Friday, November 27, 2015

Stocking Stuffers Under $20

These cool gifts under $20 prove that good things can come in small packages! 
For the cupcake-crazed chica in your life, how about a personalized pencil case? Not just for kiddos, these bags are also PERFECT to use as makeup bags! 
Personalized Magical Monogram Pencil Case Cupcake Purple
Our personalized barrette sets come in two sizes so even this littlest ladies can wear these adorable hairclips, like our pal Zoe below!

Personalized Name Game Coin Purse: Dino OrangePersonalized Name Game Coin Purse: Unicorn

 As impersonal as gift cards can feel - there's a reason we all love 'em! Put a special spin on it by 'wrapping' a gift card in one of our custom coin purses. Tuck a pre-loaded card in for froyo, iTunes, a favorite boutique for a quick, easy, and thoughtful gift! Click below to check out the rest of our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Custom Christmas Gift Bags

Personalized gift bags take literally ALL the hassle out of wrapping gifts! You don't even have to fill out a to/from card - there's no mistaking what is for who when their name is printed right on the gift bag! Three different sizes are available, the smallest is totally perfect for dressing up your stocking stuffers.  
Jazz up your holiday party with some cute Christmas favor bags or shop all our gift bags and party favor bags here. Click below to check out the rest of our 2015 holiday gift guide!

Christmas Rock and Roll Kids Gifts

Rock and roll kids stuff is a good way to ensure Santa gets some serious street cred this year! Let your little drummer boy rock it out in our personalized Drum Superstar shirt or brand new pullover sweatshirt!

Gotta look cool for school? Our rockstar backpack and matching water bottle are the way to go, add a punk rock zipper pouch to stash your cash & library card.

Being a rockstar is its own brand of superhero - everyone from Elvis to Ozzy has sported a rad cape on stage, why not you? Comes in a handful of awesomely bright colors. Shop all our kids rock and roll gifts here or click below to check out the 2015 holiday gift guide, full of hand-picked rad gift ideas for the entire fam. 

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

A personalized Christmas ornament is more than just a cute thing to hang on your tree. Whether it's baby's first Christmas, a first holiday as a married couple, or just to mark another year in your family- a customized ornament becomes a cherished keepsake. Check out our entire collection of cool custom Christmas ornaments - our snowman face design is perfect for the whole family!

Personalized Snowman Christmas Ornament: Pink Snow-Babe     Personalized Snowman Christmas Ornament: Blue

Shop all custom Christmas ornaments here or click below to check out our 2015 holiday gift guide:

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas Rock and Roll Baby Gifts

Rock and roll baby gifts will send this Christmas OFF THE CHARTS! What's more rock & roll than turning your baby INTO a guitar? Nothin! Rock it out in our Guitar Playin' Baby one-piece in several rad colors, and a matching Name Game Guitar Hat!

Personalized Guitar Playing Baby One-Piece Pink

More hip hop than rock n roll? Our DJ gift set will have your little one dropping the mic - no other outfits needed!

Gold Foil
Our new lovey blankets are the perfect size for little punks to cuddle up with - especially this cool skully print one (also available in pink for the little lady rocker in your life)

Personalized Rebel Rocker Lovey Blanket Pink NewPersonalized Rebel Rocker Lovey Blanket Red New

And a perfect stocking stuffer for a new P'Baby (or their parent) is one of Rockabye Baby's many amazing lullaby albums. No songs about sunshine or sheep here - just chilled out versions of the original songs... don't worry, they're all super soothing & instrumental so you won't feel bad blasting some Metallica or Jay-Z! 
Shop all our hand-picked holiday gifts here:

Holly Jolly Gifts for the Home

Holiday gifts for the home are the perfect thing to bring to any Christmas party or dinner. Our newest collection of customized aprons are awesome host/hostess gifts. 

For your OWN family, check out our sassy tea towel. Personalize with your family's name and get one for every lady on your list... mom, auntie, grandma, your first cousin once-removed's ex-wife who still shows up to everything... hey, every family is a little dysfunctional, right? Celebrate your own brand of wackiness with this funny Christmas kitchen towel... Everyone gets a little crazier this time of year, that's what wine is for, right? 

