Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Custom Birthday Tees & Party Packs

Personalized Birthday Tees for Babies and Kids
Personalized birthday tees for babies and kids are an awesome way to commemorate the best day of the year - your birthday! Customize one of our cool new birthday shirts with your name to make sure everyone knows who to bring the presents to. It'll make your special day extra special... your birthday is all about you, after all!

Looking for the perfect thing to send your party guests home with? You'll love our "Birthday Buddy" tees. Each of our new birthday styles coordinates with  two awesome designs for your friends. Way cooler than the gift bags you usually come home with, our birthday shirts are custom designed for you and your guests on super soft cotton tees. All our Birthday Buddy Tees sport an exclusive Psychobaby "It's Party Time!" design - but your guests will be rockin' their awesome tees long after your party is over! If you're having a small soiree, choose our single Birthday Buddy Tees for $16 each. For a bigger bash, we're offering Party Packs for $36 - each pack includes three Birthday Buddy tees (at a 25% discount)!
Birthday T-Shirts for Kids 
Our new birthday tees come in so many different colors and styles, you're sure to find some to go with any theme party you throw. While you're party planning, take a peek at our cool cake and party idea Pinterest board for inspiration. Happy Birthday to you, Psychobaby!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Center Stage: Magical Monograms

Monogrammed Gifts for Babies and Kids
Magical Monogram gifts for babies and kids take center stage to put YOU in the spotlight!
Sure, we all grew up learning that A is for Apple and C is for Cat, but with our magical monogram collection, the alphabet is all about you! Our hip monograms blow the old fashioned embroidered ones out of the water. You can customize these cool letters with your choice of colors and logos - including cupcakes, guitars, lightning bolts and more. Our favorite color trend for spring is any combination of bright green, fuchsia and sky blue - like our new Magical Monogram water bottles!
Psychobaby Magical Star Monogram Water Bottle BluePsychobaby Magical Star Monogram Water Bottle Pink
Don't let the monogram fun stop when you're done shopping. Check out this tutorial for an easy monogram craft project even the littlest Psychobaby can handle - you could switch it up and use fun scrap papers or tear/cut up some old magazines instead of using fabric.
Monogram Craft Project for Kids
via thepleatedpoppy.com
So now that you know how to make a monogram, don't give your siblings a chance to steal! Go ahead and personalize all your stuff. We'll help, we have tees, placemats, necklaces, coin purses, picture frames... you name it, we can put your name on it! You and your name will be the star of your own show along with a little help from our Magical Monograms!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

30% Off Foodie Favorites

Ready, Set, Go Sale: Food Gifts for Babies and Kids
Our Ready Set Go Sale on food gifts for babies and kids lets you scoop up some of our most awesome foodie gear at 30% off! Spice up your spring wardrobe with our tasty burger tee, or go ahead and "eat" dessert first with a calorie-free brownie set from Melissa and Doug!

Retro Blow Pop TeePsychobaby Eat 'em Up Cheeseburger TeeMelissa and Doug Wooden Bake and Serve Brownies

We especially love this retro Blow Pop tee for summer - did you know Blow Pops have been around since 1966? This tee is $16 marked down from $23 - with the 30% you'll save, you'll have plenty of $$ left over to stock up on yummy lollipops! If you're in a sweet treat mood, grab a smock to throw on over your new shirt and try out this cool foodie twist on a classic - Jell-O Play Dough!

Jell-O Play Dough
via modernparentsmessykids.com
With tees and toys this sweet, taking 30% off is just the icing on top! Ready...set... shop!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Next Time Won't You Rock With Me?

Alphabet Gifts for Babies and Kids
Alphabet gift ideas for babies and kids prove that A is for "awesome!" We designed our new Rockin ABC collection using a combination of fun musical elements, a bold block font, and cool, crazy colors - bringing you the alphabet like it's never been seen before!

Our Rockin ABCs Personalized Placemat will catch any mess made during a wild meal, so no need to suddenly become a super tidy eater and start organizing your soup:
Psychobabyonline.com Rockin' ABCs Personalized Placemat
We promise that learning your ABCs rocks... that is, when "I" is masquerading as a lightning bolt and "U" is throwing the horns.  We've got cool versions of the alphabet in every form, from pacifiers to puzzles and placemats to pillowcases. Now that you know your ABCs, Psychobaby, start shopping so you can get to rockin'!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Style Update for Siblings

Big and Little Sister Gifts, Big and Little Brother Gifts
Big and little sister gifts and big and little brother gifts can ease the sibling rivalry that goes on after the stork decides to pay your family a visit. Your older child won't need to take a magic marker and label the new baby... that is, if baby's already wearing a Little Sister or Little Brother one-piece. Make sure everyone knows who's in charge!
via nickmom.com
Big brothers and sisters will be proud to sport their new status on one of our hip shirts, and even more excited to see their sibling designated as "LITTLE." We just tell it like it is, guys. While you can't completely stop the squabbles, you can press pause with new sibling versions of our popular Tiny Tunes tees! Of course, without some clearly labeled shirts, your kids might take this approach:
via ohbabybabyblog.com
So before your kids start throwing each other out the window, come check out our selection of fun brother and sister tees and gifts! Big and Little Sister Gifts Big and Little Brother Gifts Image Map

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Price is Right! Gifts Under $30

Baby and Kids Gifts Under $30
Cool baby and kids gifts under $30 for everyone on your list? We've got 'em! Sure, lots of wonderful things in life are free: double rainbows, seeing a falling star, a child's smile. The good news is, you can also buy a smile... for less than $30! We've gathered up some of our favorite gifts for babies and kids - all which will cost you less than a night out at the movies. (Sad but true!)

