Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fergie's son Axl Jack DJs the Ellen Show... Wearing Psychobaby!

The Duchess herself, Miss Fergie Ferg was recently on Ellen talking about her new baby boy, Axl Jack! Proud mama has every right to show this little dude off, he's babylicious! And we were psyched to see lil Axl rocking a smaller version of the bib from our Mix-Master DJ Gift Set. Looks like Baby Axl is a total master of the turntables, following in his musical mama's footsteps.
We can't wait till he starts his own band... how about the Black Eyed Strained Peas?

Congrats to the entire Fergie family, we're big fans of her and hubby Josh Duhamel! No wonder Axl is such a cutie pie. You can grab this rad Mix-Master DJ Bib or gift set for your own future disc jockey, and check out the whole segment here. Boom boom pow!

Psychobaby Mix Master DJ Gift Set

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