Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Custom Birthday Tees & Party Packs

Personalized Birthday Tees for Babies and Kids
Personalized birthday tees for babies and kids are an awesome way to commemorate the best day of the year - your birthday! Customize one of our cool new birthday shirts with your name to make sure everyone knows who to bring the presents to. It'll make your special day extra special... your birthday is all about you, after all!

Looking for the perfect thing to send your party guests home with? You'll love our "Birthday Buddy" tees. Each of our new birthday styles coordinates with  two awesome designs for your friends. Way cooler than the gift bags you usually come home with, our birthday shirts are custom designed for you and your guests on super soft cotton tees. All our Birthday Buddy Tees sport an exclusive Psychobaby "It's Party Time!" design - but your guests will be rockin' their awesome tees long after your party is over! If you're having a small soiree, choose our single Birthday Buddy Tees for $16 each. For a bigger bash, we're offering Party Packs for $36 - each pack includes three Birthday Buddy tees (at a 25% discount)!
Birthday T-Shirts for Kids 
Our new birthday tees come in so many different colors and styles, you're sure to find some to go with any theme party you throw. While you're party planning, take a peek at our cool cake and party idea Pinterest board for inspiration. Happy Birthday to you, Psychobaby!

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