Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rock Out With Your Blocks Out!

Rock and Roll Baby and Kids Clothes
Rock and roll kids clothes might be too hardcore for some, but not for you, Psychobaby! Are your parents total squares? Refuse to take you to the tattoo parlor? Never let you go to any concerts? No worries, young rebel! We know what it's like when all you're allowed to do is play at home and Rock Out with Your Blocks Out. Don't cry if you're confined to your crib - cause a little chaos with our quick and easy guide to Hardcore Style!

1. Wardrobe. The #1 rule = Cool babies wear black! Keep your closet stocked with rock tees and shirts with a little bit of sass - let everyone know you're kind of a bad boy! (Not too bad... Sorry, Ozzy! Psychobabies stick to biting the heads off their leftover chocolate Easter bunnies.)
via performingsongwriter.com
2. The right soundtrack. Row, row, row your boat right into Rocksville and snag some rock lullaby albums - there's everything from AC/DC to Zeppelin. Bed time? More like shred time!

3. Rocker Attitude. We can help with the outfit and tunes, but you're going to have to come up with the 'tude on your own. We have faith in you, Psychobaby. Just try to stay out of time out! 

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