Thursday, October 30, 2008

Freaky Fridays, Clue #2

Hey loyal shoppers! Here's your clue for tomorrow's Freaky Friday Shopping Extravaganza.
Don't monkey around- there is plenty of stuff to choose from on Friday from a company who's initials are PF. Trust us, you're gonna go bananas! See you tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Bump Day with RockStarMoms!

Spit. Cries. Yells. Applause. Driving around town like you're on tour. Yep, every Mom is a Rock Star! Leah Brumley, a Momtrepreneur, fully understands a Mom's rock n roll lifestyle! A record-store owner turned soccer mother of four, didn't want to give up her rock n roll style when she became a Mom, so she also "gave birth" to the Rock Star Moms maternity line in 2003!
While pregnant, Brumley was inspired by the fact that while shopping she couldn't find the tops and clothes she would want to wear! Since every Mom is a rock star is their own right, she whipped up her line, that is now at the top of the international charts! Starting with fun tube tops featuring the likes of Bob Marley and the Rolling Stones, Brumley soon branched out into cool Jug Rug Nursing Covers that feature the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Grateful Dead and other classic rock bands!
Leah has been featured on CNBC's "The Big Idea" as well as many other morning talk shows, because her comfy and rockin' clothes give soon-to-be-moms the round of applause they deserve! She has not ever forgotten her rockin' roots, however. As she branched out into an eco-friendly line, fitness wear and a private label maternity line, she takes pride in employing women and mothers in her community. That's gotten her a standing ovation from herhusband Jeremy, and her kids, Austin (14), Brent (12), Scout (4), and Ryder (5 weeks) as well as the many ladies out there who are proud to be Rock Star Moms!

View the Rock Star Moms collection at!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Apologies! 10/29 Book Reading Cancelled!

Please accept our apologies- the Halloween book reading slated for 10/29 has been cancelled. Join us at our brick and mortar store on 11/5 for more tales from the Story Book Mom.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We're Melting Down over flipping kitties!

Just like the kiddies after they play with the shopping car in our store, today everyone in the pffice is melting down over this postcard we got in the mail...with Acrocats on it. Yep. Add the words "Acrobat" and "Cat" together and you've got the Acrocats (There are also Rock Cats playing guitars, but we digress). We're not sure what the deal fully is, as the postcard was to inform us that the Acrocats will be performing on November 9 at both 1 and 3 (you could go twice!!!) at the Gorilla Tango Theater. We are tooling over the idea of going over there are watching these feline Olympians do their things.... has anyone ever seen this in action? If so, we'd love a full report! One of them is named Tuna (shown) though, and we think it is definitely worth checking out the website for You Tube clips galore!

To get more info on the Acrocats, go to

Freaky Friday Clue #1

Professor Plum in the kitchen with a candlestick! Just kidding!
We've comprised a spoken word poem in regards to our first Freaky Friday!

Some think they're freaky
Others think cosy
Some of them are pink like a posy.

That's all for now,
We don't want to bore
So, see you later, alligator!

Big 80's Hair, Big Giveaway!

Well, we do have to say that we are impressed-you guys have got the look! We have started to receive your big hair photos, and they are like, so totally 80's (And your photo names are hilarious)!!! Keep sending them in, folks.... you've got til our slideshow which will appear from November 15-30 in a slide show so the world can vote on who's got the most hair-raising look! The winner gets a Bead Shop Wig Kit full of fun for the whole family, and also will be interviewed on their Big Hair technique, which must be shared with the world! Keep 'em coming!

Send your Big 80's Hair Photo to with your contact info and the name of your photo as you would like it to appear for the voting!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freaky Fridays Are Here!

