Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 New Years Resolutions For Moms

Happy last day of 2013! We hope you had an awesome year, and we can't wait to see what 2014 brings. (No, really, we want to see photos of your cute cool & crazy Psychobabies! ) These are just a few Mom resolutions we're going to try to keep, if you have any of your own please leave us a comment below! If all else fails, do #9 and try for #2. And if #2 doesn't happen, go for #1. You can do it!

Have a rockin' New Years Eve, guys!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Frame Your Fave Holiday Moments & Mishaps

Shop All Picture Frames

Cool personalized picture frames are a wonderful way to commemorate your holiday Kodak moments! We hope you get a couple good shots this year... you know, the kids in their Christmas pajamas, happily opening gifts around the tree. We also totally empathize if you end up with a bunch of photos that look more like this:
Holiday Madness!
Poor Santa! If that's not enough to make you cringe - we found a treasure trove of even MORE awkward Christmas photos. Check out this terrifying gallery of holiday horror, which includes gems such as:
Matching PJ Fail!
Feel free to share any great moments on our Facebook page - or enter our December Psychobaby of the Month Contest! Shop all our cool personalized picture frames here, and Merry Meltdown-Free Christmas!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Better Late Than Never Sale - 25% Off!

Better Late Than Never Sale - 25% Off
Everything at Psychobaby is 25% off from now through Monday! If there's a gift or two you forgot to pick up, or Santa snuck a little extra $$$ in your stocking, this weekend is the time to shop! Save 25% off all our cool customized tees, one-pieces, accessories and more! Use code SLOWSANTA25 at checkout to score this discount on your entire order and anything Old Saint Nick didn't deliver on time. Well, we can't really blame the guy, he did fly around the world in an entire night, dude deserves a nap!

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of you and your Psychobabies a very merry Christmas! We hope your day is full of good things: family, food, naps, and some rockin' presents! Seriously, we hope you feel THIS happy today.
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Christmas 80s
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Wonder if this kid's mom did "ALF on the Shelf" for him..
Wishing you a cool, crazy Christmas!
-your friends at Psychobaby!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Naughty List...

Shop All Funny Gifts for Baby and Kids
Funny gifts for babies and kids will put the LOL into your hoLOLdays! Okay, that wasn't funny, but these cheeky tees, bibs and one-pieces totally are. We see a lot of siblings picking out these naughty gifts for each other's kiddos... hey, someone's gotta be the funny uncle! Might as well be you! 

Our top five Grandma-shocking items of 2013:
Psychobaby Mommy and Daddy Plus Drinks = Me One-Piece
Available with beer, wine, margs or martinis for maximum accuracy. 
Psychobaby My Mom Does Not Want Your Advice Bib in Blue
Because, well, she doesn't. 'Nuff said.

We understand if this one-piece seems offensive to you. But then again, you might be holding a crying baby. Just kidding!
MILK, people, MILK! We're talking about MILK!

Psychobaby WTF Infant Hat
And the perennial favorite here at P'Baby... the WTF hat! It's okay to put words into your kiddos mouth (or rather, thought bubbles on their head), they can't talk yet!

These are the cream of the crop, as far as naughty goes, but we have many other options if these are just a little bit too far out there for you or someone you know.  Browse the rest of our naughty, funny, and laugh-out-loud worthy gifts here, and for goodness' sake, stay off the naughty list!

Friday, December 20, 2013

10 Fun Ways To Ring in 2014 With Your Lil' Party Pooper

It's almost 2014! Wow! Here's ten of our favorite ways to celebrate NYE with your little buzzkills. No bar-hopping crazy parties for you this year, but New Years Eve was never that much fun anyway, right? Celebrate with the best people in your life, your kids! (If you/they can stay awake till midnight...) Only downside of staying home and ringing 2014 in with your Psychobaby? You still might get puked on. Hey, spit happens.
1. Plan ahead for the coming year. No, this is fun, we promise! Buy a piece of poster board, grab some glue sticks, scissors, markers and magazines and go to town making a "2014 Board." Cut out pictures of places you want to go as a family, recipes you want to try, things you want to accomplish, movies you want to see... you can add to the board as the year goes on, too.

