Sunday, March 23, 2014

New: Home State Clothing for Babies and Kids

Shop Home State Tees for Babies and Kids
Home state tees for babies are the best way to show your local pride! The newest citizens of your state deserve some cool geographically-themed gear, so grab one of our cute home state one-pieces, tees, bibs or placemats for your Newest New Yawker, Mini Michigander or Tiny Texan!

Psychobaby Hey Hey USA One-Piece PinkPsychobaby Home State One-PiecePsychobaby Hey Hey USA Tee Gray

After you get the outfit situation sorted out - check this infographic of the 'most-listened to bands' by state - not sure we totally agree with this (except probably in Vermont's case)... but it's pretty fun to see what the rest of America is up to. Also, good job New Jersey... keepin' it real with the Boss!
Regional Listening Preferences
What do you think? Do you agree with this map or should a different band be your state's #1?
Another way to show your home town/home state pride is to EAT LOCAL! We're talking Florida oranges, Georgia peaches, Washington apples, Idaho potatoes, Maine lobster... anything goes if you're snacking off one of these awesome (and educational) personalized placemats!
Psychobaby Hey Hey USA Placemat Bright
Come on, be honest, are you really sure which one is Kansas and which one is Nebraska?  Well, you wont have to wonder anymore thanks to our awesome Hey Hey USA Collection! Our favorite weird state food facts, courtesy of Wikipedia:
Illinois: State snack food = popcorn
Massachusetts: State donut = Boston Creme (duh)
Oklahoma: State meal = BBQ pork
Pennsylvania: State drink = Milk
Texas: State pepper = Jalapeno

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