Friday, May 30, 2014

WELL DONE: The Perfect Burger

Build Your Perfect Burger

Cheeseburger tees for kids, cheeseburger flip flops, cheeseburger hats, cheeseburger everything! Tis the season of grillin' and chillin' and we have a bunch of tasty ways to customize your perfect burger!

Nothing goes together like a burger & fries, so this cute t-shirt (or onesie) is perfect for any inseparable pair you know:

Psychobaby BFF Burger and Fries TeePsychobaby BFF Burger and Fries One-Piece

 Again, burger & fries. 'Nuff said.

Or for the truly serious burger afficionado, how about head to toe cheeseburgerness?!

Psychobaby Eat 'em Up Cheeseburger Coin PursePsychobaby Eat 'em Up Cheeseburger Phone Case

If you need even more burgeriffic styles check out these extreme (and extremely awesome) ways to burgerize your life!

 Shop all our foodie and cheeseburger gear  here... it's Well Done, Psychobaby!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pop Kids: Modern, Graphic and Made in Chicago

Pop Kids T-Shirts

 Pop Kids has been one of our fave brands for a while now - their colorful kid-friendly graphics and super soft fabric make them one of the coolest lines we know! Plus, we're obviously partial to anything created in our awesome city, like Stella Blu, MO'Baby Clothing, and the amazing tees from Pop Kids! Go Chicago! We just got a ton of crazy cool, bright, fun one-pieces and t-shirts from Pop Kids in, all perfect for your summer shenanigans. Rock some sunshine-y style in one of these retro-cool tees:
Pop Kids ABC HI Alphabet Tee
Pop Kids Have A Nice Day Tee
Pluto ABC HI Alphabet Tee Sunshine YellowPluto Have A Nice Day Tee
Or catch the blues in one of these killer tops!
Pop Kids Batman Tee
Pop Kids Beatles All You Need
Pluto Batman Tee Neon BluePluto Beatles All You Need One-Piece Blue

Check out the rest of our Pop Kids t-shirts - you'll find cool superhero styles, Beatles tees, punk rock designs and more! Just like Chicago, Pop Kids are cool, eclectic, fun, and we totally love 'em!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Axl Jack and Fergie Show Psychobaby Some Love!

When we found out that Axl Jack Duhamel was a fan of Psychobaby - and by that, we mean that his mama dresses him well - we flipped out! Fergie has shown off her little rockstar in our duds before, but this time she pulled out all the stops. 

During this particular outing, she picked out color-coordinating outfits in Psychobaby's favorite color combo: Red & Black. (Seriously, have your seen our rock 'n roll custom designs? We know what's up.)  Axl is rocking our "I am a Rockstar Hat" and "Rebel Rocker Hoodie" with a sweet pair of matching striped pants. We hate to discount Mr. Duhamel in any of this, but we've got a feeling Axl's fashion sense is gonna take after his mama.  

Check out a couple more pics of Axl and Fergie showing everyone else how to travel in style. 

Josh Duhamel puts Axl's hat on backwards to give him street cred
And here's a pic of Axl in our Rockstar Hat - AGAIN - with Papa, Josh Duhamel...for good measure.  If you wanna see Axl rocking more Psychobaby gear, check him out in our Mix-Master DJ Bib on Ellen this past fall!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Meet Big Mike & MO'Baby Clothing for Kids!

MO'Baby Clothing for Baby and Kids

We are SO psyched to introduce our collaboration with MO'Baby Clothing! Mike O'Brien (you can call him Big Mike) is a recent transplant to Psychobaby's hometown of Chicago, and we're happy to have him. Big Mike isn't just a nickname, Mike is actually 6'8" - making him about 3 times the size of your average toddler... and his new tattoo clothing line for kids is about 3000 times more awesome than your average kids stuff!  Mike tattoos at Chicago State Tattoo by day, but by night, he transforms into the tallest baby clothes designer we know. MO'Baby for Psychobaby is a partnership born of our love for cool, beautiful ink and hip baby gear - check out the MO'Baby Clothing collection while you get to know Big Mike a little bit more:

