Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cool Personalized Baby Gift Sets for EVERY Baby On Your List

We know that picking out baby gifts can be a pain in the butt cream!  That's why we took all of the guess work out for you with our  personalized baby gift sets - everything you need for the perfect gift, all in one place!  We've even put together a short guide to help you pick which one works best for your gift-giving needs. 

Our Football Belly Gift Set is perfect for the new dad obsessed with fantasy football! Putting their little guy in this outfit will be sure to keep them safe from any fumbles.  (Comes in pink for their pigskin-loving princess too!)


Got a tattooed mama or papa? We've got the perfect needle-free way to welcome their new little inker into the family. Baby's first tattoo doesn't have to be permanent - but it can still be just as cool! 


They may be too young for their first concert, and too short to reach the turn tables, but that doesn't mean their cribs aren't rockin all night long! (Especially at 4am...so...tired).  Unfortunately, "DJ Wake Up Mama, I'm Still Hungry" won't fit on this personalized Mix-Master Gift Set, but their concert-going, rock-festival-loving mama or papa will love it just the same. 


Now, we all have that one friend who always seems to be rocking a permanent 5'o'clock shadow.  Now, while their baby might not have that ability just yet, they can still represent the wondrous facial hair family they've become a part of with this Mustachtic Mr. Cool Stache Gift Set.  


 The Windy City Gift Set is perfect for all your Chi-Town kids and/or perfect for your bestie who might have relocated, but still calls Chicago home! We know they had to move to Denver for that job, but you can still help them instill a love for Chicago in their offspring, from afar.  It's your right and DUTY as a Chicagoan.  You know this to be true.

Now that we've guided your way a little, be sure to check out ALL of our gift set options, ready to be personalized and shipped to a baby shower near you!  We know that you don't always have to give the best gift at the shower, but doesn't your friends deserve it? 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Personalized Cutting Boards for Real MIX-Masters!

The BEST Personalized Cutting Boards
Personalized cutting boards will make your slicing and dicing just a little bit more fun, and are the perfect way to set out some nibbles at your next dinner party... or dance party! Our 'Cut A Record' cutting boards come in four super vibrant colors, and can be customized with all the info you might find on your fave vinyl. Sure, they look awesome, but that's hardly the most important aspect of your next gathering. To get your party started, you need some tasty treats and groovy beets.. um, we mean beats!
Here are five of our favorite foodie jams (pun intended this time) to get you in the mood... for food!

Now that you have the bones of a great playlist started, head over to our Food That Rocks pinboard for genius snack ideas like... Rolling Scones and Lady Gaga themed cookies!
This Carved Watermelon Drum Set is amazing!  Feel free to play with your food.Rock On! Bento.Lady Gaga Inspired Gingerbread Gals
Check out our Cut A Record designs and all our other cool cutting board styles, then in the immortal words of Weird Al... just EAT IT!

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Coolest Personalized Halloween Shirts, Gifts & Treats for Kids!

Shop Halloween Shirts & Gifts for Baby & Kids

Hey there ghouls and gals, it's that spooky time of year again - Halloween!  We've been working hard all year long to gather great ideas to make this October the best yet.  (Not really that hard...Pinterest is too much fun to be work!) Here is just a taste of all the tricks and treats we've found for you! 

One of the best things about Halloween is the TREATS, obviously!  We like them much more than the tricks. 

This super cute take on trail mix: Boo Mix!  Extra Ghost Poop please.  

For the more health conscious, we've got BOO-nanas and citrus pumpkins. 

 And for the cheese-lovers, we've got Broomstick Snacks

And you've got to keep those crumbs under control, so you might as well do it with our Spin Your Web Halloween Placemat.  Disclaimer: not a real spider.  You're welcome. 

One of the best part of Halloween (besides the candy) is getting to dress up!  The more creative outfit, the better, we say!  Here are a couple of our favorites to give you a head start on putting together your costume this year.  

This little green army man costume is perfect for your little soldier, or Toy Story enthusiast. 

And if you need a group idea, use the Force to channel your inner nerd and go as beloved Star Wars characters

And of course, if you love Halloween the way we do, you'll want to accessorize all month long! 

The Psychobaby Bat Spit Crazy Tee is perfect for your little caped crusader...Sometimes I wish I could summon my kids with a bat signal...but just think of the electric bills!  

But if your kiddo is a little more on the scaredy cat side, give him a warning label with our Don't Scare Me Tee - you can't say you didn't warn them.  

And just in case you don't have time to hit the sewing machine for three weeks to perfect that Elsa or Anna dress, we've got you covered.  The I'm Dressed As Awesome Tee doesn't lie...and keeps your hands from cramping up.
For more fantastic Halloween craft, treat and costume ideas,check our our Halloween pin board on Pinterest. And for more personalized ghoulish delights for your little monster head to our Halloween Gift Page

Friday, September 12, 2014

Chicago Families: Join Us At the Bradley Place Block Party on 9/21

Hey Chicago parents & kiddos! Come join us Sunday, September 21 from 3-6PM at the 2nd Annual Bradley Place Block Party!

Enjoy live performances by Little Miss Ann and Miss Jamie from the Farm, along with a ton of super-fun activities like face painting, tie-dying, train rides, bouncy castles, cool crafts, games, soccer and way more. Yeah!

Click here to register (it's free!) - the first 400 families to RSVP get an awesome goody bag and will be entered to win tons of cool raffle prizes from P'Baby and all the other great sponsors. See you there!

