Sunday, April 28, 2013

Center Stage: Magical Monograms

Monogrammed Gifts for Babies and Kids
Magical Monogram gifts for babies and kids take center stage to put YOU in the spotlight!
Sure, we all grew up learning that A is for Apple and C is for Cat, but with our magical monogram collection, the alphabet is all about you! Our hip monograms blow the old fashioned embroidered ones out of the water. You can customize these cool letters with your choice of colors and logos - including cupcakes, guitars, lightning bolts and more. Our favorite color trend for spring is any combination of bright green, fuchsia and sky blue - like our new Magical Monogram water bottles!
Psychobaby Magical Star Monogram Water Bottle BluePsychobaby Magical Star Monogram Water Bottle Pink
Don't let the monogram fun stop when you're done shopping. Check out this tutorial for an easy monogram craft project even the littlest Psychobaby can handle - you could switch it up and use fun scrap papers or tear/cut up some old magazines instead of using fabric.
Monogram Craft Project for Kids
So now that you know how to make a monogram, don't give your siblings a chance to steal! Go ahead and personalize all your stuff. We'll help, we have tees, placemats, necklaces, coin purses, picture frames... you name it, we can put your name on it! You and your name will be the star of your own show along with a little help from our Magical Monograms!

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