Friday, September 19, 2014

The Coolest Personalized Halloween Shirts, Gifts & Treats for Kids!

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Hey there ghouls and gals, it's that spooky time of year again - Halloween!  We've been working hard all year long to gather great ideas to make this October the best yet.  (Not really that hard...Pinterest is too much fun to be work!) Here is just a taste of all the tricks and treats we've found for you! 

One of the best things about Halloween is the TREATS, obviously!  We like them much more than the tricks. 

This super cute take on trail mix: Boo Mix!  Extra Ghost Poop please.  

For the more health conscious, we've got BOO-nanas and citrus pumpkins. 

 And for the cheese-lovers, we've got Broomstick Snacks

And you've got to keep those crumbs under control, so you might as well do it with our Spin Your Web Halloween Placemat.  Disclaimer: not a real spider.  You're welcome.
One of the best part of Halloween (besides the candy) is getting to dress up!  The more creative outfit, the better, we say!  Here are a couple of our favorites to give you a head start on putting together your costume this year.  

This little green army man costume is perfect for your little soldier, or Toy Story enthusiast. 

And if you need a group idea, use the Force to channel your inner nerd and go as beloved Star Wars characters

And of course, if you love Halloween the way we do, you'll want to accessorize all month long! 

The Psychobaby Bat Spit Crazy Tee is perfect for your little caped crusader...Sometimes I wish I could summon my kids with a bat signal...but just think of the electric bills!  

But if your kiddo is a little more on the scaredy cat side, give him a warning label with our Don't Scare Me Tee - you can't say you didn't warn them.  

And just in case you don't have time to hit the sewing machine for three weeks to perfect that Elsa or Anna dress, we've got you covered.  The I'm Dressed As Awesome Tee doesn't lie...and keeps your hands from cramping up.
For more fantastic Halloween craft, treat and costume ideas,check our our Halloween pin board on Pinterest. And for more personalized ghoulish delights for your little monster head to our Halloween Gift Page

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