Fridays are now freaky-in-a-good-way, like when you have parkma, start to window shop, happen upon the handbag of your dreams on super sale, meet your long-lost-bff-from-kindergarten on the way out of the store with your fabulousness and then find $20 in the street! That kind of freaky goodness is on every Freaky Friday! For one day only (Friday) there's a doozy of a deal on one special item (cool stuff cheap). Supplies are limited so no pushing, kids (haha). Freaky Friday items are final sale, so no returnin' any day of the week! Our Freaky Fridays start at 11 am (CST) and go until the clock strikes 6pm or the cool stuff sells out, whichever comes first! Then, we'll rinse and repeat the next Friday and the next and next and next- freaking you out with awesome specials on special stuff! Enjoy Psycho Baby's Freaky Fridays- youll get great stuff and won't have to worry about turning into your mother (haha again) Clues for our blog readers will be presented on Thursdays so stay tuned!

Image courtesy of Bookmark and get the heads-up every Friday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Bump Day!!!

In honor of the middle of the week, we'd like to proclaim Wednesday "Bump Day" and provide features, interviews and info for all our pregnant friends! To kick off Bump Day, we thought nothing would be better than Momtreprenuer, Jessica Kim of BabbaCo Covers to inspire those with a bun in the oven!

Jessica Kim's inspiration to start BabbaCo was to balance her entrepreneurial dreams while still getting to spend lots of time with her little 19 month old girl Kayla, who, says Jessica, "Cracks me up and makes me want to be a better person!" Jessica's dream of bringing the super cute to the super functional led to her creation of some of the coolest car seat covers on the market!

Jessica speaks to all the busy mamas in the world who take that dream of having it all and apply themselves to making it a reality! Jessica says, "Becoming a mom, I found juggling in reality was not an easy task. I wanted to be Top Mom, Top Model and Top Career Woman. Although many would argue that being top in all of those things was impossible, I concluded that finding some sort of balance was crucial. So, I created BabbaCo. to exude that aspiration of all parents (Moms AND Dads!) and developed products that were high in both functionality and design!
BabbaCo. covers are fleece and cotton delights with mixed patterns and fun styles like the Beep Beep (shown) that are sure to put a smile on your baby's face whilst you stroll! Jessica has more fun products in the works that are innovative and mom/dad proven, and we have to say, we just can't wait for more of Jessica's mix of products that make life easier and are super cute!

Shop the entire BabbaCo. Collection on psychobabyonline!

Check out Jessica's site and rap with her on her blog!

Mama Lavona's Horoscope: Libra!

Little Libra is charm personified and (s)he learns from a very young age how to use this to his/her advantage! Peace and Harmony are the key to happiness for Libra and for this reason they are natural Diplomats. Don’t be surprised if you find him/her working out disputes on the playground. The only thing worse than a chaotic environment is an ugly one. Libra is is the sign of balance and beauty so an aesthetically pleasing environment is of utmost importance. (S)he will display his/her artistic sensibility at an early age, so let your little one help decorate his/her own room and help choose their own wardrobe. You might find young Libra doing a lot of talking and debating. They enjoy exchanging ideas and require a lot of freedom to explore his/her world. Give your little Libra a kid’s camera or journal to document his/her discoveries! (S)he’ll love to entertain you with stories about his/her explorations.

Birthstone: Sapphire, Opal

Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang, Juniper, Bergamot

Gift Ideas: Kids' art supplies, poetry books, blank books to write and draw in, cool fashion choices

Check out Mama Lavona's Blog!
Shop Psycho Baby for cool gifts for an October Baby!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Trick or Treat Psycho Baby 10/26 and 10/31