2. This New Year idea is also nutritious! There's a Spanish custom of eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Years Eve, one for each chime of the clock. This tradition is supposed to bring prosperity, something we can all use after the Christmas credit card bills show up, right? Fill up plastic champagne or wine glasses with grapes for the kiddos so they can feel fancy too.

3. Make some silly party hats! Click here for easy instructions, how cute would a photo of the whole fam in these goofy hats be?
Silly Party Hat DIY

4. You deserve a glass or two of champagne, and the kids deserve a sparkling treat too! Make a fun fizzy fruit drink by combining your favorite fruit juice and club soda or seltzer water in equal parts, add more juice if you like it sweeter! Grab a bag of frozen berries or pineapple (or whatever fruit you like best) to use instead of ice cubes to make this mocktail extra special.

5. While you're in the kitchen, kill some time while you're waiting for the clock to strike 12 and have the youngins' help prepare this Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole. You'll be glad you did on January 1st! Or, if you're feeling ambitious, we like the idea of making 2014 pancakes
2014 Breakfast

6. This would be a very cool tradition to start: New Year Family Interviews. Here's a downloadable version from Teach Mama, or you could easily make your own. Each member of the family gets a sheet of paper with a list of fun questions to answer - then each consecutive year you can pull out last year's answers and see how everyone has changed!

7. This picture says it all - the perfect way to involve your kiddos in a midnight toast!
Milk & Cookies

8. Confetti? All over the house? Smooshed into the carpet? Vacuuming for days? Um, no thanks. How about some homemade bubbles insted? Add a drop of food color for a festive touch! (Use these outside though, food coloring can stain fabric/upholstery.) Here's an easy recipe from babysavers.com:
1/3 cup dishwashing liquid (Dawn is reportedly to be the best!)
1 1/4 cups water
2 teaspoons sugar
1 drop food coloring

9. Start this project this New Year to enjoy a year from now! Take an empty jar (you could decorate it too, if you're feeling crafty), and all year long place notes inside about good things that happened. Next New Years Eve, empty it out and have fun reading and remembering all the awesome parts of 2014!
Happy Things Jar

10. Let us not forget one of the main reasons to even bother celebrating New Years Eve - dressing up! You're on your own for your outfit (may we suggest your finest pair of sweatpants?) Our top picks for the kiddos:


Psychobaby Little Black Dress Racerback Tank Dress
Psychobaby Party Pooper One-Piece 
Psychobaby I Drink Until I Pass Out One-Piece 
Psychobaby Mommy & Daddy + Drinks = Me One-Piece  
Psychobaby Black Tie Tuxedo One-Piece   
Psychobaby Punk Rock Gentleman Tee 

However you decide to celebrate, we wish you and your family a very safe and happy 2014!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Order Today for Guaranteed Holiday Delivery!

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Don't delay, you can still order a cool Christmas gift from Psychobaby and have it there in time!
We promise wont tell anyone how much you procrastinated - we'll just make sure your order gets there by the big day!
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Any questions about shipping? Give us a call at 866-545-2815!

Remember (umm, don't let the kids see this video), Santa is your UPS man!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

50% Off Select Kitchen Items + Last Day for Ground Shipping

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 Personalized gifts for the kitchen at HALF off today only! Use code HOME50 on our entire collection of personalized mugs, napkin sets, personalized kitchen towels and cool pot holders today to score 50% off! That means you can snag a rad mug for dad for $6, a pot holder for your cupcake-obsessed sister for $5, a funny kitchen towel for the hubby for $5 (cause we know he's ready to help you out and dry some of those dishes... right?) and a napkin set for your holiday table for as low as $10. Wowza!

Multi-Mustache-Personalized-Kitchen-TowelWorlds-Awesomest-Personalized-Mug-RedFreshly Baked Cupcake Personalized Pot Holder

World's Awesomest Personalized Mug Red - $6 today only!
Freshly Baked Cupcake Personalized Pot Holder - $5 today only!
Multi Mustache Personalized Kitchen Towel - $5 today only! 

Don't miss out, take advantage of this sweet flash sale and order now - today's the last day for guaranteed ground shipping to get these cool kitchen gifts (and everything else) there by Christmas.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Hip Hop HOLLAdays!