Zip It! The Coolest Personalized Hoodies for Baby and Kids

Shop Hoodies! 
 Shop Hoodies!

Zip-hoodie-doo-dah! Hoodie Season is back and we are MORE than ready for it. All the cool kids know that layers are key to keeping warm while keeping your cool.  We've got awesome personalized hoodies that let you show off your style even while bundled up. 


Our most popular hoodie is the Boppin 2 the Beatz Headphone Hoodie!  It comes in almost EVERY color design that we offer.  Pick a color, a logo and your DJ Alias and you're all set.


The Psychobaby Free Spirit Guitar Hoodie is a great choice for an aspiring rock star or future air guitarist.  Can also be worn by amateur fist pumpers! 


We know you promised NO MOTORCYCLES UNTIL YOU'RE OLDER...but that doesn't mean you can't look like you belong on one!  (Mommy already calls you Hell's Angel behind your back...we heard her.)  The Rebel Rocker Hoodie is also a great gift for your son or daughter of anarchy.  


And even if you think that hoodies are USUALLY for boys, we got something for the ladies also.  The Laverne Hoodie adds a little style, a little grace and a whole lotta bling to your gal's fall fashion wardrobe.  Choose from light pink, red or fuchsia designs and we throw in the sparkle for free. You're welcome :)

Something we know for certain, is that hoodies aren't just for the kids.  In fact, we have a theory that a hoodie can INSTANTLY make a man more attractive.  Therefore, we've compiled a couple pictures as evidence to support our theory...for science... So, grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, sit back and enjoy.  (And when you're done, head over here and personalize a hoodie for your adorable little man and/or lady.)

Bradley Cooper in the hoodie/jacket combo
Channing LIVES in hoodies...we don't mind

JGL in a hoodie AND a peacoat? We love it.

Hey Girl, I gave you my sleeves in case you get cold. xoxo RGos
No one rocks a Hoodie like Hova

AND ladies, Bey proves you can rock a men's hoodie and still look flawless

Friday, September 5, 2014

Imagination Hour at Goddess and the Grocer

Click Here to RSVP
School is in session! Take a break and bring your kids to the Goddess & Grocer this Sunday afternoon (September 14, 2014 from 1-3PM) , where a teacher from Easel Art Studio will guide them through a back-to-school themed art class. Psychobaby will then turn your child's artwork from the class into a totally unique mug, which will be available to bring home at an Open House Art Show on 9/23/2014, from 1-3pm.

Custom mug featuring your kiddo's art!
Not only do you get a super cool custom mug - your kiddo's creation will be displayed on the wall at the Goddess & Grocer ALL MONTH LONG! That's sure a step up from hanging it on the fridge, guys!

All materials will be provided and both events are free.
Donations will be gladly accepted:
  • Children's books which will be donated to Teach for America
  • New school supplies for children at Chicago's Association House
We can't wait to see you there, so come relax with neighborhood families and watch your children's imaginations run wild!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Win a $250 Shopping Spree @ the NEW Psychobabyonline.com!

We want to thank our loyal customers & friends for your 11+ years of support! We're giving our website a totally amazing makeover - check out this video to see all the awesome new features you'll find at the new psychobabyonline.com !

We want to know if we missed anything that is important to you - so let us know what you'd like to see in a comment on this blog and you'll be entered into a drawing for a $250 Shopping Spree.
There are even more ways to gain entries, but make sure you tell us what we missed, and good luck!

Don't forget to sign up for our VIP E-mail list and be the first to know about the SUPER sale we're having to celebrate our new website!

Here are all the easy ways you can gain entries to win this awesome $250 Shopping Spree!
  • +10 entries for leaving a comment on this blog with what you'd like to see at Psychobabyonline.com
  • +5 entries for joining our VIP E-mail list
  • +3 entries for following Psychobaby on Instagram
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  • +5 entries for shopping with us and entering your order number
Just click on which ways you'd like to enter in the contest box below! Winner will be announced via our blog on Friday, October 10th. 
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Future Is Here... (Plus Celeb Baby Pics!)

I Am The Future T-Shirt
 I Am The Future T-Shirt

You are the future, Psychobaby! So you better dress for it. Our I Am The Future T-Shirt
lets all the adults know that they better be nice to you and make good decisions! Wear it proudly, whether you're going to be a fireman when you grow up or a veterinarian, an Olympic athlete or rockstar, this tee is perfect for every little girl and guy!

Future astronauts will also dig this awesome printed astronaut t-shirt by Stella Blu - we bet if this brand had been around when Neil Armstrong was a youngster, he would have been begging his mom for this cool tee!
 Stella Blu Astronaut Teehttp://psychobabycustomshop.tumblr.com/

 Future presidents should check out our Patriotic Gentlemen T-Shirt and customized bibs! That's baby Barack Obama, rocking some serious pirate swag before he was the leader of the free world.
Patriotic Suspender Tee FrontPsychobaby Patriotic Gentleman Bib

 Future princesses ought to have a Personalized Pretty Princess shirt like this. Check out lil' Kate Middleton before she was Princess Kate! Such a doll!

http://psychobabycustomshop.tumblr.com/Psychobaby Crowned Princess Tee

 Future superstar DJs def need a Personalized Tiny Tunes T-Shirt. Bet Skrillex didn't have any tees as cool as this one when he was learning to dubstepcrawl!


 and finally, every single one of you cool, crazy Psychobabies deserves this awesome t-shirt!

Psychobaby I Am The Future Tee
Psychobaby I Am The Future Tee I Am The Future One-PiecePsychobaby I Am The Future One-Piece