy has promised she will return from the magical world that is Disney (we're holding her to that - we have it in writing!), although she did say she may be wearing an embroidered Tinkerbell jean jacket, and if so, that we should threaten her with bodily harm. We say that Katy in a Tinkerbell jean jacket might also make a pretty sweet photo for this here blog, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for a fantastical Princess moment (say hi to Belle for us!)

Miss you much, Katy!

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