Shop Hip Hop HOLLAday Gifts

Place some hip hop HOLLAday gifts under the tree this year and give Santa a run for his money... a RUN DMC, that is! Whether you're celebrating Christmas in Hollis or Kansas City, our collection of fresh tees and fly one-pieces will bring a little street style to your Psychobaby's wardrobe. Check it, even celebs dig on our hip hop gear: here's Axl Jack (son to Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas & actor Josh Duhamel) looking adorable in our Mix-Master DJ Bib (see more pics of the lil guy here!)
We're still 100% in love with our Boppin' 2 the Beatz Headphone Hoodie , and it looks like you guys are too! It's been our top selling item this year... so jump on board the hoodie train and grab one for your fave mini MC this Christmas! Customizable with your choice of logo and color, so you can tailor it to suit the style of your Psychobaby on your list. Go with hot pink hearts for a lil lady, or skullies in red for a young punk DJ.Psychobaby Boppin 2 the Beatz Headphone Hoodie
Check these hip hoodies & all our other HOLLAday worthy gifts here, while you enjoy a few... how shall we say... "less traditional" Christmas songs. Fa la la la la YO!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Kid Who Has Everything Def Does Not Have This!

Shop Personalized Baby Tees and One-Pieces

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 Shop Personalized Water Bottles for Kids
Personalized gifts for kids are a sure-fire way to make this holiday extra special. Once they're old enough, kiddos love recognizing their own name. Here's seven of our favorite ways to  to personalize your Psychobaby's Christmas!

1. Santa's tech-savvy, so it seems. Check out the crazy Christmas app/website portablenorthpole.com and hook your kiddos up with a personalized video message or phone call from Saint Nick!

2. Transform some Twinkies (or your choice of snack cake) into personalized edible stockings with a little decorator's icing and candy.

3. Make some silly star ornaments with the little ones using fun foam letters to spell out their names.

4. What a charming gift or keepsake for your kiddos - grab some favorite photographs and check out these cool, sparkly DIY snow globes!

5. Use this recipe for salt dough ornaments - we tried it out using letter shaped cookie cutters (or tracing your kiddo's initial) and let them decorate it with colorful markers. Total hit, and your tree will be just a little bit merrier with a few of these hanging on it!

6. Short on time? Grab some letter stickers from the craft store and any ornament to make an instant personalized ornament for everyone in your family.

7. Let us do the work and make your Psychobaby the perfect personalized gift: shop now!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hip Hostess (Grandma/Teacher/Sister) Gifts under $40

Shop Personalized Mugs

Shop Personalized Cutting Boards

Shop Personalized Pot Holders

Shop Personalized Kitchen Towels

Shop Personalized Napkin Sets

Shop Cool Personalized Placemats for Kids

Shop our Kitchen Collection to find perfect personalized holiday gifts for everyone on your list, from the babysitter to your cool little sister. Best of all, they're all less than $40!
From our $10 mugs and placemats to our personalized cutting boards, you'll earn your stripes as professionally awesome gift-giver with these cool options.

We're so into our mugs right now, EVERYONE we know will be getting a mug or ten from us this year! We're pretty hardcore coffee drinkers, but we'll make an exception for other tasty beverages... so here's five of our favorite ways to "spice" up your hot cocoa this holiday season!

Yummy Hot Cocoa Ideas

1. Can't get more Christmas-y than Peppermint Schnapps. We recommend using a candy cane as a stirrer... that's what they're for, right?

2. COCOA-nut! Check this awesome recipe for hot chocolate and coconut rum. Yum.
Classic Hot Cocoa & Brandy

3.Class it up with this super sweet and sinful recipe for brandied hot cocoa. Now if only we knew how to get a fire going in the fireplace...
Adult Hot Cocoa

4. Marshmallow vodka. And add real marshmallows too, of course!

Irish Hot Chocolate
5. Irish Hot Cocoa... whiskey, Irish Creme.... ahhh. We know Christmas is for the kids, so we deserve a grown-up treat! We give you permission to whip one of these yummy treats up to enjoy while you do some holiday shopping!