Sunday, March 2, 2014

2013's Most Popular Baby Names + Fun Facts

In celebration of the newest additions to our collection of personalized baby and kids tees, (population, AWESOME!) here are the most popular baby names in America. Looking at this info broken down by color, we have to send a special shout out to Idaho, Florida and Vermont for straying off the beaten path, and not going with Emma or Sophia! Don't get us wrong, we love both of those names, along with all 10 of the most popular boys names... but we ARE Psychobaby, after all! Gotta love a baby named Bowie or a girl named Dylan (as long as it's not a boy named Sue!)

Here's a little playlist paying tribute to some of these cool names, listen to it while you take our....

Don't worry if you forgot your #2 pencil - just see if you can match up these facts! (Answers at bottom of post.)

1. CALIFORNIA A. State with Most Twins Born
2. 3,857,799 B. Population of U.S.A. in 1800
3. UTAH C. State with Biggest Baby Ever Born
4. 4,052,9575 D. State with Highest Birth Rate in US
5. MASSACHUSETTS E. # of 8 Year Olds in America
6. 5,308,483 F. Population of L.A.
So what's all this Americana fuss about anyway? Our new Hey Hey U.S.A. tees and one-pieces! Offered with all 50 U.S. States, these tops can be personalized any which way you want 'em, so whether you're a Buckeye Boy or a Pennsylvania Princess, a Wisco Kiddo or a Mini Michigander, you can represent your home state in true star-studded, Psychobaby style!

Home State Tees for Baby and Kids

P.S. Here are the Pop Quiz Answers!!!  1. C, 2. F, 3. D, 4. E., 5. A, 6. 2

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