Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Game Of Thrones Baby Names

1. Khaleesi


Why we love this name: Because Khaleesi represents Girl Power at its finest!

2. Rivers

Who: cool last name!

Why we love this name: River Phoenix, Rivers Cuomo... name your little guy Rivers and he's sure to be some kind of performer when he grows up! 

3. Jaime

Who: creepy Kingslayer

Why we love this name: Despite this characters uncool life choices, it's a great name for both little lords and ladies alike.

4. Lyanna

Who: deceased sister of Eddard Stark

Why we love this name: it has a pretty Medieval flair without being *too* unusual. 

5. Arya

Who: the bad-a$$ swordfighting daughter of Eddard & Catelyn Stark.

Why we love this name: Totally unique spelling, but still sounds classic & girlie. 

6. Robb

Who: Oldest son of the Lord & Lady Stark

Why we love this name: it's a great solid name for a young rebel leader  

7. Ramsay

Who: heir to Dreadfort and Winterfell

Why we love this name: This is a way cool, uncommon name - we love surnames as first names for both girls and boys! 

8. Margaery

Who: widowed Queen (wife of Joffrey)

Why we love this name: wickedly cool spelling of a beautiful old-fashioned name 

9. Catelyn

Who: Awesome mom to Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran & Rickon

Why we love this name: Another hip spelling of a classic girls name.

10. Sansa

Who: beautiful daughter of the Starks

Why we love this name: strong but feminine, everyone will know where you got this totally GoT name from!

11. Tyrion

Who: only the best Lannister!

Why we love this name: It's manly sounding, like Tyler or Ryan... but way better.

12. Melisandre

Who: Priestess of the Lord of Light

Why we love this name: Part Melissa, part Sandra, and cuter than both of them! Probably the most unique GoT name that we can actually see using for your baby girl! 

13. Joffrey

Who: Evil King! Evil King!

Why we love this name:  We DON'T!!!

14. Jon

Who: Jon Snow,  commander of the Night's Watch

Why we love this name: It's one of the most classic boys names EVER, but if you name your baby this it's a secret nod to this most epic of Jons!  

What's your favorite GoT character/name? Let us know in the comments! 

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