Favorite music...
  • To listen to while you're tattooing: The Clash
  • After a long day at the shop: Raphael Saadiq 
  • To see live: Was Beastie Boys
  • Fave band when you were a teenager: Grateful Dead 
  • What album have you been listening to a lot this spring: Black Keys
 MO'Baby Tattoo Pop Heart One-Piece Pink MO'Baby For The Love Of Jasper Bib GrayMO'Baby Papa's Lil Chi Guy Tee
just a few of the new MO'Baby styles available now:  
  • Favorite place on the body to do a tattoo: Upper Arm
  • Favorite tattoo you've ever done: My beautiful wife's 3/4 sleeve (b/c it brought her to me!)
  • Weirdest tattoo you've ever done, or at least the weirdest request: Ace Frehley shooting pizza lasers out of his eyes...

images via, and

  • Worst thing you ever got in trouble for as a kid: Jumping off my roof 
  • What did you want to be when you grew up? Aquaman 
  • Superpower you wish you had: Ability to converse with animals
An awesome pair of O'Brien Tattooed Shoes

  • Johnny Cash or Johnny Rotten? Johnny Cash
  • Black coffee or cream and sugar? Cream & Sugar
  • Cats or dogs? Dogs! We have two - Louie "The Chops" - our awesome boxer; and Stella "El Nacho Grande" - our sweet little Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix). Best little nuggets around.

 Mike's Instagram
one of the many cool pics on Mike's Instagram feed
Check out more of Mike's amazing work here:
- Mike's Facebook
- Mike's Instagram @gntmic
- O'Brien Tattooed Shoes Etsy Shop
 ...and we hope you guys love MO'Baby Clothing as much as we do!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gifts for Brothers, Sisters, and Expiring Only Children...

Gifts for Brothers, Sisters, and Former Only Children
Gifts for big and little brothers and sisters and those (un)fortunate only children about to "expire" are a sweet way to announce your big news!

Everyone knows a new baby can be a huge source of excitement/stress for a kiddo, and the best way to combat little people unhappiness is by ...plying them with awesome gifts, of course! We just added some sporty new tees for your little guy - get him amped up during the months of waiting for his new little sis or bro to arrive.

Psychobaby Only Child Baseball TeeStella Blu Soccer Tee

Don't forget to check out our rocking options for more musically minded brothers and sisters, like our Tiny Tunes collection of tees for siblings

Psychobaby Tiny Tunes Big Sister TeePsychobaby Tiny Tunes Lil Brother One-Piece

Of course, you guys are very creative and keep coming up with super cool variations on our sibling designs! Check these out, including an adorable personalized picture frame one of our customers had made for a pair of sisters! See all our gifts for sisters and gifts for brothers here, and check out our Instagram for more cool, crazy, customer creations!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Personalized Cutting Boards: Cool New Styles Added!

Shop All Personalized Cutting Boards

Personalized cutting boards, besides being amazing hostess/housewarming/wedding/anytime gifts, will seriously make your time in the kitchen a LOT cooler! We just added a bunch of super fun designs, our favorite right now are our Cut A Record cutting boards, check these out:
Cut A Record Personalized Cutting Board BlueCut A Record Personalized Turntable Cutting Board LimeCut A Record Personalized Turntable Cutting Board Red
Our Chi-Town Personalized Cutting Board was even featured on WGN News as part of Bump Club & Beyond's fave Mother's Day Gifts! 
Psychobaby Chi-Town Cutting Board

Put your new personalized cutting board to work - here's a super fun and yummy dinner/party idea... have a real salad bar at home! Chop up any & everything you want, set it all out, and let your family go to town! Ree over at Pioneer Woman has some really nice suggestions for ingredients to use in your chopped salad bar.

For inspiration - check out Psychobaby co-founder Marlo's insanely beautiful chopped cobb salad. We had to pester her for months, but she finally revealed her salad secret to us - during the winter when tomatoes just aren't as good (or any time of year, because this makes them crazy delicious)... marinate them! Marlo uses olive oil, salt & pepper, and a little lemon juice, and lets the tomatoes hang out in this special mixture for about 30 minutes. You can also work this veggie magic with whatever dressing your family likes. 

Hey, what are you doing still reading? Go get to chopping up some fresh spring veggies and check out our entire selection of cool personalized cutting boards here!