Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mother-in-Law Christmas Gift Guide

Personalized Christmas gifts for your favorite(?) lady! What do you get for the woman who has it all? Or insists, "No honey, don't worry about bringing anything to Thanksgiving this year. I'll take care of it."? (She's lying. You should bring something.) We are here to put your mind at ease with this carefully curated gift guide. No matter what your relationship is with your Mother-in-Law, we've got you covered.

The Hometown Busybody: Insists you move to her town every time you call. Still cannot BELIEVE the cost of living in your current city.

The PROUD Grandma: Posts more pictures of your kids on Facebook than you do. (Gets more likes, too.)

The Hippie/Free Spirit: Went to Woodstock. Has a secret tattoo she told you about after too much wine last Christmas...

The Funny One: You lucked out. She laughs at your jokes and thanks you on the regular for taking her baby boy/girl off her hands.

The Feminist: She's totally okay with the fact that you kept your last name...seriously.

The BWitch: Still can't believe her child chose you as their partner, and is vocal about it. Appreciates your "effort". Favorite phrase: "Oh, that's nice dear." (These gifts are totally classy and safe, but still say "I took time picking this out and personalizing it for you.")

And just because we know that no one's relationship is are some things you WISH you could get her:

BONUS: Jewish Mother-in-Law: We all know you're not good enough for her little boy, let's just hope that she finds this as funny as we do.

Alright, you've picked the perfect gift - good for you! Now, while you're here you might as well treat yourself for being the AMAZING daughter-in-law that you are.

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