Thursday, July 30, 2015

Don't Touch The Bump! & Other Mom Truths

Gifts for mom and moms-to-be don't have to be cute or sweet all the time. Motherhood & pregnancy come with enough challenges as it is, so let those meddling busybodies who want to tell you exactly what to do, what NOT to do, what you're doing wrong to SHHHH with one of these hilarious baby shirts or bibs!
My Mom Does Not Want Your Advice Bib PinkMy Mom Does Not Want Your Advice Baby Shirt Blue
Or take it a little old school (shout to our boys Vanilla Ice & M.C. Hammer!) with one of our funny maternity tees. We especially like the straightforwardness of our Can't Touch This tee... because, um, it's just not chill to be groping ANY ladies in the stomach area... EVER!

Ice Ice Baby Maternity Shirt NewCan't Touch This Maternity Shirt NewWatermelon Seeds Maternity Shirt New
View these awesome maternity tees, funny baby shirts and all our cool gifts for mamas and moms-to-be in our Gifts For Mom collection! Plus, haven't you always wondered what really happens when you eat watermelon seeds?

What Happens When You Eat Watermelon Seeds?

What really happens when you eat a watermelon seed? We've all been warned against it, for there are dire consequences. So what actually goes down if you accidentally eat a seed?
Well... first this...

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Then 9 months later... 

Don't say we didn't warn you! Luckily, if you do happen to make this mistake and eat that forbidden (part of the) fruit, you can use your misfortune to help save others from traveling down the same path with our Watermelon Seeds Maternity Shirt!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Show Us Your Kitties

Hey girls, show us your... KITTIES! We are psyched to introduce our brand new whiska swag for all you cat ladies (and cat babies) out there! 

First, we have a brand new top for grown up pretty kitties. Lift like a lioness, crunch like a cougar and stay pretty, kitty in this super soft, flowy and mega comfy work-out tank.
Pretty Kitty Racerback Tank Top | $21.00
Next, wake up to the cat-tastic cuteness of this coffee cup. Because cats and coffee are the #1 and #2 priorities in any girl's day. 
Kitties Mug | $14.00

And last, a little something for the next gen kittie-cuddlers - these cozy gray tees are perf for the younger cat ladies among us.

Meow Baby Shirt NewMeow T-Shirt New
Meow T-Shirt | $20.00
Meow Baby Shirt | $20.00

Finally: now for your moment of lolcat:

Friday, July 24, 2015

11 Inappropriate (But AWESOME) Baby Gifts

These hilariously inappropriate and 100% awesome baby gifts will have you laughing even at 4 am when Old (New) Yeller is up and screaming... again... for no reason whatsoever. Let's be honest, parenthood is messy.  And stressful. And turns sane men and women into sleep-deprived zombies; walking among the living....surviving on a combination of caffeine and sheer will power.  So, we think you deserve a laugh. Take a second to giggle, especially when your tiny little angel has peed its way through its THIRD outfit today, and you just ran out of backups.

1. Boob Man Baby Shirt | $20.00 - It's funny cause it's true.

2. I Only Cry When Republicans Hold Me Baby Set | 

    I Only Cry When Democrats Hold Me Baby Set | $18.00
Either way - this awesome bib and burp cloth set is sure to make some of your family members mad. 

I Only Cry When Republicans Hold Me Baby Set NewI Only Cry When Democrats Hold Me Baby Set New

3. We Drink Until We Pass Out Shirt Set | $32.00
     I Drink Until I Pass Out Baby Shirt | $20.00
Snag this one-piece for your milk drunk babe, or get the daddy-baby set. Cause, come on, we're all friends here... it's true for both of them, isn't it?
We Drink Until We Pass Out Shirt Set

4. Personalized Mommy + Daddy + Drinks = Me Baby Shirt | $23.00 - Again, there's often a grain of truth in this one. We don't judge. Bottoms up!