Join us for Wicker Park Shops Trick or Treat on Sunday, October 26th from 11-5. The Midwest Bank Parking Lot has got it goin' on with a petting zoo, costume parade and more!
After many brainstorming sessions and one secret ballot (we are serious about Halloween!) the Psycho Baby team will be passing out candy on Oct. 31st (10-6) dressed as pop icons of the 80's! Be sure to stop by our brick and mortar for big bangs, candy and tunes! Our Halloween book reading is slated for Oct 29th at 10:30 am and promises to be a monster of a good time! Kick back with a musical preview of our 80's Halloween, and send us your tales of tails, mullets and that big hair!
I'll go first: The big hair was a must have to complete my tee, Jordache Jean, jelly bracelet look! I had The Hair That Reached For The Sky for a bit, so I had a system for curling where I could complete the Look is less time than it took to sing "Lucky Star" The Big Hair's Demise has to do with all of us gals not eating lunch after swim class so we could take our cordless curling irons out of our handbags and re-curl the Fwahhh! for our afternoon classes. At the start of semester, I had what was termed a "Front Front, Back Back" which took 4 separate curling patterns, some ratting and also at least a can of Aqua Net per day! Twice in one day got to be too much and I got hungry, so by the end of the semester, I had no big bangs and an air-dry because I just couldn't handle the hair-metal "mane-tenance!" I was thrilled to get into the 90's and go grungetastic!

If you were rockin' the Kid from Kid and play or your Hair Just Wanted to Have Fun, send us your story in the Special Comments Box! Or, enter your Big Hair Photo in Our 80's Photo Contest! Send your Big Hair Pic to with your contact info and what name you'd like to appear under your photo til Nov. 15th, 2008 and then get votin' - photos will appear on our blog under the Psycho Baby of the month, and the winner will receive the Bead Shop Hair Design Kit, valued at $25.00!

Check out our selection of Spooky Halloween Stuff!
-posted by Kristina for Psycho Baby

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Me In Mind Socks on Cool Mom Picks

Well, we knew that the parents at Me in Mind were onto something special when we received their rock boy socks and cool girl sock packs, and we were so right! Sold out in two days and back again to cover those tootsies in a way befitting of their rock n roll lifestyle, and giving them fun guitars and tattoos to look at when they do baby yoga and have their feet up to their heads! Bravo, Me In Mind, for keeping little ones in mind all the time!

Shop now for the Me in Mind Sock Sets!

See us on Cool Mom Picks!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hot Trend For Fall - Cupcakes!

We'll tempt that sweet tooth with the new fall trend- cupcakes! Frost your gifts with selections from Haba, the Psycho Baby brand, Jeeto! and more, all for your lil Pinkalicious!

To view more Little Lady Gifts that take the cake, shop our Great Gifts section now!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cool, Crazy Person of the Month - Harald Husum from Appaman!

Harald Husum has been bringing his Scandinavian take on American pop imagery to Appaman, his cool line of kids' clothes, since 2003! We are thrilled to be hosting Appaman's birthday party at our brick and mortar store (Sunday, September 28, 2008) because we have loved Harald's cool streetwear since the first time we got" struck" by his lightning bolt tee years ago. Harald named his cool kids' clothes company after the corduroy monkey friend he had as a child, so he knows what it is like to feel like a revolutionary one day and a Nascar driver the next. Available in Baby, Toddler and Big Kid sizes, his cool cotton tees, funky jackets and hip new denim line denim are super cool and comfy and born of the "Mean Streets of Brooklyn!" Appaman's designs are wantin' to bring some "street cred" to your little one, to thank them for being the high-octane, groovy, imaginative little folks they are. In one of Appaman's bright designs, they'll be ready to take over the cool tee at a time, with the help of their stuffed pals! Here's to Harald, our Cool, Crazy Person for October, and his answers to our Psycho Questions!

1. What is the coolest thing that has ever happened to you?

My three girls. And a little monkey.

2. What is the craziest fashion statement you have ever made?

My wife would say my leather pants. Don’t know, maybe my white and orange Billy Idol hair in the 90’s? Have toned it down now. Gold sneakers?

3. What is your favorite book?


4. What toy can you not live without?

My Iphone.

5. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Fly to the moon

6. Who is the coolest parent you know (ties between your own Mom and Dad are totally understandable!)?

Definitely not myself. Maybe Ruby C’s dad, he’s really funny

Through 9/30, enter APPAMAN5 as your Code to receive 10% off Appaman's cool kids' clothes!