Tuesday, April 29, 2014

11 Awesome Super Hero Birthday Party Ideas

If your kiddo has ever wondered what it would be like to leap tall buildings in a single bound, swing through the air on a spiderweb, or ride around in a car that is so amazing it has its own name (The "Brad Mobile" just doesn't have the same ring to it) ...then we've got the party plans for you!

Super Snacks
We all know the most important part of any party is the cake! If you'd like to avoid a riot, or at least some major tantrums, go with a variety of Super Hero frosted cupcakes! That way your Wonder Woman fan doesn't have to get stuck with Caped Crusader snack and everyone gets a tears-free sugar rush.  

We all know that sugar causes Super Powers
Or, if you're dying to show off your cake-design skills, you can put together this amazing sheet cake featuring all the different hero designs of your choice.  (Personally, we would have thrown in an Iron Man, but mostly because we love RDJ.)
The only time you'll see DC and Marvel together
And just in case Jimmy's mom doesn't want him hopped up on sugar all night long, throw in some healthy snacks, labeled according to which super power they will provide.  We really wish one of these would cause "Super Naps"!
These just might cancel out the cupcakes
Super Crafts and Activities
Now that your house is full of Super Kids, keep them occupied and in crime-fighting shape with these fun activities:

Find the biggest box in your house and turn it into your very-own Super Hero transformation station! They may enter as a mild-mannered five-year-old, but by the time they pop out they will be ready to fight crime and uphold reasonable bed times! (Not really, but one can hope.)

Works best with refrigerator boxes
Assemble your team of tiny Avengers and put their super powers to the test! We recommend using whiffle balls with this cool project, or at least something soft enough that no one gets hurt if a ball strays out of city limits.  

Add ramps on the inside so the ball pops back out!
The best part about having super powers has GOT to be flying.  Laser vision would be cool, but who wouldn't want to cut off 30 minutes from your commute to day care by soaring over that traffic jam? Let your kiddos' imagination fly high with this awesome photo booth set up!


Every good Super Hero comes with an equally awesome Super Hero Name!  And we've got just the thing to make your Wonder Winnie or Super Sam's day marvelous!! (Lasso of Truth not included) Personalize any of these amazing tees so the townspeople will know exactly who saved them from impending doom! (Don't worry, it was just...)

Psychobaby Action Packed Hero Tee

Psychobaby Super Power Birthday Tee

Psychobaby U-R-A Hero Tee 
And if your Little Incredible has no regard for Edna's Rule...

via imgur.com

 ...then check out these SUPER EASY No-Sew Capes.  You don't even have to be crafty to follow these easy instructions to add a little lift to their day!

And to ensure that your guests had great time, be sure to send them off with one of these gifts as a thank you for sharing in your Super Duper Day!

Customize each cape with a special message for your guests: Hope you had a SUPER TIME at Mason's Party!
Like they need more sugar at this point...
Or, if you're looking for the Coolest Parent Ever award, put together Itty Bitty Bat Signals to be used to summon Night Wing for night-night.  Also amusing when trying to stop the cat from scratching the couch again...
Let's be honest, you want one for yourself, don't you?
Alright, now that we've given you the instructions for an amazing superhero party, gather your sidekicks and get started...Gotham wasn't built in a day. Check out all our cool custom superhero gifts for kids here, and as always, we LOVE seeing pictures of your super-kiddos, so please share!

P.S. Don't forget to enter our Super 11th Birthday Giveaway! Click here - it's as easy as Kapow, Bam, Splat!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Coolest Mother's Day Gift Guide

Cool Mother's Day Gifts
Mother's Day gifts for your cool mom are easy to find at our Custom Shop! Grab one of these awesome personalized gifts, and don't forget to take her to brunch or make her breakfast in bed!
via hallmark.com
Personalized cutting boards make great Mother's Day gifts, whether you have a mom who loves trying out new recipes, or a mom who loves GrubHub. Personalize one of our cool cutting boards with her kiddo's names for a super thoughtful and ultra cute Mother's Day gift!
Cook! Personalized Cutting Board Gelato
We are really feeling our Cook! Cutting Board for Spring. With a cutting board as fun as this, who knows, Mom might get inspired... and you might end up feasting on something awesome soon! Check out our Family Friendly Recipes Pinterest board for some tasty ideas!

How about a personalized cell phone case for your mama - all moms deserve a cute (and strong) phone case, we all know how toddlers love to toss iPhones like they're wiffle balls...
Psychobaby Chevron Good Mom iPhone CaseA few smart phone apps we think Moms oughta download:
  • Instagram - duh. Use this to share cool kiddo pics (and enter our monthly photo contest!)
  • Mommy Nearest - they recently launched in Chicago, so all Windy City (or NYC) moms should check it out!
  • CoolMomTech is a great resource for cell phone tips, and they have an awesome list of mom apps to look into!