5. Oh Spit Baby Shirt Red | $20.00 - Oh SPIT, not again!

6. Stage 5 Clinger Baby Shirt | $20.00 - This is literally the only time in life that being a Stage 5 Clinger is not only acceptable, it's pretty adorable.
Stage 5 Clinger Baby Shirt New

7. Party Animal Gift Set | $40.00 - The best of the best for a future frat bro!

8. I Only Cry... Baby Shirt | $20.00 - Again, sure to offend at least one or two (or ten) of your closest friends and family. Let's just call this Baby's First dis.
  My Mom Does Not Want Your Advice Bib Pink | $14.00
Let your little one throw some shade on those nosy know-it-alls that try to tell you exactly how to raise your Psychobaby. Uhh, no thanks... all you Psychoparents are doing a pretty good job without that unwanted advice!

My Mom Does Not Want Your Advice Bib PinkMy Mom Does Not Want Your Advice Bib Blue
10. Party Pooper Infant Hat | $14.00 - Poop is always funny.
Party Pooper Infant Hat
11. Walking Dad Zombie Shirt Set | $32.00 - Another amazing dad-baby set... for those times when you just wanna eat your kiddo right up! (Because they're SOOO cute, obviously. Or maybe you really *are* just that sleep deprived...)

Walking Dad Zombie Shirt Set
Find the perfect thing to both delight and irritate by checking out all our funny baby gifts!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Music Festival Fashion Must-Haves

  1.  Personalized Sorry Boys I Only Date Rockstars T-Shirt - $20.00
  2. Personalized Boppin' 2 the Beatz Flip Flops Pink - $14.00
  3. Personalized Boppin' 2 the Beatz Water Bottle Pink - $18.00
  4.  Personalized I Am A Rockstar Coin Purse Pink - $6.00
  5. Personalized I Am A Rockstar Backpack Pink  - $32.00
Hey ladies! Whether you're headed to a big festival like Lollapalooza or Riot Fest, or just enjoying some outdoor jams in the park - these perfectly pink rock & roll summer must-haves will keep you cute and cool during a long day in the sun.

  1. All About That Bass T-Shirt Blue - $20.00
  2. Personalized Boppin' 2 the Beatz Flip Flops Blue - $14.00
  3. Personalized Boppin' 2 the Beatz Water Bottle Blue - $18.00
  4. Personalized Hello My Name is Coin Purse - $6.00
  5. Personalized Hello My Name Is Backpack Blue - $32.00
For all the young dudes, get ready to get the blues! These retro designs & our hip hop headphone patterns are the perfect way to show up in style. Bring along this cool backpack to stash your stuff in... and don't forget sunscreen!

Are you guys going to any awesome summer shows? Do you bring your little ones to concerts? Share your fave festival story in the comments!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pour Some Sugar On Me!
Introducing our sweetest collection yet! If you're anything like us, you're a closeted sugar addict. Well, we're actually pretty open about our ability to make an entire box of Swedish Fish disappear in  mere seconds. If you love sugar as much as we do, go ahead and show your sweet side with a top from our new Sugar collection:
Sugar T-Shirt ($20)  | Sugar Baby Shirt ($20)   | Sugar Women's Racerback Tank Top ($21)

Can't get enough of that sweet stuff? How about snagging one of these for yourself/your kitchen?
Sugar Tote Bag ($14)  | Sugar Tea Towel ($10) | Sugar Coffee Mug ($14)

Image 1 Image 1

Plus, we baked you the perfect playlist - all sugar, all the time!
And because we literally can't get enough of the sweet stuff - here are some of our fave celebs embracing their own love of any and all things SUGAR!

The incomparable Liz Lemon

Katy Perry


Good old Michelle Tanner.
Will Ferrell & his candy spaghetti

'Yonce & a whole lotta donuts.
 Pharrell showing some Fruit Loops who's boss.

And the most hardcore sugar fiend in cinema, Little Chrissy from a 1998 film by John Waters.

What's your favorite way to get all sugared up? Let us know, it makes us feel better to know we aren't alone in our addiction love of SUGAR!