Friday, March 28, 2014

New Beatles and Fab 4 Inspired Gifts

Beatles Baby and Kids Clothes and Gifts
Baby and Kids Rock & Roll Clothing
Beatles clothes for babies and kids are one of our favorite go-to gifts. They might even be THE #1 pick, it's impossible not to love the bright colors and rock & roll vibe of all our awesome Beatles swag!

Rockabye Baby The Beatles Lullaby CDPsychobaby Lil Yellow Sub Hooded Towel BluePsychobaby Lil Yellow Sub Flip Flops Pink

Speaking of babies, did you know the Beatles have all these songs with the word 'baby' in the title? We don't even know all of them, and we're pretty hardcore Fab Four fans over here!

"Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby" 1964 Beatles for Sale
"Cry Baby Cry" 1968 The Beatles
"Baby's in Black" 1964 Beatles for Sale
"I Got to Find My Baby" 1963 Live at the BBC
"Baby It's You" 1963 Please Please Me
"Baby, You're a Rich Man" 1967 Magical Mystery Tour                         
"Little Child" 1963 With the Beatles

 Crazy! What's your all-time favorite Beatles song? I'm So Tired? Golden Slumbers? Oh man, is it nap time yet? Well, either way, be sure to check out our complete Beatles baby and kids gifts collection, and have a Good Day, Sunshine!

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