Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cool Personalized Baby Gift Sets for EVERY Baby On Your List

We know that picking out baby gifts can be a pain in the butt cream!  That's why we took all of the guess work out for you with our  personalized baby gift sets - everything you need for the perfect gift, all in one place!  We've even put together a short guide to help you pick which one works best for your gift-giving needs. 

Our Football Belly Gift Set is perfect for the new dad obsessed with fantasy football! Putting their little guy in this outfit will be sure to keep them safe from any fumbles.  (Comes in pink for their pigskin-loving princess too!)


Got a tattooed mama or papa? We've got the perfect needle-free way to welcome their new little inker into the family. Baby's first tattoo doesn't have to be permanent - but it can still be just as cool! 


They may be too young for their first concert, and too short to reach the turn tables, but that doesn't mean their cribs aren't rockin all night long! (Especially at 4am...so...tired).  Unfortunately, "DJ Wake Up Mama, I'm Still Hungry" won't fit on this personalized Mix-Master Gift Set, but their concert-going, rock-festival-loving mama or papa will love it just the same. 


Now, we all have that one friend who always seems to be rocking a permanent 5'o'clock shadow.  Now, while their baby might not have that ability just yet, they can still represent the wondrous facial hair family they've become a part of with this Mustachtic Mr. Cool Stache Gift Set.  


 The Windy City Gift Set is perfect for all your Chi-Town kids and/or perfect for your bestie who might have relocated, but still calls Chicago home! We know they had to move to Denver for that job, but you can still help them instill a love for Chicago in their offspring, from afar.  It's your right and DUTY as a Chicagoan.  You know this to be true.

Now that we've guided your way a little, be sure to check out ALL of our gift set options, ready to be personalized and shipped to a baby shower near you!  We know that you don't always have to give the best gift at the shower, but doesn't your friends deserve it? 

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