Take the stress out of finding the perfect gift and check out some of our most popular personalized shirts and one-pieces, unique toys, and cool accessories - you'll see something perfect for that new baby, birthday party, or just 'cause!

A few of our faves for under $30 - our Personalized Pirate Pillowcase for $22.00, Melissa and Doug's Make Your Own Monster Puppet Set for $24.99, and our Freshly Popped One-Piece for $26.00.
Like we said, the price is right for these great gifts, so come on down and start shopping!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rock Out With Your Blocks Out!

Rock and Roll Baby and Kids Clothes
Rock and roll kids clothes might be too hardcore for some, but not for you, Psychobaby! Are your parents total squares? Refuse to take you to the tattoo parlor? Never let you go to any concerts? No worries, young rebel! We know what it's like when all you're allowed to do is play at home and Rock Out with Your Blocks Out. Don't cry if you're confined to your crib - cause a little chaos with our quick and easy guide to Hardcore Style!

1. Wardrobe. The #1 rule = Cool babies wear black! Keep your closet stocked with rock tees and shirts with a little bit of sass - let everyone know you're kind of a bad boy! (Not too bad... Sorry, Ozzy! Psychobabies stick to biting the heads off their leftover chocolate Easter bunnies.)
via performingsongwriter.com
2. The right soundtrack. Row, row, row your boat right into Rocksville and snag some rock lullaby albums - there's everything from AC/DC to Zeppelin. Bed time? More like shred time!

3. Rocker Attitude. We can help with the outfit and tunes, but you're going to have to come up with the 'tude on your own. We have faith in you, Psychobaby. Just try to stay out of time out! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

IRS 20% 2 Day Sitewide Sale!

Do you normally cringe when you hear the letters IRS? Not today, because at Psychobaby, IRS means It's Raining Savings! You don't need an umbrella for these April showers - we're giving you 20% off sitewide at Psychobaby!

 From now until midnight tomorrow, use coupon code TAXDAY20 online or mention this code in-store to save 20% off your entire purchase! You'll have enough cash leftover to actually make it rain, baby!
So use your refund to score some awesome new Psychobaby spring gear for your little one... or if your tax return wasn't very big, at least you're getting a sweet 20% discount! And here's a helpful tip for 2014:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Introducing Psychobabypalooza!

Our collection of Rock and Roll band tees for kids will blow you away - we are excited to release our official line-up for Psychobabypalooza! Tickets are already sold out for this summer's biggest music fest, but you can still catch all your rock and roll favorites at Psychobaby. Just like Lolla, Psychobabypalooza has some of the biggest names in the game. From hard rock to hip hop, we've got you covered... we're talking everything from Grateful Dead to Green Day!
Fun fact: the word "lallapalootza" has been around for way longer than we knew - it was coined around the late 1800s and means "an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event." Well, we certainly have some extraordinary rock tees and accessories, better check 'em out now before they take their show on the road (to a playground near you)!

 Enjoy Rockabye Baby's lullaby renditions of some of this year's headliners while you shop!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OMG! New Ramones Tutus, Skully Dresses and More!

Sourpuss Clothing's new pieces for spring are a little bit vintage, a little bit rock and roll, and totally OMG-worthy! Sourpuss tricked out these adorable styles by updating them with punky prints, retro details, and a whole lot of rock and roll attitude. Little punkettes will love the Ramones tutu one-piece, it's perfect for cool crawlers and three-chord toddlers. Stylin' dudes will look sharp cruisin' the playground in a new flat cap or a rockabilly button-down. Our favorites right now are Sourpuss' new Mini Skulls Dresses - their combination of girlie puff-sleeves and edgy skull print is the perfect match for a sweet and sassy Psychobaby!

So wear one of these new Sourpuss styles to dinner at Grandma's house... that is, if Grandma likes to turn it up to 11 (and not because she's hard of hearing)!
via favim.com
Rock on, Psychobaby!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Up to 70% Off In-Store Only!

Spring Blowout! It's finally warming up here in the Windy City, so we're taking this opportunity to give you an extra 20% off all our sale items in-store for one week only! Yep, from now through next Sunday, take 20% off prices which are already marked down - you'll save up to 70% off the original prices! That means ridiculously good deals on pieces from Appaman, Neon Eaters, Psychobaby Brand and more! Come on over and start saving!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Center Stage: Personalized Water Bottles

 Our Personalized Kids Water Bottles put the fun in functional - they're wa-ter-riffic!  We've put together an array of great designs perfect for the girliest of girls to the most sporty dude you know. Great for camp, school, sleepovers, soccer practice, road trips, climbing Mt. Everest... a reusable water bottle comes in hand pretty much anywhere, anytime! All of our bottles come fully equipped with a sports top, a screw top, and a carabiner - hook it to your backpack so you won't lose your awesome bottle.
Not only are our reusable bottles eco-friendly and a great alternative to bottled water - they're also great for your wallet.. check out this little factoid:
via scoop.it
Wow! If those aren't enough reasons to grab one of our cool customized bottles, check out these tips on getting kids to drink enough water! Offering water in personalized or 'special' cups or bottles is a great way to make staying hydrated fun. Drink up, Psychobabies!

Monday, April 1, 2013

No Foolin', 30% off Today Only!

Psychobaby Custom Shop
Take 30% off our entire custom shop with code FOOLSDAY30, today only!

Hey, wait! We're serious! Our entire custom shop really is 30% off! We were going to come up with an elaborate trick to play on you, but then we decided that we actually like you a lot, and you deserve a day off. Having a Psychobaby means your life is already full of tricks and surprises. So take it easy, friend, and enjoy 30% off every item in our custom shop!

If there's someone in your life you feel the need to pull a last minute prank on, we're pretty into this idea (this sandwich is totally not what it looks like!):
Fake Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Happy April Fools! Start shopping now!