Check out our new cool personalized mugs for both chill mamas and caffeinated mamas alike. Maybe your mom is one of those ladies who can slowly sip a cup of green tea in the morning while thinking positive thoughts for the day. If so, we respect and envy her. Maybe she's like us, and has to chug 3 cups of black coffee before she can even find her other shoe in the morning. If so, she's in good company! Whatever kind of mother she is, we're pretty sure she'll dig on one of our brand new personalized mom mugs!
Color Of Love Personalized Mom MugChic Antique Personalized Mom Mug

And how about a personalized one-piece or personalized bib with a cool new mom in mind - like our My Mom Does Not Want Your Advice One-Piece! It's true, right? Why not let your little one do the talking for you? If this is her first Mother's Day, we also have a ton of baby swag with "I Heart Mom" type of sentiments.
Cool Mother's Day Gifts
Check out all our cool Mother's Day gifts here, and do it now, there's only 2 weeks left till the big day!

Friday, April 25, 2014

New Baseball Gifts for Kids = Major League Style!

Personalized Baseball Gifts for Kids
Personalized baseball gifts for kids are this season's MVPs! Check out our newest additions, including a Magical Monogram Baseball Coin Purse, a Magical Monogram Baseball Pillowcase , and Magical Monogram Baseball Placemat!

Psychobaby Magical Monogram Baseball PlacematPsychobaby Magical Monogram Coin Purse BaseballPsychobaby Magical Monogram Pillowcase Baseball

We're super excited that it's baseball season again... the only problem is that it's still freezing here in Chicago! So for those days that it's just too chilly to hang out at Wrigley or the Cell, we've been catching up on our baseball cinema. After much consideration, these are what we landed on for our all-time top five baseball movies:

A League of their Own - can't beat the girl power!
The Sandlot - need we say more?
Field of Dreams - if you build it...
Fever Pitch - teaches you to keep hope alive! (Plus, we all have crushes on Jimmy Fallon)!
The Natural - Foxy Robert Redford proves love = home runs.

Whats your fave baseball movie? You can take a peek at all our home-run baseball gifts for kids here, and cross your fingers that it warms up quick! Plaaaaaaay ball!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Psychobaby's Super 11th Birthday Giveaway!

Psychobaby is 11! We can hardly believe it, but this year we're turning 11... does that make us a tween? We are so grateful to have such a cool, crazy fanbase - so to celebrate our birthday, we're giving YOU presents!

Each day over the weekend of May 3rd & 4th, we will be giving away 11 prizes - including TWO Super Birthday Party Packages which include 11 t-shirts! One super-special tee for your birthday hero or heroine, and tees for up to ten of their friends!

Other prizes will include personalized shirts, water bottles, coin purses, placemats, tank tops, dog tags... all kinds of super swag from the Psychobaby Custom Shop! Any of these could be  yours!

Psychobaby Pop Art Hooded Towel PinkPsychobaby Pop Art Flip Flops RedAction Packed Hero Tee - PsychobabyPsychobaby Superpower Initial One-PiecePsychobaby Pop Art Puppy Dog TagPsychobaby Magical Monogram Coin Purse Red BoltPsychobaby Magical Monogram Placemat Blue Bolt
Psychobaby Pop Art Pillowcase PinkPsychobaby Pop Art  Water Bottle RedPsychobaby Pop Art Bib PinkPsychobaby Pop Art Infant HatPsychobaby Kapow! TeePsychobaby Pop Art Phone Case PinkPsychobaby Super Power Birthday Tee
How to enter:
1. Leave a comment on this blog telling us your favorite superhero.
2. Check back on May 3rd and 4th! 

-We will announce the winners on our Instagram @psychobabyonline and our Facebook page on May 3rd and 4th, 2014. We hope you all win something awesome, and Happy Birthday to us!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How To Eat Dirt & 20+ Earth Day Ideas for Kids

Happy Earth Day! We want to help our kiddos understand why taking care of our planet is so important, and why we all love Planet Earth... like, love it so much we want to EAT it! Here's our favorite way to EAT DIRT! (If you're grossed out and thinking we're just as 'psycho' as our name implies, check out this article in the New York Times about how eating dirt is good for you.)

OREO Sand & Dirt Cups recipe 
This dirty recipe is basically for the beloved pudding "dirt cups" we all remember, we really like the twist of layering the filling. You could use these to teach kids a mini lesson on sedimentary rock! Um... we know, we're grown-ups, but these are still totally delicious. 

This dirt treat is probably a little more appropriate for the holiday at the end of October, but why not celebrate Dirt Earth Day with a creepy dirt pie!
Spooky Graveyard Pie - Let 'em eat dirt!

More Cool Earth Day Snacks & Recipes
So easy for Earth day. BUY CAKE MIX!! Divide the cake batter and mix in blue food coloring for one and green for the other. Then spoon it into the cupcake holders and bake.

Cool Earth Day Crafts!
 Tiny terrariums

Why are we doing all of this, anyway? Because our Earth is awesome. Check out this collection of photos of the Earth, it's remarkable what a cool, crazy, planet we live on!

If you have any up-cycled projects you want to share, we'd love to see. We're talking, taking an old rock t-shirt of dad's and making a cool summer dress, that kind of thing. However you choose to celebrate, we wish all of you a very happy and tasty Dirt Day!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! Take An Egg-Stra 20% Off All Sale Merch!

Happy Easter! Use code EGGSTRA20 for an extra 20% off ALL sale merchandise! You know, you can do a little shopping after the kiddos are passed out from their enormous sugar crash, and you're half-paying attention to The Sound of Music on TV.  Don't forget to upload your best Easter pics (with or without bunny) to enter our April Psychobaby of the Month Contest - Rules here.
P.S. Just so you know, we eat the ears first.