Of course we didn't forget the kids table! This personalized Christmas placemat comes in four happy holiday hues for every kiddo who shows up demanding figgy pudding.

Shop our entire gift guide for more awesome hand-picked holiday gifts! 

Single & Ready To Jingle

1. Santa's Favorite Coffee Mug New $14.00 | 2. Personalized Single Aunt or Uncle T-Shirt Red $23.00 | 3. Vogue Tote Bag $14.00 | 4. Mimosas Racerback Tank Top $21.00 | 5. Established Mug: Uncle $16.00 | 6. Personalized Hot & Single Uncle Mug $16.00

Personalized Christmas Gifts for the Single Guys and Gals on your gift list. We've got awesome custom gifts for all of your Santa Hos (and Bros) just in time for the holidays! 

Give the hot stuff in your life a mug - for the hot stuff in their life! Or a tote for all that extra relationship baggage. Pick up their new favorite brunch tank (and then get one for yourself too, because besties brunch with mimosas!) 

And, because babies are the best wingmen, help your single bro get a date with our personalized one-piece (phone number optional).  Maybe he'll finally offer to babysit like he's been promising. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Gift Roundup!

Need a little somethin' to bring to dinner? Our Personalized Little Turkeys Kitchen Towel - $10 is an awesomely easy, unique and super thoughtful gift! Personalize with your host or hostess' kiddos names. Not that there's anything wrong with bringing a bottle or 2 of wine, why not both?

Give the kids table a cute makeover! Grab one for each lil turkey who's invited and they'll have a rad party favor to take home along with some leftover pie.

Another great hostess gift is our brand new 
Celery GreenCherry Red

It's customized, extremely useful, comes in a ton of pretty colors and it's DISHWASHER SAFE!

Personalized Laverne-O-Lantern T-Shirt Chocolate New

At only $10, our Personalized Laverne-O-Lantern T-Shirt 

is a perfect pick for any little ladies, this blinged out top looks great paired with her most comfortable leggings! (Hey, once you're sitting down at the dinner table, no one can see you're wearing stretchy pants!)

Shop all our favorite fall gifts here, and check out our entire collection of personalized kitchen towels for quick and easy hostess gifts.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Roasting a Turkey 101

Are you in charge this year of the annual Turkey? If so, I've got your back!

Above is a chart that was passed down to me by my grandmother years ago when I made my first bird. Yes, my turkey skills have evolved and I now brine, stuff and even have (unsuccessfully) fried my bird, but this is meant for the true first timers out there that could use some simple beginner advice!

I hope it helps! ~Marlo

P.S. All of you pros out there, share any tips you might have to help out the newbies!

Brave enough to try and brine this year? This video from Food Networks Alton Brown is pretty helpful. Good luck!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mother-in-Law Christmas Gift Guide

Personalized Christmas gifts for your favorite(?) lady! What do you get for the woman who has it all? Or insists, "No honey, don't worry about bringing anything to Thanksgiving this year. I'll take care of it."? (She's lying. You should bring something.) We are here to put your mind at ease with this carefully curated gift guide. No matter what your relationship is with your Mother-in-Law, we've got you covered.

The Hometown Busybody: Insists you move to her town every time you call. Still cannot BELIEVE the cost of living in your current city.

The PROUD Grandma: Posts more pictures of your kids on Facebook than you do. (Gets more likes, too.)

The Hippie/Free Spirit: Went to Woodstock. Has a secret tattoo she told you about after too much wine last Christmas...

The Funny One: You lucked out. She laughs at your jokes and thanks you on the regular for taking her baby boy/girl off her hands.

The Feminist: She's totally okay with the fact that you kept your last name...seriously.

The BWitch: Still can't believe her child chose you as their partner, and is vocal about it. Appreciates your "effort". Favorite phrase: "Oh, that's nice dear." (These gifts are totally classy and safe, but still say "I took time picking this out and personalizing it for you.")

And just because we know that no one's relationship is are some things you WISH you could get her:

BONUS: Jewish Mother-in-Law: We all know you're not good enough for her little boy, let's just hope that she finds this as funny as we do.

Alright, you've picked the perfect gift - good for you! Now, while you're here you might as well treat yourself for being the AMAZING daughter-in-law that you are.