Tuesday, March 25, 2014

From Dudes to Dads: Before & After

From Dudes to Dads
Men. Before they were dads, they were dudes. We've been reminiscing about the good old days, back before "bros" meant little brothers... before the preferred beverage of choice was straight up milk... back when you got to watch Billy Madison on repeat instead of Dora...  

Well, things have certainly changed since then. For example, the weather is finally a little nicer, and it's time for SPRING BREAK! Only now, instead of piling 12 of your closest friends in the van and heading down South for a week of drinking, dancing and debauchery, you'll be lucky to snag a spare juice box and sleep in till 7. Them's the breaks, guys. You're a parent now, and this time around your Spring Break is going to go a little bit differently. Let's break it down.  


Before: Awesome mix of Road Trip Tunes by your favorite bands!
After: Awesome mix of Road Trip Lullabies by your favorite bands!

Rockabye Baby Michael Jackson Lullaby CDRockabye Baby Bob Marley Lullaby CDRockabye Baby Nirvana Lullaby CD
Psychobaby I Drink Infant Hat 
Before: Drinking until you pass out.
After: They drink until they pass out, so YOU can finally pass out.
Before: Keeping an eye on your mischievous friend.
After: Keeping an eye on your mischievous kiddo.

Before: Up at 4am PARTYING!!
After: Up at 4am...feeding!
Red.jpg  Psychobaby 4 Am Party Hat
Before: Cleaning up vomit.
After: Cleaning up vomit...and other things.

Before: Being a wingman for your best buddy.
After: Being a wingman... 

Before: Sharing pics and crazy statuses through social media.
After: Over-sharing through social media.

Okay, so maybe the crowd has changed, but it's not a COMPLETELY different experience. What can you do, having kids is the hardest but best thing you've ever done. And it doesn't hurt to deck 'em out in some funny baby clothes to make those hard moments a little more bearable.


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