Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How To Eat Dirt & 20+ Earth Day Ideas for Kids

Happy Earth Day! We want to help our kiddos understand why taking care of our planet is so important, and why we all love Planet Earth... like, love it so much we want to EAT it! Here's our favorite way to EAT DIRT! (If you're grossed out and thinking we're just as 'psycho' as our name implies, check out this article in the New York Times about how eating dirt is good for you.)

OREO Sand & Dirt Cups recipe 
This dirty recipe is basically for the beloved pudding "dirt cups" we all remember, we really like the twist of layering the filling. You could use these to teach kids a mini lesson on sedimentary rock! Um... we know, we're grown-ups, but these are still totally delicious. 

This dirt treat is probably a little more appropriate for the holiday at the end of October, but why not celebrate Dirt Earth Day with a creepy dirt pie!
Spooky Graveyard Pie - Let 'em eat dirt!

More Cool Earth Day Snacks & Recipes
So easy for Earth day. BUY CAKE MIX!! Divide the cake batter and mix in blue food coloring for one and green for the other. Then spoon it into the cupcake holders and bake.

Cool Earth Day Crafts!
 Tiny terrariums

Why are we doing all of this, anyway? Because our Earth is awesome. Check out this collection of photos of the Earth, it's remarkable what a cool, crazy, planet we live on!

If you have any up-cycled projects you want to share, we'd love to see. We're talking, taking an old rock t-shirt of dad's and making a cool summer dress, that kind of thing. However you choose to celebrate, we wish all of you a very happy and tasty Dirt Day!


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