Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Most Popular Bands are Back!

Shop All Baby and Kids Rock Clothing and Gifts
 Shop All Baby and Kids Rock Clothing and Gifts
Baby and kids rock clothing - for when ducks and bunnies just won't do.

An ode to Rocker Babies:

What's that on your shirt? A cute yellow duck?
A little brown dog? A red fire truck?
We're sorry if all of your tees look the same, 
Let's bring in the cool and get rid of the lame!

We'll help with your wardrobe and make it more awesome -
No puppies or ponies or owls or possums.
We'll give you the Beatles, or Johnny, or Marley,
So you can look cool, like a dude on a Harley.

Rock hard like a punker and wear some Ramones,
Or keep your style classic with tees from the Stones.
Whatever you choose, be it AC or DC...
We'll make being a rocker baby so easy!

Check out all our  baby and kids rock clothing .. perhaps while you (gently) jam out to some awesome baby-fied rock & roll!

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