Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby's 1st Rock & Roll Tee!

Rock Baby Tees and Gifts
Rock tees for babies are a great way to either re-live your glory days, or keep the dream alive! Having a little one means you'll end up taking at least a short hiatus from the rock & roll lifestyle, however you'll still stay up late and things will still be really loud... it's just your kiddo screaming in the middle of the night instead of a wall of amps at a crazy concert!
Plus, if you think about it, dressing your Psychobaby in awesome band tees and rock and roll gear is actually cheaper than buying concert tees for yourself, plus you're saving all that money on tickets, parking, drinks, merch... right?! Our newest tee really encompasses this compromise between being a bad-a$$ and a parent... the saying goes "Sex, drugs, and rock & roll"... but we've adapted it for the smallest rockers-in-training with a sentiment they can relate to: Milk, Naps & Rock & Roll!

Psychobaby Milk Naps & Rock & Roll One-Piece FuchsiaPsychobaby Milk Naps & Rock & Roll One-Piece Gray

You're already awake for another 4 am feeding - why not do a little online shopping? Check out this one-piece and all our rock baby tees here!

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