Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Show Us Your Kitties

Hey girls, show us your... KITTIES! We are psyched to introduce our brand new whiska swag for all you cat ladies (and cat babies) out there! 

First, we have a brand new top for grown up pretty kitties. Lift like a lioness, crunch like a cougar and stay pretty, kitty in this super soft, flowy and mega comfy work-out tank.
Pretty Kitty Racerback Tank Top | $21.00
Next, wake up to the cat-tastic cuteness of this coffee cup. Because cats and coffee are the #1 and #2 priorities in any girl's day. 
Kitties Mug | $14.00

And last, a little something for the next gen kittie-cuddlers - these cozy gray tees are perf for the younger cat ladies among us.

Meow Baby Shirt NewMeow T-Shirt New
Meow T-Shirt | $20.00
Meow Baby Shirt | $20.00

Finally: now for your moment of lolcat:

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