Thursday, April 4, 2013

Center Stage: Personalized Water Bottles

 Our Personalized Kids Water Bottles put the fun in functional - they're wa-ter-riffic!  We've put together an array of great designs perfect for the girliest of girls to the most sporty dude you know. Great for camp, school, sleepovers, soccer practice, road trips, climbing Mt. Everest... a reusable water bottle comes in hand pretty much anywhere, anytime! All of our bottles come fully equipped with a sports top, a screw top, and a carabiner - hook it to your backpack so you won't lose your awesome bottle.
Not only are our reusable bottles eco-friendly and a great alternative to bottled water - they're also great for your wallet.. check out this little factoid:
Wow! If those aren't enough reasons to grab one of our cool customized bottles, check out these tips on getting kids to drink enough water! Offering water in personalized or 'special' cups or bottles is a great way to make staying hydrated fun. Drink up, Psychobabies!

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